Unrivalled Service for Vicksburg MS Residents

Proud winner of the National Retail Florist of the Year Award, Kremp Florist is ready to deliver a splendid bouquet to your nearest and dearest across the USA at a moment’s notice, 365 days a year. To share your feelings for a loved one with more than mere words, rely on the extensive experience of Kremp, a family-run business which has dedicated three generations and over 5 decades to the satisfaction of its customers. With, flower orders completed by 12:30 pm in the recipient’s time-zone benefit from same-day delivery, and most USA territories are covered, including worldwide and APO addresses.

Commemorate Those Lost in Vicksburg MS

Kremp Florist is by your side when you need a florist the most, especially in times of remembrance.

Vicksburg, Mississippi, carries the weight of many battles fought in the Civil War by land and sea, as the USS Cairo Gunboat and Museum will testify. The first ship to have ever sunk due to an electrically-detonated torpedo, and luckily without loss of life, the USS Cairo reminds us of the sacrifice so many have made for their beliefs.

If you’d like to honor the memory of a patriotic sacrifice with a distinguished, gracious wreath, then you’ll find that Kremp stocks a wide variety of tribute wreaths, including the courtly To Honor One’s Country wreath.

Quirky Gifts for a Vicksburg MS Resident

Sadly, at, we have no ghost, vampire or gargoyle-themed gifts, but if you’d like to be ready for a ghost flick on your visit to McRaven Tour Home in Vicksburg, our digital camera gift set should give you ample footage for a scary campfire story.

No doubt Vicksburg residents know all there is to know about Coca-Cola, seeing as the Biedenharn Museum, where the beverage was first bottled, is right under their noses. What more would a Coca-Cola fan need than a set of Sparq Stones to keep that Coke chilly for hours without diluting it?

Spruce up your Home or Office

No stately Mississippi home or lucrative business office should have to do without an eye-catching and sweet-scented flower arrangement from our monthly flower delivery range. You don’t need to hire the Anchuca Historic Mansion and Inn to entertain your guests in style. Simply rely on a splendid Kremp flower arrangement to brighten up your living area, and you’re guaranteed an excellent conversation starter.

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