Floral Services for a Pre-Independence Crossroads Village

Originally known as a crossroads village called Logtown, Penns Park, PA is an old town that straddles the divide between rustic village and modern suburb. The great city of Philadelphia is only a few miles south, putting Penn Park, PA within easy driving distance of the noise and chaos of a major city. But that all subsides in Penns Park, PA, where the centuries old buildings highlight the beauty of the town. In a town like this, you expect your florist to offer seasonal arrangements, Christening gifts, and beautiful centerpieces. Kremp Florist is your Penns Park, PA florist because it offers all of this and more with same day flower delivery to Penns Park, PA on every single purchase. This a florist that lets you enjoy the benefits of big city life and variety without having to leave the quiet pleasures offered by Penns Park, PA.

Penns Park

Penns Park Flowers

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