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When you are looking to send someone a gift that shows that you care, Kremp Florist offers a variety of choices for the Aiken, SC area. Whether you prefer to send flowers, a plant, or some type of gift basket or edible gift, they have just what you are looking for - and they offer same day delivery options. A family owned company, Kremp Florist has been around for over fifty years.

Gifts for the Recently Grown Family in Aiken, SC

When a family chooses to grow - either through pregnancy and the birth of their own child or through adoption - it is something that you can celebrate right along with them. When your friend or family member in the Aiken, SC area decides to grow - and actually does grow - you can be the first to congratulate them and to let them know that you are thinking of them. offers a variety of gifts that work well for letting a family know that you are happy for them and their new addition. A blooming plant is a gift that would brighten up the home of the family, just like their new addition brightens up their life, and you can show them that you care by sending them one of the choices that Kremp Florist has available. Another gift that would be perfect for the newly grown family is a dozen chocolate covered strawberries.


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