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  • DIY Halloween Decorations: Spooky Exotic Flowers For the Holiday

    exotic flowers

    Now that it’s officially fall, it’s time to truss up your home and your front porch with some spooky and fun Halloween decorations.

    One of the best ways to do this is with incredible exotic flowers that are inherently spooky in their natural blooms. Florists may not often use these flowers because they are so exotic, but it’s easy enough to order the blooms yourself and make the spooky DIY flower arrangement of your dreams.

    Here are 9 exotic flowers that are perfect for Halloween and some DIY suggestions to employ them to their spookiest effect.

    Glow in the Dark Roses

    Looking to make a bouquet that looks traditional by day but has some Halloween magic by night? Look no further than Glow in the Dark roses, a speciality white rose treated with a chemical that makes it become an eerie, glowing flower once the sun goes down and the lights go off.

    If you want a really fun DIY project, consider making a non-traditional jack’o’lantern. Carve out a pumpkin and arrange a beautiful bouquet in it, so that by day it looks like a perfect fall arrangement -- and at night, it turns into a spooky Halloween decoration.

    exotic flowers

    Doll’s Eye/White Baneberry

    The Doll’s Eye plant is so eerie, you could use it by itself in a tall vase or as an accent in a more typical bouquet to add some Halloween flavor. Featuring blood red stems and white berries that resemble a doll’s eye down to a little black iris, the flower is nothing short of unsettling.

    If you want to go the extra mile, consider weaving it into the sprigs of a broomstick to create a witchy design or lean into the eyeball effect and arrange it around or in an oversized blood-shot eye. The white and red also make a nice accent for an arrangement coming out of a Halloween skull.

    Bleeding Tooth Fungus

    Just the name sounds disgusting and appropriately scary, right? The bleeding tooth fungus is a white fungus that resembles a mushroom, but seeps a blood red pigmented juice that looks disturbingly like coagulated blood. Normally we would find this stomach turning, but it’s a perfect flower for Halloween.

    If you are wanting to make a zombie-tastic display, this is the bloom for you. Buy a crystal or glass skull that you can fill with the flower, making it look like it’s full of bloody brains. Or go even more simple and find a vase that resembles a brain and make sure it’s overflowing with this bloody fungus. There are a ton of options for using this creepy flower in a unique way.

    The Bat Orchid

    Bats are a Halloween favorite -- their creepy appearance, nocturnal habits, and association with vampires make them a perfect fit for the holiday. Decorate with the bat orchid -- a nearly all-black flower whose long tendrils make it resemble the flying creature. Their flat base makes them a great flower for wreath-building -- make a Halloween wreath featuring a plastic bat or fake crow and use these flowers as an accent to make it an extra spooky decoration for your front door. Or create a more flight-focused arrangement and use these to accent the fake bats you craft.

    exotic flowers

    Star Flower

    Want a bouquet that looks as monstrous as Frankenstein? Look no further than using the star flower in your arrangements. The flower looks like it’s from another planet with its naked, skinless looking appearance. Be warned though -- it tends to give off a rotting meat smell as a means of attracting insects for its food, so you will definitely want to keep it outside when you’re decorating.

    Given its more carnivorous nature, you might want to create a flower display that capitalizes on the idea of man-eating plans. Build a giant venus fly trap and decorate with the real star flowers.

    Porcupine Tomato

    You don’t need to do much with this plant to make it say “Keep Out.” If you’re building a menacing haunted house, this spiked plant says “don’t mess with me” loud and clear. You should only use cuttings and never plant it in your actual garden because it’s extremely poisonous and invasive (along the same lines, don’t put it anywhere near where children or family pets can reach it). This plant is a little more mean and scary than it is whimsical and fun.

    exotic flowers

    Devil’s Claw

    This plant features seed pods with large hook-like protrusions that resemble dead crabs when they fall to the ground. Use them as an accent in a spooky bouquet, especially if you’re focusing on a black-and-white deadly looking theme or the browns and oranges of fall. Because of the plant’s natural curved design, they would also be an excellent choice for making “spider plants”-- arrange them around the edges of a black painted pot to make the legs of a spider. Make sure you tell everyone you know about their inherently spooky name as well.

    The Ghost Plant

    This plant earns its name from its translucent white color, which stems from its lack of chlorophyll and aversion to natural light (so don’t put it out during the day). The plant is also a natural fit for Halloween given it is a parasite who survives by draining nutrients from a host plant (be careful when arranging not to put it near other living plants).

    Use it in a spooky black-and-white arrangement or go one step forward and use dry/dead plants alongside it to convey its ghostly nature.

    exotic flowers

    Vegetable Sheep

    Want to make your front yard look moldy and ghoulish? Scatter a bunch of vegetable sheep around your DIY graveyard to make your self-constructed cemetery look particularly eerie. The fuzzy, off-white shrub can sometimes resemble a sheep lying down, but to us it looks more like a large patch of mold -- perfect for a Hallowen display of creepy decay.

    No matter which of these exotic plants you choose for your DIY Halloween decorations, you’re certain to have an utterly unique and delightfully spooky display that will amuse and even frighten Trick-or-Treaters.

  • Should I Buy Flowers Online? How An Online Florist Can Help You


    Visiting a florist can be an overwhelming experience; the flower choices are vast, and everywhere you look, there are more blooms and greenery.  However, in today’s mobile world, ordering can be done easily from the comfort of your home--just buy flowers online!

    Ordering flowers from an online florist allows the experience to be one of leisure, as you can spend all the time you need to make a decision on that perfect blossoming gift. Buying in the store requires time, and many customers don’t often walk into the florist knowing exactly what they want or need. And sometimes the in-store experience may even require an appointment—especially for buyers wanting to create a custom arrangement.

    For online buyers, everything is at their fingertips. From browsing the selection of stock arrangements to viewing individual flowers, creating the ultimate arrangement puts the power in the buyer’s hands.


    Orchid Hurricane

    Custom Arrangements

    While there are hundreds of stock arrangements to browse, many online florists—including Kremp—allow buyers to create their own unique arrangements. Search for favorite flowers or a simple color hue to find the flowers that will create a lasting memory. Custom arrangements are perfect for special occasions, from wedding flowers to funeral flowers.

    You can mix and match flowers how you wish and choose a vase or other container to add that picturesque sentiment. Or utilize the assistance of a floral designer to help you create that ideal arrangement.

    Browse at Your Leisure

    Sometimes, you just don’t what type of floral arrangement captures the right sentiment. With hundreds of pre-arranged floral designs, you can peruse the stock without feeling any pressure. Look for five minutes, or search all night…when you find the ideal blooms, you can order instantly. To make a the hunt less challenging, sort the arrangements by color, price or flower.

    Beyond Flowers

    While bricks and mortar stores may be limited in their gift selection, online shops offer a host of other items. When you’re shopping for flowers, you also may add in scented soaps, a stuffed animal, a collectible figurine or even jewelry! Create an amazing gift arrangement for a friend, relative or loved one by adding unique items and personalized mementos to your order.



    Glass Flowers -- Sunflowers

    Silk & Glass

    Online florists also offer a wide selection of alternative flower choices—like silk or even glass arrangements. Some loved ones may have allergies—or just might not like real flowers. You can choose to send silk flowers or blown glass arrangements for an amazing alternative to fragrant flowers. Silk flowers often look so real that many recipients cannot tell the difference. The best part? These beautiful arrangements require little care and last a lifetime.

    Delivery in a Snap

    Ordering arrangements from online florists allows buyers to customize delivery time. Specify the date of delivery, and the team will take it from there. There are no hidden delivery fees or concerns about if your area is covered for delivery. Just order your perfect bouquet, schedule the date of delivery and check out.

    Online florists often offer numerous benefits to buyers beyond the bricks and mortar competition. When ordering online, buyers can easily browse hundreds of pre-made arrangements and sort by price/color/flower to discover the perfect arrangement within their budget. There is no worry about scheduling an appointment or taking too much time. Online florists let buyers shop with ease from the comfort of home and even order custom arrangements and unique gifts to personalize their arrangements. And once the perfect arrangement has been purchased, delivery can be scheduled in a snap to ensure that birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions are honored on time and in full bloom.

  • The Etiquette for Sending Flowers: Do's and Don'ts


    There are many reasons to send flowers -- to make a romantic statement to the one you love, to wish someone a happy birthday, as get well wishes, or to commemorate a person who has died. But each of these situations has its own etiquette -- a set of recommended do’s and don’ts to make sure your thoughtful present doesn’t accidentally send the wrong message or offend someone’s sensibilities.

    There are many things that impact proper flower giving etiquette -- from location, to relationship, to occasion. Here are some tips for proper etiquette for a variety of occasions for which you might send flowers.

    Sending Sympathy Flowers


    One of the most popular reasons to send flowers is for sympathy or to commemorate a lost loved one. However, keep in mind that this can often be a very difficult type for people, so you will want to be extremely thoughtful in your approach to sending flowers and ensure you are employing proper etiquette.

    Generally, flowers are sent to a funeral home so they can be displayed at a viewing or memorial service. Find out what the plans are for the service before sending -- many people may not want an onslaught of flowers at their home when they are already overwhelmed. The funeral home often handles this and ensures that all gifts are received and displayed. Keep in mind, however, that many people wish to have donations made in their name to a charity in lieu of flowers -- find out if this is what the family has requested and adhere to their wishes. You may think you’re being thoughtful, but there’s nothing more rude than explicitly ignoring the request of the deceased and their family. Additionally, though most Christian denominations display flowers at memorial services, there are plenty of religions (or non-religious families) that do not, so pay attention and make sure you’re not going against the dictates of their faith.

    Lastly, be considerate in the blooms you select -- traditionally, flowers sent in sympathy are meant to celebrate the life of the person who has passed so pick something lovely and uplifting. White is the most traditional color and lilies are always a stunning choice. Avoid anything too silly or lighthearted like balloons, stuffed animals, etc.

    Sending Get Well Soon Flowers


    It’s natural to want to send a friend or loved one a cheery bouquet to brighten their day when they’re ill. When they’re bed-ridden or can’t leave the house having a brightly colored bouquet nearby can be a very comforting thing. However, keep in mind that due to allergies, risk of infection, etc. many hospitals do not permit the display of flowers. You should always check on the hospital policy before bringing or sending flowers. Generally, it is safest to wait until the person is in the privacy of their own home to send anything along.

    Sending Romantic Flowers


    We can’t think of a better reason to send flowers than to tell someone you love them, whether it’s for a holiday like Valentine’s Day or just because. Red roses are always a classic when it comes to expressing your romantic feelings, but the best choice is to go with your special someone’s favorite flowers. It will show them that you care and pay attention to even the smallest detail. If they like blooms that are especially rare or difficult to get, it will be a huge romantic gesture for you to send that.

    If you intend to send flowers as a romantic gesture, it’s best to send them to a private location like your loved one’s home. Sending them to a public place like an office might make your partner the subject of unwanted gossip and attention. If your point is to make a flashy public gesture, be sure it’s something your special someone is ok with in advance. If you’ve been married for a long time or your relationship is well-known to each other’s coworkers, it’s slightly less problematic, but still be sure it’s something they would respond well to.

    Sending Birthday or Holiday Flowers


    If you want to send flowers to celebrate someone’s birthday, the birth of a child, or any other holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Easter, etc.), there’s a lot of things to take into consideration. First, be considerate and aware of the message you want to send -- if they’re a dear friend, but not someone you’re romantically involved with, don’t send red roses or any other traditionally romantic flowers. And as noted above, it’s best to send them to a private location and not their place of work.

    Whether you’re sending flowers for a birthday, a new baby, or a more widely celebrated holiday, the best practice is to pick something thematically appropriate. If it’s someone’s birthday, send them a cheery arrangement of their favorite blooms in their favorite colors -- whether that’s a spray of pink tulips or a multi-colored assortment of gerbera daisies with a balloon. For a new baby, send something warm and cute to celebrate this new life. Depending on the parents and their stance on gender norms, send a blue or pink bouquet for their new baby boy or girl. If you want to be sure not to offend, send something in a gender neutral palette of green, yellow, or orange, etc.

    The other holidays are far more specific -- choose an arrangement that speaks to the holiday, whether it’s through appropriate colors (red and green for Christmas, green for St. Patrick’s Day, black and orange for Halloween) or through an arrangement that suggests the holiday (a basket for Easter, a cornucopia for Thanksgiving). Your thoughtfulness and taste in design will not go unnoticed.

    Sending Promotion or Work Event Flowers


    There are plenty of reasons to send a coworker flowers -- congratulating them on a promotion, celebrating Bosses’ Day, or just saying thank you for their extra input on a project. But this is probably the trickiest area when it comes to flower sending etiquette. You should be incredibly cautious about what you send, lest someone perceive the flowers as evidence of romantic interest (or worse, a sign of favoritism or harassment). In this case, it’s likely best to send a fruit basket or a less flashy plant than a bouquet of flowers to avoid any confusion about your intentions.

    If you follow all of these helpful do’s and don’ts, you’ll soon be considered one of the most thoughtful people around for the beautiful and tasteful flower arrangements you gift to friends and family.

  • Relive Summer with These Tropical Flower Arrangements

    Tropical Flower Arrangements

    By far, summer is one of the most beloved seasons of the year and with good reason! From sunny weather to destination vacations to the tropics, summertime remains a favorite among many. Even though Fall is here, there is no reason to let go of all of the great feelings that summer imbues.

    This is certainly true when it comes to floral arrangements that can be placed around your home or office for an instant reminder of warmer weather. Here are some of our top tropical flower arrangement picks for your immediate delight.

    Tropical Paradise

    The Tropical Paradise arrangement features fresh cut birds of paradise, a flower that is native to South Africa, and which derives its name from its resemblance to a beautiful bird in flight. Also included are anthuriums and a mix of exotic foliage for a tropical-inspired arrangement that will surely brighten your day!

    Paradise Blooms

    The Paradise Blooms, another amazing arrangement choice, will give you instant summer vibes. This floral display includes a stunning array of birds of paradise, vibrant Cymbidium orchids and complementing tropical foliage that will appeal to your summertime senses.

    Of the Tropics

    Tropical Flower Arrangements

    As a show-stopping addition for any occasion, Of the Tropics includes beautiful bursts of anthurium, protea, birds of paradise, and ginger. This plethora of exquisite flowers and foliage makes the perfect centerpiece for those who are longing for more of what the summer months entail.

    Tropical Eruption

    As a splendidly gorgeous bouquet of imported anthurium, bird of paradise, liatris, ginger, and orchids, this The Tropical Eruption floral arrangement will surely evoke feelings of summertime bliss. Straight from the tropics, these beautiful blooms are the perfect way to hold on to the summer months and the beautiful vibrancy of this season.

    Island Blooms

    Tropical Flower Arrangements

    The ever-impressive Island Blooms is a spectacular arrangement that is reminiscent of a day on the beach during a tropical paradise vacation. Consisting of striking orchids and protea, this arrangement will be sure to please no matter the setting.

    Make Your Tropical Flower Arrangements Last Even Longer

    Once the new arrangement is in your care, give it a little TLC to preserve its life. Make your arrangement last even longer by doing the following:

    ·         Keep the vase or container filled with fresh water and flower food to limit the presence of bacteria and to balance the PH levels of the water.

    ·         Remember to trim flower stems by 1-2 inches at a 45-degree angle with scissors or a knife that will not crush the stem. This will allow for maximum hydration.

    ·         Keep the tropical flower assortment in a cool location away from extreme temperatures such as direct sunlight, vents, or other appliances.

    These excellent floral arrangement care ideas are a great way to add life to your tropical blooms, leaving you with a fresh reminder of summer and the sheer beauty of the season.

    When it comes to the summer months, you don’t have to say goodbye so soon! A tropical flower arrangement may be the exact indulgence that you need to elicit the many great feelings that summer entails. Try any of these arrangements and enjoy the feelings of summer in an instant. Many of these arrangements can even be sent with same day delivery for maximum enjoyment!

  • The Secret To Being a Passionate Online Florist

    Online Florist

    From an intricate centerpiece at a wedding to a romantic Valentine’s Day bouquet, flowers are more than just a household decoration. Flowers are essential to celebrating special moments and bringing joy into a loved one’s life.

    At Kremp, there’s nothing we know better than flowers. The passion behind our business revolves around building a strong community that allows us to play a very personal role in your lives and relationships. Here’s a little bit more about the story of Kremp and how we came to be the passionate online florist business you see today.

    The History of Kremp

    Online Florist

    The history of Kremp goes back over 60 years and spans across three generations. Our company began with the goal of helping those in our Philadelphia community express their inner-most feelings and thoughts to their loved ones, and that guiding mission continues to remain at the heart of our business. Service, quality, and a commitment to satisfaction has allowed us to thrive over the years. You can even see Kremp Florists featured on ABC’s The Goldbergs! Yes, we were neighbors of the Goldbergs in the 1980s and it was just as hilarious as you saw on television.

    While floral arrangement trends may have changed many times throughout the years, a few things remain constant: our yearn to make a floral arrangement a meaningful exchange, our ability to take a client’s vision and bring it to life, and our commitment to helping our clients to express their feelings where words fall short!

    The Vision Behind A Successful Online Florist

    Online Florist

    The mission of Kremp centers around the idea of making each and every customer feel special. Our departments offer an extensive line of gifts and seasonal flowers, but you can always find exactly what you need with our custom arrangements.

    When you explore our Seasonal Arrangements, you’ll find the most popular seasonal blooms to match the time of year. With Fall upon us, all of our arrangements include fun details like this Country Pumpkin bouquet in a ceramic pumpkin base or this Deluxe Cornucopia filled with bright sunflowers and roses, perfect for Thanksgiving dinner!

    We also thrive with finding new ways to innovate our designs even in non-floral and edible gift baskets. Our edible gift baskets, for example, include a Sweet Smiles candy bouquet for the sweet tooth in your life or even a Fresh Cheese Making kit for a chef friend!

    With so many options, we know that whatever you choose to give is going to be a personal and thoughtful gift. That’s why we do love what we do. The secret to our unwavering passion? Seeing our community thrive each and every day.

    Kremp and the Community

    Online Florist

    Today, we’re passionate about who we serve, and without our client base, we wouldn’t have the strong presence that we boast today. We value the fact that we are continuously trusted to take part in our clients’ most precious moments of life: celebrating the union of love, honoring a loved one’s legacy, welcoming a newborn child, and everything in between!

    Kremp truly goes above and beyond to provide every customer with a not only a great experience, but with unforgettable products. Besides offering breathtaking floral arrangements, we also offer items such as greeting cards, bath and body products, gourmet teas, candles, and specialized sweets--making it easier than ever for customers to express themselves and to give meaningful and customized gifts.

    Sharing in Your Special Moments

    Online Florist

    One of the most important ingredients in Kremp’s “recipe” to success as an online florist is our ability and yearn to share in the special moments of the lives of our clients. Whether it’s an elegant centerpiece at a wedding reception, the bouquet a bride holds as she walks down the aisle towards her groom, or the sympathy bouquet or funeral flowers that signifies love, life, and legacy--each professional at Kremp shares more than family ties and the same last name. We also share in a deep-rooted love for bringing the vision of a client to life in order to create a magical moment and an unforgettable memory.

    Flowers are fun to buy and heartwarming to receive. Gorgeous arrangements are the details that can serve to set the tone of a special event or to bring a smile to the face of someone who needs to know that they are loved on a hard day. To put it simply, what our professionals are doing at Kremp day after day is important work!

    When it comes to working with an online florist company, it’s refreshing to work with one that is as dedicated and excited about what they do as Kremp is, never ceasing to make each customer feel special. Life is all about experiences and memories, and the arrangements provided by Kremp are more than just a centerpiece or flowers that sit in a vase. These creations signify the passion we have for our community, allowing each customer to enjoy an unforgettable experience as well as a memory they will forever cherish!

  • 7 of Our Favorite Fall Birthday Flowers

    birthday flowers

    As we say goodbye to the waning days of summer and begin to welcome the joys of fall (pumpkin spice lattes, plaid and flannel, football season, hot cocoa), it’s time to start thinking about switching up your floral arrangements to match the changing seasons.

    We love fall birthdays -- and flowers are the perfect way to say Happy Birthday! So here are 7 perfectly festive fall birthday flowers ideal for telling all the fall babies in your life just how much you love them.

    Flowers The Color of Autumn

    The first step to selecting the perfect fall birthday flowers bouquet is to choose an arrangement filled with shades of autumn.  We tend to associate dark, rich, warm tones with autumn -- colors you might associate with the harvest or find on a hearth on warm night. So, be sure to select flowers in shades of orange, yellow, red, and even brown and black to craft your perfect fall arrangement. Evoke the fields of fall with a beautiful basket overflowing with appropriately colored blooms.


    Because of their sunny disposition and name, we probably tend to think of sunflowers as a summer bloom. But actually, they are a fall blooming perennial. Even more importantly though, they’re a perfect shade of rich autumn yellow to create the perfect fall birthday arrangement.

    Calla Lilies

    birthday flowers

    We often associate lilies with Easter or funerals, but that’s primarily white or lighter-colored lilies. You can create a beautiful birthday offering with autumn callas lilies  or beautiful orange lilies that provide the perfect fall shades for your bouquet in deep, rich Halloween and Thanksgiving oranges. There’s also asiatic lilies, which are a fall bloom, so they’re a natural seasonal choice.


    There’s a lot of orange and yellow flowers out there, but sometimes it can be harder to find an appropriate rusty red that screams fall and not Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Heleniums are the perfect choice, available in a wide range of colors including rich reds and oranges.

    Fall Blooms

    Opt for an arrangement that privileges fall blooms. Though spring and summer are more traditional periods for blooming flowers, the fall has plenty of gorgeous flora and fauna to offer as well.


    birthday flowers

    Mums and Marigolds are hearty, similar looking flowers that are perfect for the more inclement and unpredictable fall temperatures. What’s more -- they naturally bloom in beautiful fall shades of gold, red, yellow, and orange.Don’t feel beholden to rustic fall tones though -- purple and pink accents, especially in deeper, richer tones, are a beautiful addition and quite common in the diverse range of mums.


    Asters and goldenrods are not only hearty fall flowers, but they tend to bloom in beloved fall colors like golden yellow and cardinal. Picking a fall bloom is a great way to ensure longevity in that extra special birthday arrangement and that it will reach your loved one in its full glory, regardless of fall temperatures.

    Fall Accents

    Another great choice for fall flowers is to make sure you pick distinctly fall accents for your blooms. This could be something that ties directly to fall such as an autumnal ribbon, an orange vase, or fall holiday themed decorations. But there’s plenty of fall floral accents as well -- chinese lanterns suggest the harvest and rich, warm fall colors with their brown, orange, and red blooms.

    Ornamental peppers are another beautiful option, especially if you find them in yellow, orange, and red. Or, consider getting some cotton to mix into your arrangement -- it evokes the fall harvest beautifully. Lastly, you can go with something a bit more non-traditional -- mexican sage and witch hazel are two great autumn blooms that are unique and unusual looking, as well as evocative of the season in which they flower.

    Year-Round Favorites

    Whether you want a distinctly fall bouquet in either color or bloom selection or prefer a bouquet that says “Happy Birthday” in your special someone’s favorite colors, there are plenty of year-round flowers that will make a perfect choice.


    birthday flowers

    Carnations are a sturdy year-round bloom that come in virtually every color imaginable due to their porous blooms that allow florists to dye them any color they’d like. So that means you can choose fall colored carnations or you can give your loved one a bouquet of blooms in their all-time favorite color, whether it’s green, blue, or hot pink.

    Gerbera Daisies

    Gerbera Daisies are a year-round favorite because they also come in a wide range of colors and are one of the longest-lasting flowers. They naturally bloom in many fall colors like red, yellow, and orange, but you can also find them in pink, purple, and more. You can go with anything from to a bright yellow and orange spray of roses and daisies to  a cornucopia bursting with flowers to a basket with a distinctly autumnal touch.

    No matter what you choose, there’s a perfect fall flower arrangement to wish all the Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius birthdays in your life a very special day.

  • How to Create Your Own Floral Dish Garden With Seasonal Plants

    dish garden

    Designing dish gardens brings the outdoor lush greenery into the home for a natural décor and stylized statement. But creating these artistic pieces involves more than just picking random plants and flowers and planting them in any old container. A dish garden should accessorize an area and add ambiance to the home.

    Choose a dish or bowl that accentuates and complements the room’s design and color scheme. Dishes that create a pop of contrasting color immediately command interest and direct attention to the garden. Patterned pots or dishes work well, but just be sure they don’t clash with the existing style of the room. Many also choose dishes that blend with earthy undertones as a means to allow more colorful flowers and plants to serve as the focal centerpiece of a room or table.

    The plants and flowers chosen are just as important as the dish that nurtures them. When taking greenery indoors, the seasons still provide the direction as to plant type selection. Choosing tulips in fall dish displays or adding Holly or winterberry in summer dish gardens would look completely out of touch. In-season blooms and shoots must direct the garden’s composition—even indoors. And, yes, please mix greenery with bold flowers!

    Fall Foliage

    dish garden

    Autumn officially begins in less than a month. Selecting plants and flowers for fall dish gardens should begin as soon as possible. For fall décor, choose in-season plants that also feature blooms in bold and rich autumn hues. Think oranges, reds, warm yellows. Stay away from any hues that reflect warmer months—like pastels or tropical inspired arrangements.

    Unsure what to select for fall? Bold orange and red mums echo the colors of fall leaves. Mix in a few hearty succulents. Chinese Lanterns are an unusual and amazing centerpiece plant—but beware, the berries are poisonous.

    Snapdragons also are a great fall choice, but like many larger plants, these need to have a large pot for thriving. But large dishes and creative containers may easily be discovered at flea markets, thrift stores or even local discount stores for reasonable prices. Larger dish gardens and the plants within look best as corner pieces in a room. The bigger and bolder choices aren’t designed for tabletop décor!

    For those thinking on the smaller end of the garden size, plant a succulent centered dish garden. These plants come in all sizes, so pair up small and medium chubby succulents for a green masterpiece.

    Winter Wonderland

    dish garden

    Not much blooms outdoors during the cold winter months, but indoors has fewer limitations. With the climate controlled environment, there are many more options to create an ideal and beautiful dish garden.

    Succulents, again, reign supreme. However, these plants aren’t all about the greenery. Some succulents offer beautiful flowers during the winter. Try incorporating the Christmas Cactus or the Crown of Thorns for a little touch of color to your winter garden. For a festive holiday dish garden, plant holly berries next to succulents or plant poinsettias (which are part of the succulent family) with other succulents like the Snake Plant. And integrating small evergreens like the Norfolk Island Pine create an extra festive display.

    Want to ‘go green?’ Choose succulents like the Aloe Vera plant matched up with vine-inspired succulents like Burro’s Tail. When pairing plants together during the winter months, make sure you match up varieties that need the same amount of water and light. Don’t pair a light-loving plant like Poinsettia with a plant that needs more shade.

    When selecting dishes for winter month gardens, don’t be afraid to embrace the holidays…especially if a garden is themed for this festive time. Opt for bold red, blue and silver dishes and include decorative elements within the dish for a touch of whimsy.

    Spring Splendour

    dish garden

    During springtime, many choose to take their dish gardens outdoors to create an amazing backyard bounty of plants and flowers. Large dishes and pots give backyard porches and patios an instant decorative update. But if you’re taking the arrangements back into nature, be prepared to plant appropriately.

    Where you live dictates what you plant. For areas of the country that are experiencing a typical spring, this is the ideal time to plant traditional spring flowers and greenery. Succulents are hearty additions to almost any dish garden—indoor or out—but this season pair them with flowers…or let them shine solo.

    For a succulent-centric spring dish garden, we love Hens-and-Chicks. This type of succulent looks like flowers and flourish with leaves that resemble beautiful petals. Hens-and-Chicks come in many varieties—and colors—to create an amazing outdoor dish garden. Feel free to add in small aloe vera plants, too.

    For flowers, plant mums and daisies in various colors for a beautiful vibrant mix. Or choose other spring favorites. There are so many available, but just make sure that your pairings have the same light and water needs. Even for spring dish gardens, partnering plants requires a bit of research.

    Indoor gardens also can bring spring into the home. Yes, you can plant tulips for an indoor bloom. Add lovely greenery alongside these popular spring flowers. And spring tulips look amazing in baskets.  With Easter traditionally celebrated during this season, baskets are a suitable—and festive—planter option. Remember a dish can be whatever you choose! Baskets, bowls, large oversized mugs, heavy planters…anything goes.

    Summer Sensations

    dish garden

    Summer, like spring, offers many beautiful choices. But if you’re living in a dry climate, we say embrace the dry heat…with cacti. These need very little maintenance and are a sleek and unique plant for indoors or out. They pair well with most other succulents.

    Bonsai gardens also add an Asian beauty to the home. Beware, though, bonsai trees can be a little fastidious and do require tentative care. Plant these tiny trees in stone dishes or planters, and keep bonsais together. Don’t interject other plant types. Embrace a meditative vibe for this soothing garden by integrating touch stones with optimistic messages.

    For gardeners keeping their potted beauties outdoors, select flowers in hot summer hues. Bright pinks, purples and fiery reds showcase the season. Also, remember to feed the bees by planting many flowering beauties that attract their buzzing attention and urge them to visit your garden. Bees love daisies and marigolds! However, bluebells and lavender also make lovely bee magnets.

    DIY floral dish gardens are an ideal and easy way to add colorful and natural beauty to your home. During fall and winter create colorful gardens indoors that reflect the seasonal colors and festive traditions. But spring and summer months allow gardeners to take their dish décor to the patio or deck for an amazing lush ambiance.

    No matter where you choose to place your dish garden, always make sure to pair plants and flowers with similar water and light needs--the right amount of water and sunlight is key to any plant’s survival and optimal beauty.  Choose a container for your garden that complements your room décor or pops against the interior’s hues…however, there are no rules for what containers to choose. Bowls, dishes, baskets all make unique garden choices. What you choose to house your plants in is limited only by your style and imagination.

  • Flower-pedia: 10 Peony Facts That Will Surprise You

    peony facts

    Ever since the explorer Marco Polo referred to the magnificent peonies as, “Roses as large as cabbages,” Westerners have been fascinated with the beautiful and fragrant flower. Peonies are used in weddings and as a colorful accent to many floral arrangements. People have written about them and their uses for thousands of years, so it’s no surprise to know that there are a lot of interesting peony facts about these gorgeous blooms.

    Whether you plan on planting some in your garden, taking a picture or painting of them, or simply learning something new about them, here are 10 peony facts, just for you!

    1. Peonies are native to Asia, where they were cultivated for their many useful properties. They were brought to Europe in 1200 CE, and can still be found growing wild in some places.

    1. Peonies are the floral symbol of China and are displayed often in arrangements representing the country. This flower symbolizes riches and honour in Chinese culture and is frequently seen in Chinese art.

    1. Peonies are the traditional 12th wedding anniversary flower. Besides linen and silk, celebrate your 12th wedding anniversary with a peony bush to grow in the yard. This can commemorate the years you have ahead of you.

    1. Peonies come in every color but blue. Some of the blooms smell more fragrant than others. Look for lighter-colored blooms, such as pink, white or yellow, for the most scent, but peonies also come in maroon, red, and even multi-colored.

      peony facts

    1. Peonies are associated with good luck and good fortune. This is why they are used in many wedding bouquets, and also in pictures and other good-luck shrines.

    1. Peonies are the state flower of Indiana. That’s perfect, because they thrive in the Midwest climate. The state failed to choose a color for their state flower, though, so any peony goes!

    1. Peonies bloom in late spring or early summer in climates with cold winters. The best time to plant is in the fall, before the winter frost hardens the ground. The blooms can be as big as 10” in diameter, and the plant can grow to almost 10 feet in height!

    1. Peonies have a lot of medicinal uses. They have been used to treat maladies such as headaches and asthma, as well as to help mothers giving birth. A surprising peony fact is that there are ancient writings which discuss the medicinal uses of peonies and recipes that include them!

      peony facts

    1. Peony petals are edible! And not just as a garnish, either. In China, the petals can be boiled into tea or added into a salad.

    1. Peonies have been known to attract ants. While that sounds like a nuisance, the ants actually help the peonies pollinate and produce nectar. That doesn’t mean you need ants for a successful peony garden. Peonies will bloom without them, so you can plant ant-repelling insects around them and your peonies will be fine.

    Learning these peony facts can help you perfect your garden and find great uses for your blooming peonies. Whether you choose to use them in a bouquet, decorate with them, or even just have pictures and sculptures of them in your house, peonies are a flower that can add beauty and joy to your day!

  • How To Turn Your Summer Flowers Into Dried Flower Wreaths

    dried flower wreaths

    Summer ending doesn’t mean your summer flowers have to go with it! Dried flowers are a popular material for crafts, and you can use crafting techniques to keep them lasting through any season.

    Dried flower wreaths aren’t just for Christmas, either. While many people think of poinsettias and evergreen when the word “wreath” comes up, wreaths have been used to decorate for every season and with every type of flower conceivable (check out this tropical flower wreath). Seasonal flowers make beautiful wreaths that can last year round.

    dried flower wreaths

    Summer Flowers to Use

    It is important to know exactly which flowers you are going to be drying for your wreath. Some flowers can be dried more easily than others, so knowing which flowers you want to use will help you research what techniques you are going to need in order to dry them for preservation. Here are some summer flowers that are really great for drying for crafts:

    • Gomphrena: this round flower offers a variety of colors, from reds and yellows to lavender and white. What a wide variety of colors to use for your wreath!

    • Celosia: there are a lot of different types of celosia, and a lot of different colors to choose from. Whether the more floral appearance of Cockcomb celosia or the more wispy look of Flamingo Feathered celosia, there is definitely a look that will give your wreath flare!

    • Statice/German statice: this floral bud comes in many bright colors, and the German bloom looks like lace!

    • Artemisia annua: this plant is more of a garnish than a flower, but can be easily used to compliment the flowers on your wreath!

    • Victoria blue salvia: these tiny flowers grow in a spike and really are blue, adding a flash of unique color to your wreath!

      dried flower wreaths

    Drying the Flowers

    No matter what kind of flower you are trying to prepare for your wreath, it will take time and planning ahead to do so. Drying flowers in the bulk required to make a wreath takes time! Hardier flowers can be dried using simpler methods, but the more fragile the flower, the more complicated the process can get. If you are willing to take the time for these more easily broken flowers, they can be used to make beautiful wreaths!

    • Some flowers can simply be bundled and air-dried; this is best done by hanging them from an overhead rafter or some kind of rack. The flowers need to hang freely, and the room should be well vented to prevent mold and dust from gathering on them as they dry.

    • Other flowers are more delicate and require more intricate techniques.

      • Sand can be poured around flowers laid bloom-down in a container

      • Desiccants, such as silica gel or cornmeal, can also be used on more delicate flowers to keep them from being damaged.

      • Glycerine absorbed through the stem can dry and preserve the flower from the inside.

      • Cat litter is absorbent and used for more than just the kitties. Mechanics use cat litter in their shops to clean up oil spills, and it can also be used to help dry your flowers one at a time in the microwave!

        dried flower wreaths

    Other Materials

    What will you use for a frame? Many craft stores sell plain pre-made wreaths for decorating, which can be used as a base. Some people get creative with their base, either making it themselves or using a base of an untraditional shape, such as a picture frame.

    Time is important to consider. Even if you get your dried flowers from elsewhere, actually assembling a wreath might take a couple of hours. Depending on your flowers or other materials, it could take longer or need to be finished in one sitting.

    Other materials might include a glue gun and sticks for it, decorative items such as glitter, tinsel, and non-floral garnishes (toys, ornaments, or even key fobs), and your imagination!

    dried flower wreaths

    Tying the Wreath

    The most common method of making a wreath is by tying the flowers onto a frame. This is accomplished by affixing them with yarn, twine, or wire, but the technique varies based on what sort of frame and flowers you choose.

    Some frames are made with wire, while others are made from hay, styrofoam, and even other plants. This video suggests using a hay one, which takes up a lot of the space that would otherwise be used by flower stems; the advantage of this is that you don’t need as many flowers. In contrast, here is a video that uses wire frames, which is great if your stems are thick or you have a lot of flowers.

    As you can see from both videos, tying the flowers onto the wreath is done in small bunches, one bouquet at a time. Yarn makes a very good material to tie flowers with because it is soft and won’t damage the flowers. Whether you use one long piece and wrap it around the wreath incrementally in the first video, or use separate pieces for each bunch like in the second, this method takes a lot of time and patience. It pays off, though, with a beautiful floral wreath!

    With some flowers or frames, you may want to consider glueing rather than tying. This is especially true for larger flowers that are harder to tie on, or have stems that don’t dry well. Flat flowers like daisies and odd-shaped flowers like dahlias may need this treatment to stay on the wreath, and flowers dried using the glycerine technique may also need glueing due to their weight. The frame should be smooth enough for glue to say, and all you need is a hot glue gun.

    dried flower wreaths

    Garnishes for the Wreath

    Garnishes might also be tied or glued on, but consider the flowers you are garnishing in this decision. Some flowers might get damaged by the glue, while others might get damaged from heavy items being tied on.

    During Christmas, we see ornaments on wreaths, but seasonal wreaths might have berries, autumn leaves, nuts, little toys, candies (or faux candies) or anything else you want. Fourth of July wreaths might have little flags on them while a dried flower wreath for a classroom might have pencils, school busses, and other back-to-school items. Whatever the theme of the wreath, be as selective of how you affix any ornaments as you were of how you secured the flowers.

    Making your very own dried flower wreath is really easy! It’s a great craft to do with kids, with friends, or by yourself, and it gives you another use for all those beautiful flowers.

    Got more flowers than you need? Dried flower wreaths can also make a thoughtful gift or a great decoration for a party or gathering. Making it yourself gives it that personal touch that makes us all feel great!

  • Flowers to Use for a Brighten Your Day Bouquet

    Sending flowers is a great way to say “I love you,” “I hope you get well soon,” “I’m sorry,” or “Congratulations!” But, you don’t have to wait for a certain occasion to send someone flowers. Why not send a bouquet of beautiful flowers just to put a smile on someone’s face? Here are some of the best flowers to include in a brighten your day bouquet:

    brighten your day bouquet


    These unique-looking flowers come in a wide range of colors, including white, pink, red, orange, and purple. Regardless of which color you include in the bouquet, these flowers are sure to brighten the recipient’s day because of their sweet, soothing scent. In fact, many people take a whiff of geranium essential oils when they need to relieve stress. Send these flowers to someone who could use a little pick-me-up.


    Orchids are one of the most elegant flowers in existence. People love receiving orchids because of their beautiful colors and long-lasting flowers. Plus, orchids are known to boost positive energy in the room, which is why so many Feng Shui experts incorporate potted orchids into their interior design plans. Don’t forget to include orchids in the brighten your day bouquet that you send to someone who could desperately use a boost of positive energy in their lives.

    brighten your day bouquet

    Lily of the Valley

    The lily of the valley is a white, unusual looking flower that will be sure to take someone’s breath away when included in a floral arrangement. As a matter of fact, garden expert David Domoney conducted a study to identify the plants that make people the happiest, and lily of the valley ranked at the top of the list. He asked the public to submit nominations, and then created an exhibit at the Chelsea Flower Show to display the top 20 plants. His team then closely monitored guests’ reactions and body language as they looked at each of the flowers. At the end of the study, Domoney concluded that no plant made people happier than lily of the valley.


    Roses are often included in floral arrangements, not only because they’re beautiful, but also because they have the power to lift people’s spirits. A study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology revealed that people who smelled or gazed at roses reported higher levels of happiness and comfort than people who were not exposed to the flowers. Therefore, sending a bouquet of roses is the perfect way to brighten someone’s day.

    brighten your day bouquet


    The sunflower is one of the most recognizable flowers in the world. Regardless of where you live, you are probably familiar with the vibrant colors and tall stalks of the sunflower. These flowers are just as bright and cheery as the summer sun, which is why they are known to bring joy and happiness to anyone who lays their eyes upon them.

    The next time a friend or family member is having a bad day, take a look at this list so you can remember which flowers you should send to brighten someone’s day!

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