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  • Tips For Sending Flowers Online When You Can't Be With Your Family For The Holidays

    sending flowers online

    Going on vacation this holiday? Or maybe your relatives will be too far away this year to visit.

    Whatever the reason, the holiday season is upon us and you will not see loved ones during this time. How do you let them know you are thinking of them during the holidays?

    A phone call is nice, but many of the winter holidays are centered around gift-giving, even when your relatives don’t ask for anything. As a result, one of the best ways to tell a loved one you love them for the holidays is to send them flowers. They are beautiful and decorative, and can say “I love you” in many creative ways.

    The best way to send flowers these days is online. It’s easy and allows you to choose whatever flowers you like, without the restriction of what’s in stock at a brick-and-mortar store. Many online florists even have pre-arrangements they make themselves for specific occasions, making it easier for you to choose one that your loved one will enjoy. Here are some tips for sending flowers to your loved ones this holiday!

    Find an Online Florist

    When looking for a reliable online florist, think about who you are sending your flowers to. This is important because some florists, even online, don’t deliver where you might need them to. Shopping around at national florists can be the best way to find one you like, and one that delivers where you need them to. It also doesn’t hurt to look at their selection, distribution, and fair labor methods, if these qualities are important to you.

    Writing the Card

    While the bouquet says a lot, the card is what you would say to your loved ones. Careful consideration must go into what you say and how you say it, especially if there is an unfortunate reason, such as illness, that you will not see this loved one. There are a lot of websites out there that can help you figure out what to say, but remember that the card is your personal touch, and make sure it represents you!

    What Kind of Flowers?

    sending flowers online

    Winter Bright Vase

    This is a gift to another person, so consider them in your choice of flowers and arrangements. Will a nice centerpiece say the same as a vase or bouquet, or would that be impractical due to room constraints? Would a vase be more of a hazard than a gift? Will a flower that sheds create a nuisance, or does your family have pets that may be harmed if they eat the flower? Take your loved ones into consideration!

    Edibles and Flowers

    A creative way to send flowers to a loved one, especially someone who is allergic to actual flowers, is to send edible bouquets. Candy bar bouquets are a popular choice, but people have created arrangements with many types of foods, from fruit to bacon. Many holiday bouquets feature Christmas candies, such as candy canes and peppermints. Check with the online florist you choose to see if they offer these delicious gifts!

    Send Flowers Early

    Flower delivery is just as much based on availability as any other kind of delivery, and there are busy days for florists, too. It is a good idea to send your flowers a few days before the actual event. If you wait till the last minute, you might run the risk that your flowers do not get delivered in time for the holidays, but if you send them a few days early, not only will your loved ones have them for the holiday, but they get to enjoy them ahead of time!

    Sending flowers when you can’t be with loved ones for the holidays is the next best thing to actually being there. It is a thoughtful way of showing people you care about them. Now that you have some knowledge about how to send a bouquet to far away loved ones, the only thing left to do is find that perfect bouquet!

  • 10 Ideas For Funeral Flowers Arrangements When You Want Something Unique


    When you, a loved one, a friend, or a colleague is grieving, funeral flowers arrangements can be a perfect and simple way to honor a life. During this particularly difficult time, flowers can mean a lot of things. They can be sent in remembrance of the deceased as a decoration for their memorial service and in celebration of their life or sent directly to the home of the grieving as a means of expressing sympathy.

    Lilies, carnations, and roses are some of the most traditional blooms for funeral flowers arrangements, often in subdued and light colors like white and pale pink. If this is what you’re most comfortable sending, by all means do so; they are traditional and many find comfort in that. But if you want something more cheery, here are 10 options for different unique arrangements, including a few ideas for building custom arrangements.

    Peace Lily Plant

    If you want to be unique without going too far off the beaten path, consider sending a peace lily plant. It’s a different shape from the more traditional lily, but it still symbolizes many of the same things, including innocence and rebirth of the soul beyond the physical world.

    This is a perfect choice to send to a grieving coworker or friend at their home or office as sympathy because the plant is subtle and not overly flashy, making it a nice decoration for the home. Additionally, since it is a potted plant it will last much longer than a traditional arrangement and provide comfort for a longer period of time. Someone could even choose to replant it in their yard as a permanent reminder of their lost loved one.


    No matter the occasion, orchids are a distinctive and unique flower that show a thoughtfulness beyond more traditional arrangements. They are ideal for funerals because they mean “I will always love you,” a perfect way to signifier how mourners will always keep the deceased in their hearts.

    They come in a diversity of colors and are perfect for small to mid-size arrangements for a home or office. So if you’re sending a sympathy arrangement, consider making a custom design with this unique bloom.


    funeral flowers arrangements

    Chrysanthemums are a big, beautiful bloom that are perfect as the primary flower in a smaller arrangement or as just one of several featured blooms in a larger arrangement. They come in many colors, but particularly red and white, which symbolizes love and innocence respectively -- both ideal for remembering the passing of a loved one. In Europe and America, they represent sympathy, making them the perfect flower to send as a sympathy arrangement to someone’s home or office. They can also be a beautiful addition to a larger funeral arrangement. In Asia, they symbolize rebirth which can be a beautiful way of commemorating a loved one’s soul passing on to a place beyond this earthly realm.


    Hyacinths are doubly perfect for a unique custom funeral arrangement. Their bright, sometimes nearly neon, colors are a lovely way to send sympathy or celebrate someone’s life in a vibrant way that goes against the grain of the more subdued blooms often used in such arrangements. Whether you choose to have them be the dominant flower or add a pop of color to a more subdued bouquet, they are perfect for celebrating someone who lived a full and vibrant life.

    Gracious Lavender Basket

    Whether you’re sending a basket to someone’s home or for decoration at the funeral service, the gracious lavender basket is a beautiful, unique choice that allows you to step outside the box without pushing the envelope too much. The array of purple and lavender blooms is more meditative and respectful than more brightly colored arrangements, but it still adds a welcome pop of color in contrast to all white and light pink arrangements. The inclusion of larkspur, snapdragons, monte casino asters, and more elevates this beyond the typical bouquet of roses and carnations.

    All Things Bright Standing Spray


    If you want to send a funeral decoration that celebrates renewal and life, rather than focusing on remembrance and grief, this is the perfect option. The bright colors of yellow, orange, and pink will add a cheerful arrangement to the mix and celebrate the vibrancy of the deceased’s life. Switching up traditional white lilies for yellow is the perfect way to add a hint of originality to the common funereal bloom.

    Celebration of Life Standing Spray

    The name of this arrangement says it all! With its orange gladioli, pink asters, and yellow gerbera daisies, the celebration of life standing spray celebrates a colorful life well-lived. If you’re looking for something a bit traditional for funeral decorations, the roses and gladioli in this standing spray for church decoration are perfect. But the brightly colored blooms also express condolences in a cheerier fashion that is more celebratory than somber.

    Treasured Tribute Wreath


    If you want a truly unique way to commemorate someone at the service, this square treasured tribute wreath can be wholly one-of-a-kind. While it may look traditional, with white roses and lilies, it’s elegance makes it a standout for any funeral. The lush and vibrant greens make it more special than the traditional easel of flowers.

    Garden Floral Basket or Wreath

    Whether you opt for the basket or wreath, both of these arrangements are the perfect size to decorate both the funeral service and be taken home as a lasting tribute to a loved one. These are some of the most vibrant arrangements we offer with a mix of colorful, eye-catching gerbera daisies, roses, lilies, Peruvian lilies, spider mums, monte casino and more. If you’re looking to truly celebrate life and send sympathy that helps brighten someone’s spirits, you can’t get more cheery than these brightly colored arrangements in shades of hot pink, bright yellow, burnt orange, and more. The basket even comes with a colorful bow to bring the whole look together!

    Meadows of Memories


    Given that this arrangement is designed specifically to surround an urn, you might think it’s one best left to family members to select. However, this meadow of memories can be used to surround anything special commemorating the deceased, whether it’s photographs or items of particular import to the family. Shades of pink and purple lavender larkspur, roses, carnations and asters, plus, green cymbidium orchids and fuji chrysanthemums are a soothing, beautiful arrangement to create a stunning display to house special memories of the deceased.

    Funeral flowers arrangements are the perfect way to bring a little brightness as your loved ones struggle through the grieving process. Find one that expresses a celebration of life in a unique way or talk to an online florist about customizing your own original vision.

  • How to Find Flowers For a Funeral Online

    flowers for a funeral

    Ordering flowers online can be so overwhelming! Your loved ones are hurting and you want to find the perfect flowers for a funeral. Unfortunately, with so many options, it can be hard to choose.  What company should you order from? What type of arrangement is appropriate? What is the perfect type of flower?

    Step 1. Choose an Online Florist

    To help you choose which company to order flowers from, look into their customer service, online testimonials and reviews. During a funeral you have enough going on that you don’t want to be worried about whether your flowers will arrive on time.

    Make sure that you choose a reputable company so that you can rest assured that the correct flower arrangement will arrive in a timely manner. You also want to choose a company that has the quality you need and the support if you need to create a custom flower arrangement.

    flowers for a funeral

    Step 2. Choose a Floral Arrangement

    The next thing that you need to do is choose what type of floral arrangement you would like to order. Your relationship to the deceased individual is important because that dictates who you buy the flowers for and what type you order. If you are a direct family member, then you may need to buy a larger floral arrangement than someone who is a friend or peripherally related.

    There are a few different types of floral arrangements to choose from. A full-sized casket spray is generally used with a closed casket and a half-sized spray is used with an open casket. You can also choose an inside piece to fit in the casket. Outside of the casket, usually there is a series of standing sprays, funeral baskets and bouquets.  You will want to consider your budget when choosing a flower arrangement to order, because there is a wide range in prices associated with sprays.

    If you are indirectly related to the deceased individual or a friend of the deceased individual’s relative, you don’t need to buy flowers for the funeral itself. Instead you may want to order sympathy flowers for that friend. This can be a small bouquet or flower arrangement that is sent directly to your mourning friend or relative.

    Step 3. Choose Flower Species

    When deciding what type of flowers that you want to order, you need to think about your loved one’s personality and preferences. For example, someone who truly tried to enjoy every moment of life might have wanted something more colorful, where someone who appreciated formality might have appreciated something more somber.

    Flower types and colors also have specific symbolic meanings. For example, a lily represents innocence and the return of the departed’s soul. A red rose symbolizes love and a yellow rose symbolizes friendship. Glandoli’s represent strength of character and carnations symbolize remembrance and admiration.

    flowers for a funeral

    Step 4. Choose Shipping Destination

    Once you have chosen exactly what type of flower arrangement you want to order, you need to decide when and where you want it delivered. If you ordered flowers for the casket, you want them to arrive before any of the viewings. If you are ordering a small bouquet of flowers, you simply need them to arrive before the funeral is scheduled. Flowers that are supposed to go to a specific person aren’t in as much of a time crunch, but you want to make sure that they are delivered to that person’s home address instead of the funeral home. Depending on the floral service you choose, you can expect to have options from same day delivery to 2 day delivery.

    Funerals can be stressful, but ordering flowers does not have to be.  Find a dependable flower company with only a few clicks. Then you can find the perfect flowers for a funeral with only a few more. You can be thoughtful, caring and sensitive without even leaving your house.

  • DIY Wedding Bouquet for Winter Weddings

    diy wedding bouquet

    So you’re having a winter wedding and you’ve chosen to create a DIY wedding bouquet. You might think this limits your options because far fewer flowers bloom in the winter, naturally narrowing your selection. However, thanks to the magic of greenhouses and modern floral techniques, you can get a hold of just about anything you want at any time of year if you’re willing to pay for it.

    Here are some tips for making your very own winter wedding bouquet.

    Choosing the Right Flowers For Your DIY Wedding Bouquet


    Seasonal Arrangements and Accents

    Whether you just love the snow or the season holds special meaning for you and your future spouse or you’re obsessed with the holidays, you’ve chosen a winter wedding for a reason. So, naturally, you’ll want your arrangement to echo the love you have for winter.

    Color is key in the process. If you want to echo the colder, crisper temperatures of the winter in your bouquet, aim for an arrangement that features shades of emerald green, snowy white, icy blue, and deep burgundy. Jewel tones are always a great choice for winter arrangements, as well as deep, rich colors and icy blues/whites. Unless you’re specifically aiming for a holiday-themed wedding, try to select colors that convey your winter inspiration without specifically reading as holiday (so, for instance, don’t pair a lot of red and green together).

    White is often the most common color palette during winter, but you don’t have to go with stark colors—select blooms that have an “antique” white hue or branch out into creams, ivories, and pale blush shades. Silver and white can be an elegant way to combine the icy tones of winter in a bouquet. Silver leaves and ribbon can make the perfect accent for a collection of white blues if you want something that is the ultimate in wintry tones.

    If you want to add some wintry touches without going full winter wonderland, considering opting for winter themed accents that enhance whatever blooms you’ve selected. These could include evergreen sprigs, berries, acorns, dried cotton, and more. Pussy willow branches are another great wintry options, as well as white tipped pinecones, mistletoe, marabou feathers, blue-gray juniper boughs, and sage green lamb’s ear. There are so many ways to transform a generic bouquet into a winter wonderland with just a few well-placed accents.

    Whether you’re having a formal affair that calls for red and white roses or a more rustic gathering that is the perfect environment for some icy blue blooms and evergreen sprigs, there’s a winter bouquet perfect for your affair.

    diy wedding bouquet

    In Season Blooms

    Of course, you may prefer to stick with wedding flowers that are in season around the time of your wedding. Generally, it’s a cheaper option as they will be easier to get and not require transportation over long distances. Amaryllis, anemone, camellias, casablanca lilies, forget-me-nots, french tulips, gardenias, holly, jasmine, orchids, mini gerberas, narcissus paper whites, poinsettias, and roses are all seasonal flowers that are lovely choices for a winter wedding.

    Some, like poinsettias and red roses, are more indicative of the holiday season, while others come in a wide range of colors that allow you to match your design scheme no matter what you’ve selected. Many of these blooms naturally occur in shades of red and white, which are some of the most popular colors for winter weddings due to their evoking the frosty temperatures and the deep warmth of the holiday season.

    You may also want to add stems for accents and there are numerous filler stems that grow year-round and are perfect for your winter bouquet. Queen Anne’s Lace, waxflower, montecasino aster, statis, and hypericum are just a few of the options available to you. They come in everything from white to purple to yellow to pink, so there are a lot of choices, whether you’re opting for more traditional wintry shades or something off the beaten path.

    Prepping For Your DIY Wedding Bouquet For Winter



    Most likely you’ve chosen to DIY your bouquet to save yourself some money. But you still should have a budget in mind for the types of flowers you’re selecting. Generally, the average cost of a bride’s bouquet from a florist is around $150. So, try to make sure you’re spending around that much or less if the purpose of doing a DIY bouquet is to save money.

    Prices will certainly vary depending on the particular blooms you select. For instance, carnations are significantly cheaper than roses or peonies. Keep the price range in mind when you’re designing your bouquet and deciding what type of flowers you might want. Additionally, you can help keep prices down by using a lot of cheaper accent pieces and reducing the total number of flowers in the overall bouquet.


    Tips for DIY Wedding Bouquets

    If you’re going to DIY your wedding bouquet, there’s a lot of things you can do to prevent yourself major stress down the line. First off, plan your designs in extensive detail before you ever begin—know exactly what you want, what types of flowers you’ll be using, etc. so you can determine how to arrange it. Ideally, you would find a tutorial for the bouquet you’re most interested in making, but if nothing else you should watch a bunch of tutorials and make some practice bouquets to be sure you’re ready to make the centerpiece for your big day.

    If this is the first time you’ve ever arranged a bouquet for a special occasion, keep your expectations don’t realistic. Don’t choose a heavily ornate design off of Pinterest and expect to be able to recreate it. Keep it simple—use only one or two types of flowers in the design and pick something you feel confident you can construct after viewing tutorials. You will also want to pick sturdy, hardy flowers,  that way you won’t have to worry about damaging fragile blooms while assembling the arrangement. Lastly, be sure you have all the floral tools you need on hand before you begin, this includes ribbon, floral tape, floral scissors, floral foam, and floral wire. It’s better to have something you don’t end up using than to panic when your bouquet isn’t coming together the way you want it to.

    When it comes to building your bouquet, you should plan to do it the day before the wedding and allow a minimum of an hour to complete the project. Keep the flowers in water in a cool, shady place. Under no circumstances should you refrigerate the bouquet—your personal fridge is a different temperature from floral fridges and could dry out/kill the flowers. On the day of your wedding, put a trusted friend in charge of transporting the bouquet and making sure it gets there in one piece. You have enough to worry about already!

  • How to Choose and Order Roses That Match Her Personality

    order roses

    You want to impress your significant other. You decide that you should surprise her with roses, but should you buy red? Not necessarily! To really score points, order roses that will specifically match her personality. Anyone can buy red roses, but your loved one will be so impressed that you took the extra time and effort to personalize the roses you give her to match her specific tastes.

    When you want to order roses, you can look into the symbolism of the different rose colors and look at how pairing them makes a different impression than when they are presented alone. Here’s an easy guide for knowing how to choose and order roses that match her personality!

    Red roses

    This color is for a beautiful, strong, determined and independent woman that is courageous and passionate. When you order a red rose, it means that you truly love and respect her.

    Yellow roses

    If your girlfriend is joyful, happy, delightful and brightens your day, this color may be for her. A yellow rose really tells someone that you care and promises new beginnings and bright futures.

    order roses

    White roses

    White roses indicate someone is pure, innocent or youthful. This color may be a good one to give your girlfriend if you want to tell your girlfriend that you are worthy of her and help her to understand how good she makes you want to be.

    Purple roses

    This color is for a mysterious and enchanting woman. It symbolizes love at first sight and the bright colors will really resonate with someone who has a lot of spunk.

    Pink roses

    Pink roses, indicate admiration and appreciation. Pink may be a good fit for your girlfriend is gentle, sweet and graceful.

    Orange roses

    This color is for the highly desired, fascinating and enthusiastic girlfriend. It says that you think she looks sexy and has a personality to match.

    Black roses

    Black roses symbolize death and farewell. This color may be a good option for a girlfriend that is going through a tough time or grieving. You can also look into funeral flowers besides roses that may be a better fit for the occasion.

    Blue roses

    Blue roses are for the woman that feels unattainable and or impossible to attract. This color is good for a girlfriend that you really admire or for a woman that you hope will be your girlfriend soon.

    order roses

    You can also give multiple colors of roses together. While you can pick a color combination that just looks attractive, you want to make sure that it is personalized to your relationship. You can mix colors depending on the personalities of you and your girlfriend, or you can use the symbolism that certain color combinations already posses.

    Red and white roses

    When given together, red and white roses signify unity and a future together. You can choose this color combination if your personality as a couple is passionate, intense and committed.

    Red and yellow roses

    When paired, they symbolize how happy the relationship is and hopes for an happy future together. This color combination is great for an optimistic couple that looks forward to what many more years together will bring.

    Whether you're looking to buy roses for someone who is shy, playful, innocent or mysteries; there is a perfect color to match that personality. Did you find the perfect color to match your girlfriend’s personality? Then it’s time to impress her when you order roses personalized to her tastes. Use an expert online florist to order the roses you want in a beautiful arrangement, and you can surprise her with the perfect roses she’ll remember forever.

  • Our Top 8 Favorite Thanksgiving Flowers To Celebrate Family

    thanksgiving flowers

    While Thanksgiving has become synonymous with fall décor like pumpkins, acorns and the transitioning colors of foliage, this season can have even more meaning by decorating with vibrant Thanksgiving-inspired flowers. Flowers can be presented as a gift to the host or simply included as centerpieces on the dinner table.

    No matter their use, when it comes to Thanksgiving flowers there are no set rules as to what you can and cannot use to decorate and celebrate this holiday. So, for those who are preparing to share a Thanksgiving meal with friends, family and loved ones, why not complement the event with beautiful blooms that are a true reflection of this season of giving. Here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving flowers that will make this holiday a special occasion for the whole family!


    thanksgiving flowers

    Relaxing mums are an age-old favorite for Thanksgiving celebrations. This wonderful wildflower makes a great statement for both small get-togethers as well as large-scale gatherings. As a preferred flower of the fall, the mum is a long-lasting bloom that is a Thanksgiving Day show-stopper. Mums come in a variety of colors that are indicative of the fall season to include yellow, pink, purple, and bronze and are a pleasurable flower to not only look at, but to take care of.

    The mum originates from China – from the golden-yellow mum that is daisy-like in appearance. After many years of hybridization, mums are now used for either cutting (florist mums) or for gardening (hardy mums). Mums offer a brilliant indoor variety that will leave a lasting impression for this year’s Thanksgiving festivities.

    Peruvian Lilies

    thanksgiving flowers

    Peruvian lilies are inherently autumnal. As a beautiful blossom native to South America they embody the warmth of gatherings that make spending time with the special people in your life so magical. Peruvian lilies come in many shades to include red, apricot, lavender, purple, white, orange, green and even flecked and striped varieties.

    Because of its festive vibrancy, the Peruvian lily remains a favorite among many during the holiday season. Peruvian lily bouquets can make an excellent presentation as centerpieces on the dinner table that the entire family to admire.


    thanksgiving flowers

    As an intimate flower often associated with romance, roses are an excellent way to offer timeless elegance in a setting that is meaningful to those who have gathered together to share a wonderful meal while giving thanks. Roses are an all-time top-choice when it comes to floral arrangements and a pleasing display of soft roses is a subtle way to celebrate the traditional colors of fall.

    With pale yellow, white, red and gentle orange, roses are an unexpectedly spectacular idea for Thanksgiving décor or for gifts. For instance, present a rose to each family member while sharing what you are most thankful for this Thanksgiving season.


    thanksgiving flowers

    Helianthus, also known as sunflowers, are an especially strong and inspirational choice for making a grand appearance during this year’s Thanksgiving festivities. Sunflowers will warm the hearts of your guests and will leave a lasting impression that goes hand-in-hand with such a joyous holiday occasion. Featuring bright, sunny yellow petals, this is a flower that reminds people of the meaning of Thanksgiving.

    Sunflowers offer a spirit of joy, jubilation and thankfulness with their friendly presentation. For instance, feature a grand sunflower arrangement during Thanksgiving and be sure to create a positive atmosphere of giving during this holiday season!

    Gerbera Daisies

    thanksgiving flowers

    Gerbera daisies are another flower that will not only look spectacular around the home this Thanksgiving, but they will create a presence that brings family and friends together as they admire this wonderful bouquet. Consisting of delicate blossoms, these lush florals create a soft experience that is perfect for intimate Thanksgiving Day settings.

    Featuring colors of fall like white, pink, salmon, lavender, purple, red, coral, amber, and even bi-colors like yellow and orange, gerbera daisies are the perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones. The gerbera daisy is a cheerful flower and it will even leave a pleasant aroma around the home that the entire family will surely enjoy and remember!


    thanksgiving flowers

    Add a tender touch to Thanksgiving with carnations. Bursting with holiday brilliance, carnations overflow with the spirit of Thanksgiving. While it is unknown where the carnation originates from, with many speculating the Mediterranean and Eurasia, this flower also known as “The Flower of God” is often symbolic of love and has special meaning for the holidays. Coming in a wide variety of colors to include yellow, purple, pink, green, white, dark red, and striped, the carnation is the perfect way to celebrate and dine with family during Thanksgiving.

    What’s more is that carnations last a very long time after they are cut so the family can continue to enjoy them for many weeks to come. Furthermore, family members will surely appreciate such pretty flowers that are both tasteful and truly representative of this season of gratitude.

    Solid Aster

    thanksgiving flowers

    Make a huge statement with solid aster. Solid aster, with all of its subtle beauty, creates an amazing conversational piece to remember this Thanksgiving. Originating from France, this flower is a hybrid created from Aster and Goldenrod and with its creamy yellow blooms and subtle fall greenery, creates an excellent focal point within any room. This is especially true for dinner tables or living rooms where loved ones may gather together and create memories. Solid aster can even serve as the perfect backdrop for Thanksgiving Day family pictures! A solid aster arrangement is both a fun and festive way to decorate and celebrate this holiday season.

    Cushion Poms

    thanksgiving flowers

    Want to make a daring, exciting and highly memorable statement this Thanksgiving? Try cushion poms! Cushion poms are a type of chrysanthemum which features a plethora of beautiful, fluffy petals in various hues of the fall. Offering an overflow of vibrant yellow, white and lavender blooms atop long green stems, this playful flower will surely put a smile on the entire family’s faces. The cushion pom remains a favorite fall floral, and they are a great way to brighten up the Thanksgiving Day occasion, while embodying the cozy and quaint spirit of the season.

    What better way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday alongside friends and family than with a beautiful fall-inspired floral arrangement? Make this day even more special by planning the perfect décor that includes blossoms and lush Thanksgiving flowers.

  • Chrysanthemum Flowers: The Birth Flower of November and its Meaning

    chrysanthemum flowers

    Chrysanthemum flowers—or ‘mums’ for short—are the symbolic flower for all those born in the month of November. The beauty of the mum can be found in nearly every color for a décor arrangement or landscaping motif that perfectly pairs with any palette. Mums also are found in a variety of petal shapes—from fluffy full pompons to spidery anemone mums.

    Every flower holds a symbolic meaning, and giving a bouquet of mums may reflect multiple gestures based on the chosen hue. According to HGTV, red chrysanthemums denote love, while a gift of yellow mums are a symbol of sadness.

    HGTV also notes that the chrysanthemum flower is held in high esteem in Asia. Japan cherishes the chrysanthemum, and the flower and is thought to represent the sun and the idea of pure perfection. However, the white chrysanthemum also is the symbolic flower of death and bereavement in Japan.

    The chrysanthemum is so symbolic to Japan that the flower is the centerpiece of the Imperial Chrysanthemum Tiara. According to the Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor, the flower is the symbol of the Japanese monarchy and is featured in the Imperial Seal of Japan, and their most prestigious royal order is the Order of the Chrysanthemum.

    While the chrysanthemum is sacred in Japan, the flower also holds meaning for wedding anniversaries around the country. For couples celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary, a gift of mums is the symbolic flower of choice. And, according to Gardenerdy, Chicago adopted the chrysanthemum as the city’s official flower.

    Caring for Chrysanthemums

    chrysanthemum flowers

    The chrysanthemum is a fairly hardy flower that remains a popular choice for gardens and indoor arrangements. Choosing the right soil is important for thriving mums.

    GardeningKnowHow recommends planting chrysanthemums in well draining organic soil, and mums are typically planted during the spring season (although southern areas should plant in fall). Mums also thrive in sunny areas, and the plants GardeningKnowHow also notes that plants need to be pinched to encourage correct growth and lots of blooms. You may use fertilizers to encourage plants to flourish.

    Keeping chrysanthemum flowers as indoor houseplants requires little maintenance. Water potted plants to ensure the soil stays moist. Temps below 60 degrees can cause mold or dark spots on leaves. Keep the room temperature around 70 degrees for thriving mums.

    Decorating with Mums

    chrysanthemum flowers

    Chrysanthemums’ bright cheerful colors are ideal for indoor (and outdoor) décor. Since many of these mums flourish in fall, use chrysanthemums to accentuate festive autumnal displays. Better Homes & Gardens recommends orange and yellow mums as accents alongside pumpkins.

    However, pink and other lighter hued mums may brighten up the dark days of autumn. Use these colorful blooms inside to decorate tables or in pots situated alongside the home entryway. Mums also may make an ideal centerpiece flower for Thanksgiving feasts. Orange, gold, and yellow mums can burst from within cornucopia planters for a festive Thanksgiving table decoration. Round pompon shaped mums also may be arranged to create a festive pumpkin design in a bouquet or table arrangement.

    The beauty of the chrysanthemum bursts in full-bloom during fall. Choose mums to decorate fall feast banquet tables or to give a bright burst of color outdoors during the drearier darker days of autumn. No matter what type of chrysanthemum you choose, there are multiple shades and shapes to create the ideal arrangement for your home or garden. Find a chrysanthemum arrangement you’ll love with an online florist!

  • 5 Tips and Tricks When You Are Ordering Flowers Online

    ordering flowers

    Flowers make an excellent addition to any special occasion and they are a wonderful gift idea for the amazing loved ones in your life. Beautiful arrangements consisting of vibrant, sweet smelling florals are a great way to put a smile on someone’s face while bringing joy to their lives.

    While visiting a local florist is certainly one way to purchase your arrangements, often customers prefer to order their flowers online to save both time and money. When it comes to purchasing flowers through a web-based service, here are some helpful tips and tricks on how to make the most of your online ordering experience.

    #1. Navigating a Florist’s Website

    Choosing a top online florist will require you to conduct preliminary research to help determine which website will best meet your needs. The most helpful websites will have a visually appealing and modern design that is both easy to navigate and understand. These websites will have clear titles for each page, they will have search bars where you can type in keywords to help you locate certain flowers you may be interested in, and they will clearly state how they may be contacted should you require additional assistance.

    The best online florist websites will also have informative blog pages that provide helpful information to aid you as you make decisions on the flowers you would like to purchase. These key website elements are a good indication that the company has taken the end user’s experience into account and that they care about you as a customer.

    #2. The Best Customer Service

    Good customer service is another marker that can help you determine if an online florist can meet your online ordering expectations. The most passionate florists are those who are there when you need them the most.

    Do you have questions regarding caring for specific flowers? What about questions regarding when your order will arrive? How about suggestions on what arrangement would best suit your event or other special moment? The most helpful customer service offered by a florist will not only answer all of your questions with thoroughness but they will make you feel special and valued as a customer.

    Good customer service will also extend beyond telephone calls and emails. What type of standing does the florist have within their community? Reputations that supersede the company are a good indicator that you have found a caring florist who has your best interests at heart.

    #3. Understanding the Terms and Service

    Another thing to keep in mind when ordering flowers online is how easy it is to understand the florists’ terms and uses of their service. For instance, do they have a helpful frequently asked questions page that explains how and when your new floral arrangements will arrive? Do they clearly answer other relevant questions related to how they operate, including cancellation and refund policies?

    A florist’s website should clearly and effectively explain how they work. The website should set expectations regarding what is supposed to happen once you have made your order. Keep this in mind as you search for the best floral arrangement service provider online.

    ordering flowers

    #4. Deciding on Floral Arrangements

    Also, consider that some floral arrangements are preset and others are custom made. Know which type of arrangement that you are most interested in to help guide your final purchasing decision. The best websites will offer a wide selection of floral arrangements and a broad variety of flowers to meet every customer’s requirements. As such, become familiar with these different flowers.

    Inevitably there will be flowers that pique your interest and that you find aesthetically appealing. When ordering flowers online, the top florists will provide specific information on each bloom they offer. They will provide knowledge, insights, and expertise into the different floral arrangements that are available. After visiting the website you should be left with a sense that you have learned valuable information to help in your decision-making process.

    #5. Go with Your Gut Feeling

    Lastly, go with your gut feeling when making a floral purchase online. Does this company make you feel comfortable? Are they reputable and do they leave the impression that they are leaders within their industry?

    By taking all of this into account you can avoid an unpleasant experience and can instead work with an outstanding online florist who is well-known for their top-notch service and commitment to excellence.

    Ordering flowers online can be a simple and easy process when taking these helpful online shopping suggestions into account. Flowers convey meaning—they say that you care, they add beauty to any space, and they can even cheer you up if used within your own home or office. Therefore, only choose a reliable floral service that you can trust—choose a service that creates the most memorable and pleasant online shopping experience and that meets all of your floral arrangement needs.

  • DIY Halloween Decorations: Spooky Exotic Flowers For the Holiday

    exotic flowers

    Now that it’s officially fall, it’s time to truss up your home and your front porch with some spooky and fun Halloween decorations.

    One of the best ways to do this is with incredible exotic flowers that are inherently spooky in their natural blooms. Florists may not often use these flowers because they are so exotic, but it’s easy enough to order the blooms yourself and make the spooky DIY flower arrangement of your dreams.

    Here are 9 exotic flowers that are perfect for Halloween and some DIY suggestions to employ them to their spookiest effect.

    Glow in the Dark Roses

    Looking to make a bouquet that looks traditional by day but has some Halloween magic by night? Look no further than Glow in the Dark roses, a speciality white rose treated with a chemical that makes it become an eerie, glowing flower once the sun goes down and the lights go off.

    If you want a really fun DIY project, consider making a non-traditional jack’o’lantern. Carve out a pumpkin and arrange a beautiful bouquet in it, so that by day it looks like a perfect fall arrangement -- and at night, it turns into a spooky Halloween decoration.

    exotic flowers

    Doll’s Eye/White Baneberry

    The Doll’s Eye plant is so eerie, you could use it by itself in a tall vase or as an accent in a more typical bouquet to add some Halloween flavor. Featuring blood red stems and white berries that resemble a doll’s eye down to a little black iris, the flower is nothing short of unsettling.

    If you want to go the extra mile, consider weaving it into the sprigs of a broomstick to create a witchy design or lean into the eyeball effect and arrange it around or in an oversized blood-shot eye. The white and red also make a nice accent for an arrangement coming out of a Halloween skull.

    Bleeding Tooth Fungus

    Just the name sounds disgusting and appropriately scary, right? The bleeding tooth fungus is a white fungus that resembles a mushroom, but seeps a blood red pigmented juice that looks disturbingly like coagulated blood. Normally we would find this stomach turning, but it’s a perfect flower for Halloween.

    If you are wanting to make a zombie-tastic display, this is the bloom for you. Buy a crystal or glass skull that you can fill with the flower, making it look like it’s full of bloody brains. Or go even more simple and find a vase that resembles a brain and make sure it’s overflowing with this bloody fungus. There are a ton of options for using this creepy flower in a unique way.

    The Bat Orchid

    Bats are a Halloween favorite -- their creepy appearance, nocturnal habits, and association with vampires make them a perfect fit for the holiday. Decorate with the bat orchid -- a nearly all-black flower whose long tendrils make it resemble the flying creature. Their flat base makes them a great flower for wreath-building -- make a Halloween wreath featuring a plastic bat or fake crow and use these flowers as an accent to make it an extra spooky decoration for your front door. Or create a more flight-focused arrangement and use these to accent the fake bats you craft.

    exotic flowers

    Star Flower

    Want a bouquet that looks as monstrous as Frankenstein? Look no further than using the star flower in your arrangements. The flower looks like it’s from another planet with its naked, skinless looking appearance. Be warned though -- it tends to give off a rotting meat smell as a means of attracting insects for its food, so you will definitely want to keep it outside when you’re decorating.

    Given its more carnivorous nature, you might want to create a flower display that capitalizes on the idea of man-eating plans. Build a giant venus fly trap and decorate with the real star flowers.

    Porcupine Tomato

    You don’t need to do much with this plant to make it say “Keep Out.” If you’re building a menacing haunted house, this spiked plant says “don’t mess with me” loud and clear. You should only use cuttings and never plant it in your actual garden because it’s extremely poisonous and invasive (along the same lines, don’t put it anywhere near where children or family pets can reach it). This plant is a little more mean and scary than it is whimsical and fun.

    exotic flowers

    Devil’s Claw

    This plant features seed pods with large hook-like protrusions that resemble dead crabs when they fall to the ground. Use them as an accent in a spooky bouquet, especially if you’re focusing on a black-and-white deadly looking theme or the browns and oranges of fall. Because of the plant’s natural curved design, they would also be an excellent choice for making “spider plants”-- arrange them around the edges of a black painted pot to make the legs of a spider. Make sure you tell everyone you know about their inherently spooky name as well.

    The Ghost Plant

    This plant earns its name from its translucent white color, which stems from its lack of chlorophyll and aversion to natural light (so don’t put it out during the day). The plant is also a natural fit for Halloween given it is a parasite who survives by draining nutrients from a host plant (be careful when arranging not to put it near other living plants).

    Use it in a spooky black-and-white arrangement or go one step forward and use dry/dead plants alongside it to convey its ghostly nature.

    exotic flowers

    Vegetable Sheep

    Want to make your front yard look moldy and ghoulish? Scatter a bunch of vegetable sheep around your DIY graveyard to make your self-constructed cemetery look particularly eerie. The fuzzy, off-white shrub can sometimes resemble a sheep lying down, but to us it looks more like a large patch of mold -- perfect for a Hallowen display of creepy decay.

    No matter which of these exotic plants you choose for your DIY Halloween decorations, you’re certain to have an utterly unique and delightfully spooky display that will amuse and even frighten Trick-or-Treaters.

  • Should I Buy Flowers Online? How An Online Florist Can Help You


    Visiting a florist can be an overwhelming experience; the flower choices are vast, and everywhere you look, there are more blooms and greenery.  However, in today’s mobile world, ordering can be done easily from the comfort of your home--just buy flowers online!

    Ordering flowers from an online florist allows the experience to be one of leisure, as you can spend all the time you need to make a decision on that perfect blossoming gift. Buying in the store requires time, and many customers don’t often walk into the florist knowing exactly what they want or need. And sometimes the in-store experience may even require an appointment—especially for buyers wanting to create a custom arrangement.

    For online buyers, everything is at their fingertips. From browsing the selection of stock arrangements to viewing individual flowers, creating the ultimate arrangement puts the power in the buyer’s hands.


    Orchid Hurricane

    Custom Arrangements

    While there are hundreds of stock arrangements to browse, many online florists—including Kremp—allow buyers to create their own unique arrangements. Search for favorite flowers or a simple color hue to find the flowers that will create a lasting memory. Custom arrangements are perfect for special occasions, from wedding flowers to funeral flowers.

    You can mix and match flowers how you wish and choose a vase or other container to add that picturesque sentiment. Or utilize the assistance of a floral designer to help you create that ideal arrangement.

    Browse at Your Leisure

    Sometimes, you just don’t what type of floral arrangement captures the right sentiment. With hundreds of pre-arranged floral designs, you can peruse the stock without feeling any pressure. Look for five minutes, or search all night…when you find the ideal blooms, you can order instantly. To make a the hunt less challenging, sort the arrangements by color, price or flower.

    Beyond Flowers

    While bricks and mortar stores may be limited in their gift selection, online shops offer a host of other items. When you’re shopping for flowers, you also may add in scented soaps, a stuffed animal, a collectible figurine or even jewelry! Create an amazing gift arrangement for a friend, relative or loved one by adding unique items and personalized mementos to your order.



    Glass Flowers -- Sunflowers

    Silk & Glass

    Online florists also offer a wide selection of alternative flower choices—like silk or even glass arrangements. Some loved ones may have allergies—or just might not like real flowers. You can choose to send silk flowers or blown glass arrangements for an amazing alternative to fragrant flowers. Silk flowers often look so real that many recipients cannot tell the difference. The best part? These beautiful arrangements require little care and last a lifetime.

    Delivery in a Snap

    Ordering arrangements from online florists allows buyers to customize delivery time. Specify the date of delivery, and the team will take it from there. There are no hidden delivery fees or concerns about if your area is covered for delivery. Just order your perfect bouquet, schedule the date of delivery and check out.

    Online florists often offer numerous benefits to buyers beyond the bricks and mortar competition. When ordering online, buyers can easily browse hundreds of pre-made arrangements and sort by price/color/flower to discover the perfect arrangement within their budget. There is no worry about scheduling an appointment or taking too much time. Online florists let buyers shop with ease from the comfort of home and even order custom arrangements and unique gifts to personalize their arrangements. And once the perfect arrangement has been purchased, delivery can be scheduled in a snap to ensure that birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions are honored on time and in full bloom.

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