Get Flowers and Other Gifts Delivered within the Same Day

Most of us do not have the patience to wait for weeks for our orders to be shipped and delivered. With over 55 years of experience in providing exceptional customer care services, Kremp Florist understands your frustrations with online shopping, and has been quick to offer Laredo flower delivery within the same day for all orders that are placed before 12:30pm and are to be shipped nationwide. Internatinal orders that are placed will take anywhere from 24 to 40 hours to be shipped and delivered.

Kremp Florist has won the WFFSA National Retail Florist of the Year Award, so you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands. The Laredo flower shops can offer fresh cut seasonal, tropical and exotic flowers in unique arrangements based on your needs and expectations. Browse through their online catalogue to find thousands of different items that are available. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can call and make a custom orders. Orders can be placed online, at one of the many retail branches or by phone.

Anti-Bullying Day at High Schools

Did you know that 71% of students have reported that bullying is a huge problem in their school? Anti-bullying day is on February 25th. As a high school student, whether you go to Joseph W. Nixon High School or Raymond and Tirza Martin High School, you may want to start an anti-bullying campaign in order to bring awareness to this huge national epidemic and to make a stand once and for all.

There are many wonderful anti-bullying campaign ideas posted online. Among all of these ideas, some students have claimed that showing kindness and appreciation towards all students can make a huge difference. You can brighten up someone’s day by giving him or her a flower. A fun idea that has been used by many high school students have been to purchase flowers in Laredo to hand out during school. The Blue Iris is a great choice. You want to look for flowers that don’t have any thorns on them, are pollen-free and also unscented.

Give It Back By Brightening Up Someone’s Day

Giving back to the community is important in making a community stronger and healthier. Consider brightening up a stranger’s day. Children deserve just as much attention and love, and flowers can definitely brighten up the center.



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