Frankfort, KY finds Beautiful Floral Arrangements

For more than 50 years, family-owned and operated Kremp Florist has been providing people with beautiful floral arrangements and gifts to fit important milestones in their lives. Now they bring their renowned service to residents of Frankfort, KY.

Timeless Memories from

A visit to Frankfort KY wouldn't be complete without a visit to their Floral Clock. The tourist attraction is the destination of thousands of school children and out of state visitors, especially those who enjoy flowers. The 34-foot wide planter that composes the clock face houses more than ten thousand flowers, all of which are planted and raised in greenhouses close to the state capitol. The clock serves as a reminder that beauty is timeless. offers Frankfort KY area residents a chance to find their own immortal gesture with a wide selection of artificial arrangements.These "forever flowers" can be given as gifts or collected and displayed in your own home.

Kentucky's Vietnam Memorial

As the state capitol, Frankfort, KY is rich in historical offerings. Perhaps none so endearing to the hearts of visitors as the Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial. People from all over come to the Memorial, which overlooks the state capitol, to honor the more than 120,000 Kentuckians who served during the Vietnam war. 1103 Kentucky residents died during the conflict. Through architectural ingenuity, each of these honorable men and women is individually recognized on the anniversary of their death by the shadow of a sundial pointer. What a beautiful way to remember their sacrifice. Of course, to honor a person's memory the gesture need not be so elaborate. Those who live in the Frankfort, KY area can memorialize their loved ones with sympathy stones and crosses from Kremp Florist.

General Flower Needs in Frankfort, KY

It doesn't need to be a life-changing event for you to buy flowers or gifts from They are perfect whether you wish to show a person you appreciate them or simply that you care. If you have a family member or friend at Frankfort Regional, daisies or lilies from Kremp Florist are a good way of saying get well soon.


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