Special Flowers and More in Sun City, AZ

Kremp Florist has been in the flower business for more than 55 years. In that time the family-owned and operated business has handed down their excellent customer service skills and quality products through two generations. The Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association has awarded Kremp.com with the distinction of being Retail Florist the Year for their unique approach to getting and keeping customers through "free" offers. Now they are bringing their services to Sun City, AZ and the surrounding area.

Keeping a Garden in Sun City, AZ

As one of the premiere retirement communities in the southwest, Sun City's residents follow a bit of a different lifestyle than others. That doesn't mean they live a boring life. There are plenty of things to do in and around the community for residents to do to keep busy this 14sq foot area. Walking, lawn games and shuffleboard keep some outside during the pretty days. Others prefer to spend their outside time raising a garden or planting a flower bed. Kremp Florist has a variety of flower baskets for those who want to bring the flowers inside. And they make an excellent room-brightener for those who can't get outside as much as they wish.

Special Flowers for Special Occasions

Living in such an integrated community offers residents a chance to share in events that are common to the age. Retirement parties are common, and birthday parties celebrated more fondly than in other places. Unfortunately, get-well parties and celebration-of-life get-togethers are also more common here than in an age-varied setting. For all of those special or dreaded occasions Kremp Florist has a product to suit it.

Sun City

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