- Delivers Joy for All in Arkadelphia, AR

One of the two main industries in Arkadelphia, AR, the educational sector draws thousands of students to the area. Home to Ouachita Baptist University and Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, AR, is filled with students. Each one has someone at home thinking about them. What better way to show them than a gift from

Any parent of a college student can tell you that the first semester away from home can be both exciting and traumatic for young people. Separated from familiar people and places for the first time, they'll yearn for the comforts of home. You can provide them from afar with just a couple of clicks at For example, Kremp Florist has arranged a basket especially for students, the Campus Care Package. This thoughtful yet convenient item features gourmet oatmeal, Dirty Potato Chips, energy bars, pretzel crisps and Nutella hazelnut spread.