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Kremp is a respected family business that's been faithfully serving the residents of Lake Buena Vista for 3 generations. Whatever the reason for sending flowers, be it a wedding, funeral, get well wish, one of a kind arrangement for the one you love, or a dozen red roses destined to enchant that special someone, Kremp has got you covered. We provide our Lake Buena Vista customers with top quality products and service.

Florida Sunshine

Lake Buena Vista is perhaps best known for being the home of the luxurious Disney World Resort. This scenic part of Orange county also boosts a popular golf course as well as Lake Buena Vista itself. Before being acquired by the Disney company the small lake was known by the alliterative title of Blake Lake. Needless to say the city is always abuzz with tourists and locals alike outside enjoying the hot Florida sun and soaking up the area's unique ambiance.

Exotic and Tropical Flowers

In keeping with Florida's tropical setting offers a wide selection of exotic plants and flowers. Among the colorful arrangements customers can choose from are the Exotic Elegance which is made up of an artistic assortment or roses, orchids, protea, and more. Kremp also features a centerpiece arrangement called Exotic Pinks which features orchids, anthurium, and lilies and is presented in a clear cylinder vase. Kremp's distinctive Tropical Paradise arrangement includes a unique mix of anthurium, birds of paradise, and other assorted exotic floral varieties. For those seeking a little something out of the ordinary why not consider choosing the Orchid Hurricane arrangement which comes in a glass hurricane vase and features a stunning cymbidum orchid, along with a decorative array of fancy rocks. The arrangement is then accented with floral wire which is elegantly wrapped around the vase. Anyone wishing to purchase these tropical arrangements should keep in mind that certain tropical arrangements might require 24 hours notice and may not be available in all areas.

Lake Buena Vista

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