Honesdale, PA is A Great Place for Quality Flowers and Gifts

Honesdale, PA is a community rich in history, specifically railroading history, as it was where railroading was born in America. Honesdale, PA has the distinction of being the home of the first steam locomotive to traverse the rail lines in the United States in 1829. Given this notable history it is no wonder residents of Honesdale take great pride in their community and its historical roots. Given this pride in their community, they also expect the best flowers and gifts for special occasions and gift giving needs. That's why they call Kremp Florist. Kremp Florist has served the community for over 55 years and is a 3rd generation family owned and operated florist that guarantees everything they sell. They pride themselves with great customer service and satisfaction and verified by its winning the highest honor in the industry that can be bestowed upon a florist – the National Retail Florist of the Year Award. Of the many Honesdale, PA flower shops what better Honesdale florist to call than Kremp Florist.

Honesdale, PA Respects Its Railroading History and a Love of Concerts and Music

Honesdale, PA residents are proud of the many historical attractions in the community that draw visitors from all over the state as well as great musical events and festivals that bring hours of musical enjoyment to many in the community. Honesdale is home of two museums that document the area’s historical development; the Wayne County Historical Society Museum and the Honesdale Fire Museum. Kremp Florist has a great gift idea that can help document your Honesdale museum visits and create lasting memories with its Digital Camera Gift Set. After a tour of the museum and a stroll in the quaint downtown area, it’s off to the Honesdale Roots and Rhythm Music Arts Festival. What better way to enjoy the festival than with a Kremp Florist London Blanket and Coffee Tote equipped with a washable fleece blanket and a 24 ounce stainless steel vacuum flask. There is also the Vintage Medical box to hold scrumptious edible treats to eat while at the festival. Don’t delay. Call Kremp today to get your fun gifts to enjoy Honesdale, PA with.

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