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 Nintendo. Nerf football. MTV. Jams shorts. Rubik's cube. It was the 80's and Adam Goldberg and I caught it all on film with our (then) state of the art RCA camcorders. You know...those giant cameras the size of oversized encyclopedias? We both had them and every weekend (and weeknights when we could), all we needed was a blank VHS tape and our imaginations would take over. Commercials, tv shows, music videos, cooking shows, you name it, we did it. Little did we know that what started as a hobby would turn into a Nationally televised network hit on ABC. The hilarious home footage of family dinners, arguments and mishaps turned into the basis of The Goldbergs.

The Goldbergs Script

The Goldbergs Script for "The Kremps"

2 Chad Kremps and 2 Adam Goldbergs

Chad & Adam with their Child Actors

Kremp's newest employee, Jeff Garlin

On the set of The Goldbergs

The kitchen set of The Goldbergs


As the show portrayed in episode 8 of Season 1 entitled "The Kremps," my family moved to Jenkintown and had the privilege of meeting the Goldbergs who lived right across the street. The show does tend to exaggerate at times for comedic purposes but in no way is the Goldberg mystique exaggerated. In fact, the tv versions of Beverly, Murray and Barry are actually tame compared to their real-life counterparts. One could never fathom a family like this but trust me... they really were like that! Our families grew up together and even though we may have seemed like opposites, we were the best of friends and still are to this day. The show has featured my parents, Charles and Gina along with my brother Drew and I. My 2 older brothers, Steve and Scott have yet to make the show.  In Season 4, Adam cast me as the role of my father, Charles Kremp.  What a surreal feeling being on camera as Charles Kremp talking to an actor playing the role of me!

Me with The TV Kremp Family minus little Chad

Chad, Virginia, Drew and Charles Kremp, late 80's


When Adam told me about the Kremps episode, I couldn't believe it and had to make a trip out to LA to witness the filming. As the pictures show, I met the cast and spent some time on the set watching it all happen. Meeting Jacob Hopkins, the actor who plays young Chad Kremp, was definitely a highlight, as he had no idea I was going to be there. The whole experience was incredible.

TV Chad and Real Chad

On the set with director Victor Nelli

Make-up before my scene

Wendi McLendon-Covey(Beverly) and I


Over the years since our 80's antics, Adam and I have kept in touch and every time we get together, the childish jokes and memories seem to surface right away. Our dream was to someday have our own studio called Chadam Productions. While Adam is now living his side of the dream, I realized film was more of a hobby than a career choice. I ended up going into the family business, Kremp Florist, building our website to a National brand and helping to earn our family florist the National Retail Florist of the Year Award. Kremp Florist is now the top Philadelphia florist and services the entire country 365 days a year.

The Kremp family in front of Kremp Florist

The Kremps in early 80's


The Goldbergs has been a surreal experience not only for me but for our company. Our delivery drivers get stopped on the street and asked if we are that florist from the Goldbergs. People recognize the Kremp name and immediately have questions about the show. And our hometown of Jenkintown, the tiny 1 square mile suburban town, is now known all over the world.

Adam and Chad on the Goldbergs set

Young Adam and Chad in the 80's

Bev and Gina in the late 80's

The one and only Barry Goldberg, early 80's



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