Giving the Atlantic Beach, FL area Beautiful Flowers

As a family-owned and operated florist company, Kremp Florist knows what it takes to earn loyalty from their customers--offer them quality product, service and a little TLC in the form of coupons for free flowers and special sales. Their more than 50 years of service has garnered them the attention of one of the premiere Floral Supplier Associations in the country with the distinction of being awarded the Retail Florist of the Year award from WF&FSA. Now they bring their services to Atlantic Beach, FL.

Picnics and Gift Baskets at the Beach

Located where Florida meets the Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic Beach borders Jacksonville but offers a much quieter locale for beach-goers. The quaint shopping-district feel next to sandy beaches makes for a good time for all visitors, whether they are looking for a backdrop for a family day out or a romantic place to have a picnic at the beach. For those who might not have a significant other but still want to take a basket to the beach, sells themed gift baskets for tea lovers, sports lovers and crossword lovers alike.

Atlantic Beach for the Artistic Soul

Most wouldn't think that art and beach could go together, but Atlantic Beach, FL residents and visitors have access to traditional beach activities and more creative activities. Whether your interest is in visual or performing arts, Atlantic Beach can make your day. The University of North Florida brings Shakespeare in the Park to the area, Johansen Park offers Arts in the Park, and for those who wish to walk and look, the North Beaches Art Walk showcases local artists. And if you can't find anything to pique your artistic interest, Kremp's beautiful floral arrangements just might do the trick.

Atlantic Beach

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