White rose wristlet corsage with gems
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Snow white corsage with all white flowers All white corsage for prom White rose wristlet corsage with gems

Snow White Corsage


The Snow White Corsage is a wristlet corsage made up of all white premium flowers such as roses and babies breath.

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Product Questions

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I would like to order the Snow White Corsage-Medium, but I wanted to know, can a navy blue ribbon be added, instead of the white one and can a white rose boutonniere be added with a covered stem in navy blue?

Thank you, Patrice
Question by: Patrice
Thanks for your question. Yes, we can use any color ribbon you'd like. When you are checking out, simply give us those details in the special instructions field. Please let us know if you have any other questions and thanks for choosing Kremp.com!
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Is it possible to have this corsage made into a clutch with blue hydrangeas added?
Question by: Deb Anderson
Absolutely! I suggest giving us a call at 800-345-7367. We can customize this order for you any way you would like. We look forward to hearing from you!
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Hello! I would like to order the Snow-White Corsage for my prom date but I was wondering if it is possible to get the corsage custom-fitted to ensure it fits?
Question by: Myles
Great question! Our corsage bands are stretchy and elastic so they can pretty much fit anyone. If the recipient is very small, you can tell us that in the special instructions field during check-out and we can make an adjustment. Let us know if you have any other questions, thanks!
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Can the flowers be fake? Or do they have to be real?
Question by: Madison rhode
Thanks for your message. We have both silk and fresh options available. If you cannot find what you are looking for, give us a call. We are happy to help. All products are made with fresh flowers unless you see the word Silk in the product name.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
hello i was wondering if red roses could be used
Question by: gisoo park
Yes- absolutely! Rose colors can be substituted with whatever color you would like. The only time we cannot sub would be when the item is made with silk flowers as they are all made to match the picture with no subs allowed. To request a rose color change, simply type this request in the Special Instructions field during checkout.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Hello. I have a 4 day even. Would it be possible to have these corsages last the long? If not what followers would you use
Question by: roslin dear
Thanks for your question. 4 days for fresh flower corsages is a long time considering they will be out of water for that long. You really have 2 options. One is to purchase 2 corsages and hope to get 2 days out of each or the option is to go with a silk flower version which will absolutely last for all 4 days and beyond. That is what we would recommend. Our Holiday White Silk Flower Corsage or the All White Silk Flower Corsage would be your best choices.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Hi! I would like to order this corsage for a prom. Her dress is royal blue. I was wondering if I could have blue rhinestones instead of the one pictured to match her dress. Thanks!
Question by: Ana
We currently have 2 shades of blue rhinestones- light blue and aqua. For your royal blue dress, we recommend going with the light blue.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Hi! In addition to the royal blue ribbon could a black ribbon also be added? Along with the rhinestone? For the boutinere as well? Thanks!
Question by: Kelli Kramer
Yes- if you can't type that into the ribbon color field, you can add it in the special instructions during checkout.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Are these real flowers or silk flowers?
Question by: Ange
These are real, fresh flowers. If you are looking for artificial flowers, look for the word "silk" in the title of any of our prom items.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Hi I would like to order a Snow White corsage for my prom date but with the prices on the calendar for delivery date...do those prices mean that's what the final corsage price will be or is that an add-on price for shipping and handling?
Question by: Johnathan
The prices in the calendar are the delivery charges. That is separate from the product price.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
I was wondering if there is a way to accent to the arrangement black or gold or black and gold?
Question by: Rena
Yes of course. We would recommend doing black/gold ribbon. You can specify this during checkout in the special instructions field.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
I absolutely love this but would want to incorporate some royal or dark blue somehow. Do you have a suggestion as to if that can be done?
Question by: Jerica
Absolutely. The easiest way to add color is with the ribbon. During checkout, you can select your ribbon color and that will add just the right amount of color.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Can we just have the roses& have the ribbon color match the botteneire, please.
Question by: Jamie
Yes, of course. There is a special instructions field during checkout where you can specify this request. We will take care of it!
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)

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