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If you're wondering where to buy Willow Tree figurines on sale, look no further than Kremp.com. More than a florist, Kremp is your one-stop online shop for all of your gift-giving needs. In addition to our selection of flowers, plants, and gift baskets, we also sell a wide assortment of other gift shop items. Among our top sellers is our selection of Willow Tree collectibles. These hand-carved sculptures capture emotions and moments in time, making them the perfect gift for any occasion. We feature a variety of Willow Tree figures representing a range of emotions so you can communicate your feelings to the recipient. Whether your aim is to express gratitude, love, remembrance, or joy, you are sure to find Willow Tree sculptures that best communicate your special feelings. Depending on the season, you may be able to find cheap Willow Tree figurines on sale on our website. In addition to our selection of figurines, Kremp.com also features nativity sets by Willow Tree.

About Willow Tree Figures

Willow Tree was first introduced to the public in January 2000 by artist and creator Susan Lordi and has since become a successful product line both domestically and internationally. Her sculptures mostly feature people and angels and are characterized by their faceless design. The trademark facelessness of these figures is not incidental, however; each addition to the Willow Tree line of figurines is meant to communicate a specific emotion or moment by gestures only. Willow Tree has a large and diverse line of figurines, so they make a great gift for a variety of occasions. If you want to celebrate the arrival of a newborn, consider the "New Dad" or "We Are Three" pieces. The "Angel of Hope" and "Courage" angel sculptures can be a gift to cheer up a friend or loved one in the hospital. The "Around You" and "Together" pieces are ideal for anniversaries, and the "Mother and Daughter" and "Father and Son" sculptures are a thoughtful gesture for a Mother's Day or Father's Day gift.

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Whether you are a collector or simply looking to buy Willow Tree gifts for a loved one, you can save time by ordering online at Kremp.com. Purchases are shipped domestically via FedEx and internationally via USPS. If you have any questions about your order, fill out our online contact form or call us toll-free at 1-800-34-KREMP and we will be happy to assist you.

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