Bonsai Gardening For Beginners

Have you ever seen a bonsai plant? It looks like a miniature tree; in fact, it can even be as small as your hand! Bonsai is the Japanese art of creating growing tiny trees in a type of tray. As far back as the 1100s, there has been evidence of Japanese people cultivating miniature trees. Over the centuries, they developed many ways to perfect this art. They are very pretty to look at and even more fun to grow. There are many special techniques and methods that must be used when growing a bonsai. With some careful planning, even you could try growing one of your own! Want to get started? First check out some of the resources below to find out more about the history of bonsai and how to create a bonsai garden.


The History of Bonsai Gardening

How to Make a Bonsai Garden

  • What is Bonsai? – Find out how bonsai gardens are created and what gardeners have to do to take care of their plants.
  • Styles of Bonsai – Before planting a bonsai garden, choose from the five main styles to decide which you like best.
  • Taking Care of Bonsai – This kids’ guide to bonsai covers the basics of pruning, wiring and repotting.
  • Bonsai Basics – Find out what materials you need to start a bonsai garden and what the plant must have to survive.
  • Bonsai Coloring Pages – Pick a design and color it in to help plan your bonsai garden.
  • A Step by Step Guide – Follow an easy guide, illustrated with photographs, on how to turn a bush into an artsy bonsai.
  • Bonsai Basic Care – Like most other plants, bonsai need water, fertilizer, and regular trimming.
  • Tools Needed for Bonsai – Many of the tools required for bonsai, such as cutters, scissors and pruners are quite sharp or pointy, so ask an adult to help you when handling them.
  • A Simple Guide to Bonsai – Read some easy steps to make a bonsai and find out how to maintain it well.
  • Bonsai Care Tips – Bonsai often need to be repotted, pruned and wired in order to maintain their small size and shape.
  • Different Types of Bonsai – See how to choose the best plant for your bonsai garden.
  • Bonsai for Beginners – Creating your first bonsai garden can be quite easy, with the right tools and a little patience.
  • Tips for First-Time Bonsai Gardeners – Learn what to avoid when buying a young bonsai and which species are easiest to start with.
  • Pruning a Pine Bonsai – Bonsai pines require slightly different pruning techniques. Find out how to select the right buds, pluck needles and trim shoots.
  • Growing Bonsai From Seeds – Although it takes longer to grow bonsai from germinated seeds, the experience is much more rewarding!
  • Watering Bonsai – Watering can be a little tricky when it comes to bonsai; too much or too little can end up killing the plant.
  • General Bonsai Care – Learn how to properly care for your bonsai, whether it is located outdoors or indoors.
  • Common Bonsai Questions – Need to know more about bonsai? Have a look at these common questions and answers regarding bonsai gardens.
  • Bonsai Information – The answer to the question “Why are bonsai leaves so small?”
  • Questions on: Bonsai – Answers from bonsai expert Ron Smith.
  • Bonsai Display 101 – Information on different ways you can display bonsai trees, and what these different displays mean.