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Kremp Florist is a family owned and operated flower and gift delivery company that has been in business for more than 55 years. Throughout their tenure in business they have become one of the most well known florist companies that delivers to many cities including New Castle, PA. Kremp Florist is the winner of the National Florist of the Year Award, letting all of their customers know they haven't been in business all this time without really knowing what they are doing. Kremp Florist prides itself on meeting and exceeding their customers expectations, giving the very best product the industry has to offer to their customers and ensuring the customer can navigate with ease on Kremp.com. When you visit Kremp.com you will find there are many various items from which you can choose from when ordering an arrangement to send out to someon you love! It's no surprise, when you go with the best you will get the very best in product and service. So if you want the best, go through Kremp Florist.

Events and Marvelous Items Year Round

The residents of New Castle, PA and the surrounding areas know there are many different activities that can be enjoyed throughout the year in the city. Things that you can enjoy individually or with the family. Some of these events include: Soap Box Derby, Fireworks Festival, Veteran's Day Parade, LIght Up Night Parade, Back To The Fifties Car Cruise, summer concert series at Cascade Park, Cascade of Lights and many other activities that you and your family are sure to enjoy. Just like there are many things to do and events to attend year round in New Castle, PA, there are many options and items you will enjoy choosing from on Kremp.com all year. Not only can you look at items, order them and have them delivered all year round but Kremp Florist also offers seasonal items that you can use and will enjoy using. There are things such as: flowers that can be delivered on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly Basis. You can also go with a Ribbon Tribute that you can choose to represent a charity or cause. You can choose from a variety of colors and the website even gives what some of the colors mean and represent. There's so much you can choose from when you go with Kremp Florist... when you choose Kremp Florist you can't go wrong!


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