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  • The Benefits of Flowers to Your Home Spa


    Spring is in the air and flowers are blooming everywhere, which makes it even more enticing when they become a part of our everyday lives. We don’t need special occasions like a wedding or an excuse to get out of the doghouse, to enjoy everything these beautiful blossoms have to offer.

    Who doesn’t love enjoying some quality time away with our gal pals? While a girl’s night out is certainly a great way to spend memorable moments with our favorite BFF’s, a spa night at home is an excellent alternative to hitting the bar scene.

    Rather than going out to an expensive spa, instead we can chill at home with our closest friends while we pamper ourselves in the presence of some fresh flowers and breathe in this type of natural aromatherapy.

    Benefits From These Blossoms

    Back in the sixties, during the time of peaceful protests when “flower power” and free love was all the rage, it was for a very good reason. Science is now sharing with us that these blooms have a number of different health benefits including a sense of overall relaxation and a calming effect. In fact, studies show that simply viewing roses can be an instant stress reliever.

    For example, in hospital settings, when patients with floral arrangements are present in their rooms, they needed less postoperative pain medication delivered to them. They also had much lower blood pressure and reduced pulse rates compared to those without the presence of these floral arrangements during the time of their recovery.

    Scents And Sensibility

    Similar research has shown that placing plants and flowers inside homes and workspaces leads to more creativity overall, better cognitive performance, puts us into a much better mood while providing us with more oxygen delivered into these spaces. So, what’s not to love?

    Speaking of love, roses have always had a strong tie to being a sign of love and commitment, while their scent is certainly enjoyable, after all, by any other name, it would smell just as sweet. Other scents from some of these flowering plants, like lavender for example, have proven to be beneficial for a number of different dilemmas. Their aroma gives people relief from anxiety, depression and restless moods. This makes them a perfect addition to any spa-like environment.


    Mood Alteration and Fascination

    Plants, flowers, their blossoms, buds and fragrances are all beneficial to us in many different ways. Whether we’re enjoying them in the great outdoors or bringing them into our indoor spaces, they grace us with benefits that are worth exploring and embracing.

    Aromatherapy is another reason that adding flowers to your home spa is key! Mixing flower scents with essential oils can help create the atmosphere. Be selective about which flowers you bring into your home spa, that agree with your allergies, and make you feel more relaxed overall.

    Taking Care of Your Home Spa Flowers

    You want your flowers to last as long as possible--after all, your home spa is not a one stop shop! There are a few tricks to making sure flowers stay fresh, such as:

    • Recut their stems. If you recut the steps at a sharper angle, flowers will more easily be able to take up water.

    • Change the water. With fresh water, you have fresh flowers. Water that has been sitting for too long with debris may pick up bacteria.

    • Control temperature. When you’re not using the sauna, make sure that the temperature you are storing the flowers is between 62 and 70 degrees.

    Flowers are beautiful no matter what part of your home you add it to. Whether you have a home sauna or jacuzzi, flowers can undoubtedly improve the look and feel of your home spa. Choose what’s in season, what you find beautiful, or just what’s recommended from your favorite florist. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

  • How to Pull Yourself Out of the DogHouse With Your Spouse


    We’ve all been there -- gotten into a petty argument with our spouse because we’re tired or irritable; forgotten an anniversary or birthday; or maybe just been a bad listener or not pulling our weight in chores or household responsibilities. There are plenty of ways to find yourself in the doghouse with your spouse (and to varying degrees of trouble).

    But, luckily, there are just as many ways to pull yourself back out -- the size of the gesture and seriousness of your apology will depend on how badly you messed up. Remember, whether you deserve your place in the doghouse, being the one to take the blame and apologize will ensure a long and happy relationship.

    Here are some ways to get yourself out of the doghouse:



    Everyone loves to receive flowers -- they’re a beautiful symbol of your love and commitment. You can go traditional and send a bouquet of red roses or get personal and send an arrangement that is uniquely tailored to your spouse.

    If you really want to get creative and send a lasting gift, consider giving flowers or a plant in a pot that your spouse can replant. Turn your relationship drama into a lasting and beautiful memory of your love. Flowers are the ideal apology because your spouse will think of you every time they look at the bouquet (Bonus Points: If you send them to the office, they have a reason to brag to their coworkers about what a wonderful partner you are). They’re a small gesture, but flowers can a long way.

    Date Night

    You may not realize it but maybe your issues or your spouse’s anger stem from not having enough time together. A lot of people find that they end up in the dog house when they’re overwhelmed with work, taking care of the kids, etc. If this is the case, plan a special night out for both of you.

    Plan a trip to the movies or the theater (especially if you haven’t been in ages), visit a new or favorite restaurant, or do something really over-the-top like going dancing or taking a romantic picnic in the park or a trip to the beach. If you have kids, take care of all the babysitter arrangements so your spouse doesn’t have to do it.

    Plan the perfect romantic evening for the two of you where you can enjoy each other’s company and your spouse doesn’t have to lift a finger to make it happen -- bonus points if you find ways throughout the evening to delight and surprise them. You can make date night extra special by including the previous two tips:  a date plus flowers and an outpouring of physical affection is sure to be a fast train out of the doghouse.


    Do a Little Extra Around the House

    Yes, our lives our busy, but if you forget to take out the trash, fold your laundry, wash your dishes, or even pick up some extra groceries on the way home, it may send your overwhelmed spouse into a tailspin. If this is what got you into the doghouse in the first place, don’t only do your chores, take over some of theirs.

    If they come home to find the dishes done, the kitchen sparkling clean, and the living room vacuumed, imagine their gratitude. Go the extra mile and fold and put away their laundry or put clean linen on the bed and leave a mint (or flowers and chocolate!) on their pillow.

    Cook Their Favorite Meal

    For many of us, the path to our hearts is through our stomachs. And nothing is better than our favorite home-cooked meal. If you want to get out of the doghouse, spend some time slaving away in the kitchen perfecting the most tantalizing meal for your spouse.

    Really go all out -- open an expensive bottle of wine, make them delectable appetizers, prepare their favorite entree, and don’t forget to include a mouth-watering dessert. If you take the time to make a meal and present it to them in a beautiful setting at home, they won’t be able to resist forgiving you. Make it even better by making sure the kitchen is spotless when you’re done.


    Write a Heartfelt Apology Letter

    Maybe you need to apologize for something in particular or just have trouble expressing yourself verbally. Write your spouse a letter that tells them how much you apologize for whatever got you in the doghouse.

    Don’t stop with an apology--write them a letter recounting how much you love them and why; share stories of your favorite memories together, writing down every detail of special moments together; or take it a step further and write a poem. Make a list of all the reasons your spouse makes your heart go boom.

    A handwritten letter shows not only that you are thinking about your spouse, but that you are willing to take the time to record your feelings for them. It will be a beautiful keepsake for your spouse to pull out and read anytime you hit a rough spot -- therefore, writing a letter could have the potential to get your out of the doghouse multiple times in one go.

    Make a Big Romantic Gesture

    If you’ve really messed up and you need to do something big to get yourself out of the doghouse, then consider a romantic gesture. The best thing about romantic gestures is they need not be huge or expensive, but merely something sweet and thoughtful.

    Pull a classic “Say Anything” and serenade them with a boombox and their favorite song when they come downstairs in the morning. Create a romantic scavenger hunt (maybe even use a trail of flower petals) that ends in an apology (if you really messed up, maybe be waiting with a present like jewelry or something sweet). Do something silly like spelling out “I’m Sorry” on their car with food. If you go over the top with a romantic gesture, your spouse won’t be able to resist being disarmed and accepting your apology.

    There are countless reasons we end up in the doghouse. If you find yourself there, try one of these tried and true methods to turn an apology into a special memory with your spouse.

  • Decorating with Flora? Follow These Flower Do's & Dont's!


    Flowers are one of the most beautiful ways to decorate your home. With the approach of spring, there’s no better time to add some flora to your apartment or home to beautify your living space and add a touch of color and joy to your surroundings. Here are some tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts for decorating your house with floral arrangements.

    Do Consider Placement and Color when Using Living Plants

    If you are using live flowers to decorate your home, be sure to consider where in the space and the colors of the flowers you select. Live flowers are always a wonderful choice as according to the principles of feng shui, they bring a strong healing energy.


    There are important principles to consider when decorating a room -- it could be as simple as picking subdued, soft blooms when decorating your bedroom to create a calming, relaxing space for sleep. However, there are deeper factors at work. Decorate the northwest corner, known as the “prosperity quadrant” of a space with flowers to encourage wealth to grow! This is especially potent if you use chrysanthemums.

    If you’re looking to spice up your love life, consider putting peonies in your bedroom or the top right corner of a room as they promote love and romance. Place orchids in your living room to promote good fortune in your entire household-- this is especially powerful if you’re hoping for a raise or a career move. If you have a home office, you can use a lotus to assure knowledge and harmony, while a hydrangea will help the creative juices flow. Flowers can be linked to increasing energy and compassion when used in home decorating.


    The exact type and placement of bloom is crucial, but don’t forget the role of color. If you already have a distinct color scheme in your home or a particular room, select blooms that will complement the existing design, rather than ones that might clash.

    Don’t be afraid to go monochromatic (one color) or mono-botanic (one type of flower) if that’s what works best in the space. Blues and greens are soothing, tranquil shades, while bright reds and oranges promote a more intense energy and a sensual environment. If you want a nurturing bloom, opt for shades of yellow and peach, while pinks and lavenders will lend a romantic vibe to any space.

    Don’t Buy Store-Bought Flowers if You Can Help It

    Conventionally grown flowers that you might find at the grocery store are not only potentially expensive, but also a likely detriment to the environment. They may even be harmful to your health if the florist or the company who grew the flowers used dangerous pesticides or chemicals to keep the flowers fresh and safe from various insects, etc.

    You can easily source locally-grown organic flowers or find an eco-friendly florist.


    Do Take Into Account the Room You’re Decorating

    The space you choose to place flowers has a big impact on their efficacy. Be sure to place them in high traffic areas, like a foyer, so that everyone who enters your home can enjoy them. The kitchen and dining table are the centers of the home, so if you have to choose one spot for a floral arrangement, those are the perfect option. If you’re in an expansive space such as an airy room or a large entryway, focus on big blooms like hydrangeas or lilies that can fill the space and draw the eye. Don’t neglect unexpected areas like a bedroom or bathroom.

    A bedside table can be a lovely place for a bouquet and a beautiful way to start and end your day -- tea roses, lilies, and freesias are all wonderfully fragrant choices to act as natural air fresheners in these living spaces. You may wish to stick to more tranquil, soothing tones in the bedroom and bathroom as these are often places in our home where we seek rest or prepare for sleep.


    If you’re decorating the dining room, don’t limit yourself to a centerpiece -- you can line a table runner with smaller arrangements or decorate each place setting with a single flower. A bright and eye-catching bouquet is a great accent in an entryway, but be willing to shake this up -- place a basket with a fresh garden bouquet on a table or make a wreath for the front door from fresh flowers.

    In the kitchen, you can get more practical, lining a windowsill with potted herbs and sun-hungry flowers. If you have a fireplace in your living room or family room, use seasonal floral arrangements to brighten up the hearth in the spring and summer when you’re not using it. If you have a home office, you may want to shake things up and plan a “nature break” for yourself with a fern, potted plant, or some other greenery.

    Don’t Stick to Tradition

    When choosing floral decor for your home, you don’t have to stick to traditional bouquets and blooms. You can float blooms in bowls and glasses of water and include other decorative elements like floating candles to create a unique arrangement. More importantly, use all kinds of plant life.


    Take the springtime cherry blossoms out of the garden and use them as a stunning rarely seen indoor bouquet -- it will look like you have a mini tree in bloom in your home. Surround or stuff a vase with freshly cut citrus -- lemons, limes, and oranges -- for a zest of freshness and an unexpected pop of color. If you really want to do something different, place single flowers in eggshells for a fresh take on arranging. Instead of filling a vase with stems or water only, fill the bottom with shells, pebbles, and colorful rocks -- this will add an eye-catching accent to your arrangements. Twigs, pebbles, and dried flowers make stunning additions to arrangements -- you don’t need to rely on fresh blooms to do all the work.

    Do Use Anything As a Vase

    Do flowers look beautiful in a traditional glass or silver vase or a clay pot? Of course. But you can use the trappings of your home to create a vase from nearly anything that will result in a truly unique arrangement. If you’re in the yard, repurpose a watering can, an old pair of rain boots, or a wheelbarrow for your planting purposes. In the kitchen, use a soup tureen for a large arrangement or a coffee cup or tea cup for something lovely and dainty.


    Truly anything from an antique glass bottle to a basket to an empty tin can to a water pitcher can be the perfect vessel for your bouquet. The sky or the nearest empty jar, can, or bucket you have on hand is the limit when it comes to where to put your decorative flora!

    When it comes to using flowers in your home decorating, there really are no rules. But these do’s and dont’s will help you maximize the beauty and special energy of the blooms you choose. Once you know the style and space you want to decorate, you can start shopping for flowers!

  • Beautiful Flowers That Won't Bother Your Allergies


    It’s February and romance is in the air. As we creep into spring, we also approach gardening season, meaning you may be looking for some plants to beautify your living space. But if you’re someone who suffers from allergies that bouquet from your special someone or house plant for your windowsill could be more cringe-worthy than romantic.

    From a runny nose to a headache to itchy eyes and a sore throat, the symptoms of allergies are at best, annoying, and at worst, terribly painful and disruptive to your day. Those that suffer from them will do just about anything to avoid their triggers, which often means avoiding flowers and various blooms.

    But never fear, there are many floral arrangements that will look stunningly beautiful and keep you allergen free. From Azaleas to Zinnias, there’s a bloom for nearly every letter of the alphabet to help you send a flowery message of love or add a splash of color to your home without sending you to the allergist.

    The trick is to select flowers that contain both male and female parts within a single bloom -- this means they don’t require air travel to pollinate, which greatly reduces the number of allergens, particularly pollen, that they give off. If you want an in-depth breakdown of allergy-free gardening, check out OPALS, a plant-allergy scale which ranks flowers based on their allergenic potential. But in the meanwhile, here are some of our favorites allergy-friendly blooms:



    Coming in pinks, whites, and bright reds, Begonias are a hardy, beautiful bloom that are perfect for any season. As a flowering plant, begonias are renowned for their beautiful leaves as well as their floral blooms. They are small and perhaps not as glamorous as other choices, but if you want a sturdy house plant that won’t set you sneezing, they’re a perfect choice.

    Bulb Varieties

    Perfect for your garden as perennials that will return year after, bulb varieties also make for beautiful hypo-allergenic bouquets. Bulb varieties like crocus, tulips, and daffodils are beautiful, colorful, cheerful flowers with a relatively low airborne pollen count. Occasionally, the petals can cause a rash so be careful when handling them with bare hands if you’re super sensitive. Apart from that, they make for really stunning and unique floral arrangements that will leave your air passages free and clear.



    Not everyone wants a traditional bouquet of flowers -- many who suffer from allergies are looking for lovely flowers to beautify their home that won’t trigger their health concerns. Clematis is a beautiful climbing vine that comes in a wide variety of colors. If you’re looking for something to cover a trellis or grow up a wall, Clematis is a great allergy friendly choice. This will not only protect your health, but ensure any sensitive guests in your home aren’t triggered as well.


    Though less well-known, hostas are a great choice for your desk because they’re unscented, which means they’ll never bother you or any of your coworkers. This also makes them one of the best choices for allergy sufferers. The flowers are gorgeous with an exterior bloom that ranges from white to chartreuse to gold and a smaller interior flower that commonly blooms in pale violet or white.



    Blooming in waves, geraniums offer you an abundance of color throughout the seasons. Available in everything from bright blue to pink to purple to red to white, geraniums look great in a hanging basket or flower pots. They’re easy to find and sturdy, so they can provide a dash of allergy-free color to your home no matter where you live.


    One of the most popular and versatile flowers out there, hydrangeas are having a major moment as a popular wedding flower for centerpieces and bouquets alike. Allergic Living cites them as one of the most allergy friendly blooms, which means no matter whether you use them for a decorative craft or a romantic bouquet, they’ll please even the most sensitive of people. Most commonly, they come in pink, blue, white, and purple, but you can find them in nearly any color of the rainbow. Their rich color and wide blooms make them a naturally lush and romantic flower.



    Mums have no stamens. No stamen equals no pollen, making them a dream flower for those who suffer from intense allergies to the airborne trigger. Anyone with an allergy will tell you that pollen is their worst enemy, so mums are an ideal choice for them. In addition to lacking pollen, mums have a really full selection of petals which makes them an absolutely stunning bloom.


    If you’re looking to add a splash of purple to your day, the Iris is the perfect choice. The flower takes its name from the Greek goddess of the rainbow and it’s purple and yellow blooms live up to the beauty of its namesake. They can actually come in a wide variety of colors, despite purple being the most popular variety, and their wide petals and small stamen keep their airborne pollen count low.


    Lilies can be a beautiful and luscious choice for bouquets, but be careful as some varietals are allergy-free and others are not. Be sure to select an Asiatic Lily that is certified allergy-free -- this will ensure that the bloom is both pollen-free (as are most lilies) and scent-free. Some lilies, such as the stargazer lily, have an intense fragrance, which can cause headaches among those sensitive to smell. So, though, lilies are a beautiful choice, be sure to select a varietal that you have verified is allergy free.



    Renowned for their beauty and as a symbol of romance, many are thrilled to learn that roses are a great choice for those who suffer from allergies. They are arguably the most famous and popular flower on the market (if also, expensive). Pollen particles on a rose are too large to be an issue for those affected by airborne allergies.

    They have a strong and alluring scent, which can cause hyper sensitive people to develop a headache, so just be careful when selecting them -- you may want to opt for a less fragrant rose if you or your partner is highly susceptible to smells.


    Not only are orchids a gorgeous allergy free flower, but they are a gift that keeps on giving. When an orchid starts to die, simply snip the flowers off and replant the stems -- you can have a lovely allergy free flower for years to come.



    These flowers, named for their resemblance to a dragon that opens and closes its mouth, are a tall, stocky plant that make a perfect addition to your flower bed. They are beloved for their rich and varied color from deep purples to hot pinks to bright orange to white. Because of genetic experimentation, many snapdragons cannot be fertilized by their own pollen, making them an allergy friendly flower.


    A fragile, delicate flower, they are more common as part of a flower bed than as a choice for a bouquet, but they are a lovely and versatile choice. Available in many color combos, pansies are a really unique and delightful choice that have essentially no pollen, making them a great hypoallergenic choice.


    With their lush and abundant petals, peonies are an extremely popular wedding choice -- they’re ideal for both centerpieces and bouquets and are guaranteed to not offend your guests. The petals are even a popular addition to punches, salads and lemonades, so they’re delectable on many levels. However, they can have a strong scent and generate a lot of nectar that is attractive to ants, so be aware of that when selecting them for someone particularly sensitive.



    Believed to be a symbol of love and fertility by the Ancient Greeks, violets are a small, purple perennial flower that make a nice accent in a bouquet or a lovely addition to your garden. They make stunning houseplants and are also popular as a candied delicacy -- their popularity as a food indicate that they are an allergy friendly flower. Many types of violets are also scentless which make them a great choice for even the most sensitive people.

    If you suffer from allergies, there are still many flowers you can choose for a bouquet or to plant in your garden. Avoid flowers that are bad triggers such as chrysanthemums, daisies, and ordinary sunflowers, but rejoice in the myriad of beautiful and diverse flowers you can enjoy in life.

  • The History of Mother's Day Flowers

    Did you ever wonder about the history of Mother's Day’s flowers?

    Spring is usually associated with the revival of nature – beautiful flourishing gardens and green landscapes come to most people’s minds when they hear the name of this season. But besides the adorable gardens, people often think about one of the most popular spring holydays – Mother’s Day. The founder of Mother’s Day is Anna Jarvis who was born in West Virginia and remained childless her whole life. This lady organized the first Mother’s Day celebration and used carnations which were the favorite flowers of her mother to honor everything mothers do for their children and for the society.

    mini carnations Lightly fragrant long lasting miniature carnations

    Anna Jarvis’s mother – Mrs. Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis inspired her to celebrate Mothers Day as she had often expressed her wish to honor all mothers’ contributions. So when Anna’s mother died in 1905, she decided to fulfill her desire and put an end to most American’s bad attitude to their moms. Carnations’ role in Mother’s Day begun when Anna sent 500 carnations to the church in West Virginia in honor of her mother. Mrs. Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis found carnations as darling garden care flowers so her daughter used them to symbolize her love and sorrow of her mother. People were so impressed that they supported Anna and start lobbying with her for Mother’s Day to be announced as an official holiday. After the holiday was declared in 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson florists and gardeners saw a great business opportunity and started selling excessive amounts of carnations a few days before the celebration. Anna Jarvis stood up against this practice and were really hurt by the commercialization of her mother’s favorite spring garden flowers. In 1923 she even tried to stop the celebration of Mother's Day by disturbing white carnations sellers, but eventually got arrested for her public order violation.


    standard carnation - mother's day flowers Carnations were the original symbol of Mother's Day

    Anna Jarvis undertook a campaign against the U.S. Postal Service’s stamp depicting white carnations that was published in the 1930s for Mother's Day. She wanted the words “Mother's Day” to be removed from the stamp, but did not have an objection about the carnations. Nowadays giving flowers for Mother's Day have become a traditional way for people to express gratitude for their mothers’ care, love and kindness. Carnations are still the most sought flowers for this holiday and have turned into its emblem. Their endurance and purity made them even more popular on Mother's Day. Gardeners cultivate new colors of carnations almost every year, but red, white and pink remain the most common ones. For instance, wearing a white carnation is to honor a deceased mother, wearing a pink carnation is to honor a living mother. The colored flowers are gifted to a living mother, while deceased mothers are most often honored with white carnations that people bring to their grave sites. In Japan, for example, red carnations are the typical Mother's Day flowers. In addition to the beautiful flowers, contemporary celebrations of Mother's Day including children serving breakfast in their mothers’ beds and giving them different types of gifts. This special day is very profitable not only for the gardening industry, but also for plenty of restaurants as families do not allow mom to cook the dinner.

  • The 5 personality traits for the perfect arrangement

    Did you ever wonder why some people love one flower arrangement, while others prefer a different one? Here are the 5 personality traits that can help you pick or design the perfect arrangement--

    Many years ago, the floral industry did research to determine the different personality traits that define consumers style purchases.  It was determined that we all fall into one of these categories-

    • Exotic
    • Dramatic
    • Natural/Outdoorsy
    • Romantic
    • Traditional

    We here at Kremp’s feel it is important to have selections to meet each of these desires.  None are exclusive of age, gender, geographic local or economic status.  In fact floral gifts can be made in each category for any price, any color and any size for any occasion.  Some examples of how these differ are the following:

    exotic personality trait Choose this arrangement for someone with exotic tastes!

    1. Exotic Most times these are bold colors, reds, yellows, oranges, purples and blues, with tropical flowers.  Anthurium, Birds of Paradise, Dendrobium orchids, Protea and “jungle like” foliage

    Dramatic arrangement of orchids for dramatic personality Arrangement of orchids for the person who loves the dramatic.

    2. Dramatic These arrangements are the ones that would conjure up feelings of a high style elegant party; bold lines, monochromatic colors such as all white, arrangements that focus your eye on individual “Dramatic” flowers such as Gardenias or Cymbidium orchids

    Sunflowers and daisies are perfect for the outdoor personality Casual and fun-- daisies and sunflowers!





    3. Natural/Outdoorsy This is somewhat self-explanatory; grasses, Sunflowers, Daisies, Snapdragons all arranged in an informal design

    romantic arrangement personality trait Nothing says romance like red roses!



    4. Romantic

    Although the most obvious choice here is Roses and there are so many great colors that can be used in addition to red, tulips convey this same feeling as will assorted flowers in soft shades of pink and lavender.

    Traditional personality Arrangement for Traditional mixed seasonal flowers in vase







    5. Traditional

    Here we have the category that covers most occasions and most people.  These are the arrangements that are designed with an assortment of seasonal flowers, usually in a round bouquet; red and white at Christmas time, yellow and orange for the fall and Thanksgiving, bright daffodils, iris and tulips in the spring and any number of varieties in the summer.

    As you scroll through our website you will see many options in each category.  Different occasions can warrant different designs.  If you are not certain as to the style preference of the recipient of your gift, feel certain that anything you select will make anyone “feel special”

  • The top 6 things to know about the Philadelphia Flower Show, before you go!

    This is Philadelphia Flower Show time!

    For most people living in the mid-Atlantic region, March is a bitter cold time of year often with snow on the ground and temperatures that make hibernation sound like a good thing.  But luckily for those within a reasonable distance of Philadelphia, there is something that takes place each and every year unlike any event anywhere else.  And that's The Philadelphia Flower Show.  There may be frozen rain and chilly temperatures outside.  But on the floor of the Pennsylvania Convention Center for nine days in March, you'll see nothing but nature's beauty, specimen plants, and flowers from all over the world.  Before you make your way to the show, remember these few important tidbits.

    BulbsinGarden Bulbs are blooming at the Philadelphia Flower Show!

    1- Bring a camera!

    You will be seeing thousands of gorgeous living flowers, plants, trees, shrubs and more.  And with all of them in perfect bloom at exactly the same time, this is not something you will see in your backyard!

    2- Check the theme.

    The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society does a magnificent job of coming up with an interesting and memorable theme for each year's show.  Previous themes included Articulture, Springtime in Paris and Jazz it up!  This year's theme is Explore America which focuses on our country's National Parks.  Knowing the theme in advance is a great way to build up excitement, anticipating what you may see at the show!

    Bonsai at Philadelphia Flower Show Bonsai can live for hundreds of years.

    3- Wear comfortable shoes.

    There's a lot to see which means there's a lot of walking.  But don't worry, there are plenty of seating areas throughout the show where you can take a break, enjoy a beverage, and plan what to check out next!  Your most comfortable pair of sneakers or shoes will be your best friend for the day.

    4- Don't forget the Marketplace!

    As you make your way through the show, you might wonder what all the bright lights and buzz is about at the far end of the room.  That's the marketplace!  You'll find everything from flowers to plants, sheds  to hoses, pictures to potpourri!  It's a nice change of pace during your stroll through the show and often a favorite for many show-goers.

    5- Take the train.

    Why worry about driving and parking when you can take the train?  The Jefferson train stop is literally in the basement.  You won't even have to set foot outside!  Simply go up the escalators and you'll be smelling the roses before you know it.  Talk about convenient!

    Philadelphia Flower Show Booth Be sure to see us at the Philadelphia Flower Show!

    6- Take a piece of the show home!

    After a day of seeing so much beauty, the last thing you want is to head home with no flowers.  I mean... it's called the Flower Show, right?  Luckily, the Flower Show is a great place to pick up the most gorgeous flowers at spectacular prices!  Every year, you are guaranteed to get a show special at one of the Kremp Florist booths.  Their roses are the favorite every year and when you see them in a rainbow of colors, you'll agree!


    We hope this information helps you enjoy the show to the fullest!  So with or without your green thumb, be sure to visit this year's Philadelphia Flower Show.  There's truly something for everyone!

  • Reap Rewards of Flowers & Plants in the Workplace

    There is no better change in the seasons like the weeks before spring. There’s heightened anticipation, not just of warmer weather, greener grass and longer days, but also for the season’s blooms! Its time to enjoy the rewards of flowers and plants-- in the workplace.

    rewards of flowers and plants What a work environment!

    Legendary professional golfer Walter Hagen is credited with the following, first published in his 1956 book, The Walter Hagen Story, "You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry. Don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way."

    It’s this sentimental wise advice that I feel as spring approaches. Spring brings a zealous sense of joy, a time when life slows down a tad and being present just comes a little more easily.

    Ironically, it is the same advice that I share with my customers every day on enjoying and reaping the rewards of flowers and plants. As Key Account Specialist at Kremp Florist, I work with our business clients supporting their floral, plant and gift giving needs. Many of which are looking to bring corporate flowers and plants into the workplace.

    reap rewards from flowers Flowers for a meeting

    It wasn’t just Walter Hagen’s eloquent cliché on life. There is plenty of research out there that proves that flowers can have a positive impact on our productivity, health and wellbeing … no matter what the season.

    reap rewards from plants in office This little spider plant has great powers toward productivity!

    Specifically, one recent study conducted at Texas A&M University found that while on the job, workers' idea generation, creative performance and problem solving skills improved substantially in a workplace environment that included flowers and plants. More creative thinkers and working harder … that’s pretty powerful! Talk about reaping the rewards of flowers and plants in the workplace!

    My customers looking for corporate flowers and office plants love another compelling study that showed that flowers are a natural and healthful moderator of moods.

    The evidence suggests that just being in the presence of flowers has an immediate impact on happiness, can help reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Study participants reported feeling less depressed, anxious and agitated in the presence of flowers, and demonstrated a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction. Now what CEO or Office Manager wouldn’t want that for their team!

    It was also found that simply having plants in the office can benefit ones health by improving air quality and removing certain toxins.

    Granted, Hagen had the luxury of working in the lushest plant and floral workplace environment ever, most likely in spring time temperature. It’s no surprise that his wellbeing and outlook on life was effected by his beautiful surroundings. Come to think of it, you’d think working at a florist might have some positive impact on my golf game. No such luck!

    Fortunately, no matter what the workplace environment or what the climate outdoors may be, by bringing in a pretty vase of blooms, or spreading out a few bright green ficus trees, you can reap the rewards of flowers and plants in the workplace and have an immediate positive effect in the staff’s productivity, health and wellbeing.

    With the help of Kremp Florist, every business can reap the rewards of flowers and office plants in their surroundings. If you are looking to enhance your space aesthetically and you want the added benefit of improving your staff’s creativity and productivity, contact me today, or 215-657-6702!


    Submitted by Laura Kremp, Key Account Specialist

  • Getting Ready for Spring

    Getting Ready For Spring! With deep snow and cold temperatures outside, it’s hard to believe that we will be out in the garden with dirt on our hands in no time. There’s no better way to beat cabin fever than to get a jump on planning the great things that you are going to do in your yard to get ready for spring. Grab a cup of coffee, curl up in front of the fire with your dog, a blanket and your ipad or laptop and start dreaming. Make getting ready for spring something that you look forward to each year.

    Remember that section of the yard that didn’t get as much sun as you thought it would where your petunias didn’t do so well? How about that hook on the porch where you couldn’t decide what to hang there and it stayed empty all summer? Where’s the best place to hang that birdhouse that your kids made for you at school?

    A really cute bird house help you getting ready for spring This hand made bird house is perfect for your garden and the visiting chickadees.

    The internet has all of the answers to questions about getting ready for spring and now is the time to find them. Start out by searching for answers to your specific questions and see where it takes you. You’ll not only find that petunias don’t do well in the shade, but also that there are countless options to bring color to that area that you never knew existed. That empty hanger? There are so many more options than the same old hanging baskets that you see on all of your neighbor’s porches. The birdhouse? What size is the hole on the house and what birds will use it? How high and where should it be hung so that the birds will find it an attractive place to call home?

    Every year, plant breeders release new improved varieties of all of your favorite plants, as well as brand new introductions that have never been available before. Whether it’s a new color of an old standby, a new trailing growth habit on a plant that has always grown upright or a hybrid that takes a shade plant and allows it to grow in full sun, you are sure to find something that will perfectly fit your needs. Some suggestions to make getting ready for spring easy: Draw a rough sketch of your gardens with dimensions and notes on sun exposure. Surf through garden sites to find what you would like to plant in each area and how many of each plants you will need. By putting a list together now you’ll spend less time reading labels and scratching your head at the store and more time planting the perfect garden.

    Getting ready for spring with beautiful hanging baskets Alyssum hanging baskets in gorgeous colors.

    Old standbys like fuchsias, geraniums and new guinea impatiens make for some great hanging baskets, but there are lots of exciting options available today. Names like lobularia, calibrachoa, portulaca and scaevola won’t be any more confusing or intimidating than impatiens, petunia or begonia if you take the time to learn about them now. You’ll find that there will almost certainly be plants that will out perform those same old duds that you stick there each year.

    You will feel a sense of accomplishment when that wren or chickadee starts checking out that house that you hung in that spot intending to specifically attract that bird. While learning about their housing preferences, take some time to research what the best food is to put out for them. You’ll find that suet and peanuts are often a better choice than plain old bird seed. A bird bath will likely attract as many birds as the feeders so find a good place for one of those too! Putting together a good plan now goes a long way towards getting the garden ready for spring. Take the time to figure things out now while youre stuck inside so that you can better enjoy being outside in a couple of months!

    Article submitted by Steve Kremp, Head Grower for Kremp Florist/Kremp Cutting Gardens and Greenhouses.

  • Chocolates Balloons and Teddy bears for Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day Latex Balloons

    So Valentine’s Day is coming your way like a freight train and you’re worried you don’t have what it takes to take it on? Fear not, we have what you need to make short work of all the preparations for the big day and what comes with it. This can be a great and truly romantic time around the year, but you will need to keep in mind that all of this will require you to be fully committed to the task if you want to have solid results and the perfect presents come Valentine’s Day. Sometimes simple actions and presents can make all the difference in the world, while in other cases you will need something stronger to make the right impression to your beloved. Everyone has different tastes, so we will cover some of the potential solutions you can make use of in the process:


    • Cooking that one amazing meal

    Regardless of being a man or a woman, chances are your beloved has a very specific favorite meal or a treat that is the path to their heart. Cooking their favorite meal could be the setup for the rest of the evening and you can make it a real special one indeed, but you don’t have to handle the job alone or deal with gardening just to pick those special spices and products – just take them out for dinner and have a nice and romantic evening. If you have access to a farmers market you can find some great produce grown with organic gardening techniques by experienced gardeners, which will taste a whole lot better than anything you find elsewhere.


    • Teddy Bears

    Something of a universal present, plushies are a time-honored tradition ever since Valentine’s Day became a commercialized holiday. You can use them to make a quick present matter, so just look for the perfect combination of plushies to make a difference.

    Cute teddy bear for Valentine's Day


    • Making it into a date

    Whether you go for a movie, theater or you want to spend some time alone together. Have your loved one figure out where they want to go and you will have a much better time together. If you do plan to make it a date, you should make sure you check out the local places you can visit together a few days ahead of time just in case, so you can make a reservation.


    • Flowers

    Well this is a classic solution, but one that will always be worth it. You can see about finding flowers grown with professional gardening techniques, so look for ones that will mirror the feelings you have but ones that also follow what your beloved likes as well. You would however do well to look for flowers that have been grown by gardening professionals.


    • Chocolates

    This is another time-tested and amazing gift you can use for pretty much any occasion. Grab a nice selection and see about enjoying it together. You can see about making it count by checking out multiple options  or you could even make some of your own.

    Chocolates for Valentine's Day

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