Outdoor Green Products Resource

People who love the outdoors often care about the environment and want to make the best choices in regards to the items they use and purchase to enjoy nature. There are many companies that offer green living products on everything from camping equipment to solar devices for your home. Researching the products available to you and then making the right choice for your situation will make it possible to enjoy the outdoors while positively impacting the environment. The choices you make can carry over into the way you garden and design your home.

Camping and Traveling Gear

The reason you camp is to enjoy nature, and many hikers and campers have begun to seriously consider the impact they are having on the environment. In addition to making sure you do not leave behind any sign of your presence in the pristine wilderness, you can begin supporting companies that work to produce green camping products. Nearly everything you purchase to go hiking or camping has a green alternative made out of recycled materials. You can also purchase soaps and other supplies that will not leave behind chemicals while you are enjoying nature. 

  • Discovery breaks down a list of the best green tents for your camping needs. They also offer more information on the practices of the companies.
  • Trails.com offers a breakdown of camping supplies from tents to sleeping bags that are eco-friendly. These items offer comfort while you are camping without negatively impacting the environment
  • Green Your offers a list of ways to convert your camping gear to more environmentally friendly options. Ideas include renting seldom-used equipment and sources to help you find the best green items.
  • Tree Hugger offers a breakdown of the best green camping products. Learn about everything from tents to the best soap to take camping.
  • Green Camping Gadgets offers information on the top green camping gadgets and products.

Outdoor Fertilization and Pesticides

Fertilizers and pesticides are full of harsh chemicals that can hurt the environment and your family. You do not need to sacrifice a green lawn in order to have a healthy family. There are several different choices available to prevent bugs and to help your plants grow well. It takes a little research but you can create an environmentally friendly yard that is pest free.

  • Sierra Club Green Home offers practical solutions to chemical pesticides in your garden. These include environmentally friendly pesticides and prevention measures.
  • EcoSmart offers practical suggestions to fight off ants around your home. They also offer a line of EPA free pesticides to use in your home and garden.
  • ABC News offers a break down on how you can green your fertilizer. These methods will allow you to have green grass without the harsh chemicals.
  • The Daily Green offers a breakdown of kid-friendly organic bug spray. The list includes products and natural remedies.
  • Green Pesticides offers information on using fertilizers and pesticides in an environmentally friendly way.

Gardening and Composting

Composting is an easy way to go green with your garden. Composting has been done for centuries, and it provides a rich fertilizer and soil for your plants. Doing it yourself allows you extra control, since you will know everything that goes into the compost. Setting up your own composting station is not difficult and does not take much maintenance.

  • How to Compost offers an easy breakdown on how to begin composting and the benefits that composting will have on your home and the environment.
  • The Garden of Oz offers a guide to start composting on your own. The composting guide looks at the different types and explains how to do each of them.
  • VegWeb offers a breakdown on how to begin composting and the things you can start doing right now to do it at your home.
  • Composting At Home includes information on why you should start composting at home.
  • The Adventures of Herman includes information on worms and composting for children.

Solar Electronics

There are a variety of electronic products available for your outdoor living areas. Nearly all of these products have a green alternative. Choosing these products can positively impact the environment while saving you money. You can choose to use solar powered lighting or to heat your pool with a solar powered heater.

  • Energy Savers breaks down how to choose the best solar powered pool heater for your pool. The solar powered pool heater will help you save money and have a positive impact on the environment.
  • Backwoods Home offers a design on how to build your own solar powered lights. The plans can help you understand how the lighting works
  • Solar for Energy offers a guide on how to install outdoor solar lighting at your home. This guide is comprehensive and should make the process much easier for you to complete.
  • Solar Water Heaters includes information on the different types of solar water heaters and how each works.
  • Solar Heating and You includes in-depth information on how solar heating works and why you should use some type of solar heat at home.