Flowers, Unique Gifts and More for Moorhead, MN Area Residents

As a family owned and operated florist, Kremp has flower services to the residents of Moorhead and its surround area for more than 50 years. You can rest assured that when order flower deliveries from, only the freshest flowers will be delivered in Moorhead.

Unique Gift Baskets for Mom and Baby in Moorhead, MN

Newborn babies are always a joy and a blessing and Moorhead, MN, like most small communities is a family based community that embraces the birth of each new baby. With a population of about 33,000 people, Moorhead is a tight knit community that celebrates new births daily at the Sanford Family Birth Center. While many people give the same ole type of gift at a baby shower, you can step outside of the box and send a fun and unique gift basket from a Kremp flower shop Florist. There are several gift baskets to choose from, such as the adorable diaper cake or your Kremp flower shop Florist can deliver a bath time basket that includes all of the goodies new parents will need to give the baby's first bath. Whether you prefer to send flowers or a gift basket, the gifts from a Kremp flower shop Florist will show new parents you are thinking of them during this happy time in their life. If you want to surprise the new parents, consider having a colorful flower delivery on the day the family arrives home.

Flowers for Moorhead Area VA Residents and Patients

The Moorhead VA Medical Center is in Fargo, which is just a few miles outside of Moorhead. The VA health center provides long and short term medical care to the current and retired Vets of Moorhead, MN and the surrounding area. Whether you are a relative to a patient of the VA Medical center or simply feel like brightening a Vets day, Kremp flower shop Florists have an array of of unique gifts for him, such as the men's spa kit, or a colorful flower delivery that can be delivered any day of the week. Sending a seasonal flower arrangement from a Kremp flower shop Florist is a great way to brighten the day for someone spending the holidays in the VA Medical Center. If there is an unfortunate death of a friend or loved one while in the hospital, there is a wide range of funeral arrangements and flower delivery available through Kremp Florist for the families of the deceased in the Moorhead, MN area.

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