A Florist's Guide to Roses and the Meaning Behind Their Coloring

Whether it is a single rose or a bouquet of a dozen or more, roses are one of the most popular flowers to give. When it comes to selecting the perfect rose, often, one turns to red by default or selects a color based off of personal preference. There is an easy way to pick the right flower to give to someone special, regardless of whether that someone is a lover or a co-worker. Roses come in a host of different colors other than red. From pink to black, the color of the rose that one gives has special meaning associated with it. One can express everything from deep affection to devotion to sorrow. Knowing which rose to give can take a thoughtful gesture to one that is filled with heartfelt expression.


Red is the color that is most commonly associated with roses. Most people recognize the red rose as a symbol of passion and romance. It is a popular flower to give when expressing love or deep passion. Surprisingly, red isn't just about love. It is also a way to show respect, and it is a flower that is also meant to reflect courage.


The pink rose has various meanings. Deep pink roses mean gratitude and are a way of showing appreciation. Lighter pink roses are given for sympathy or as a way of showing admiration. Other meanings or sayings assigned to the giving of this color of rose includes a way of saying "please believe me," or of showing perfect happiness.


There are several meanings that are associated with white flowers. Not surprisingly, white roses are a sign of innocence and purity. Another name for white roses is bridal roses. Traditionally, they are given as part of a wedding or fitting for a memorial. They also are a symbol of spirituality and represent sympathy. Traditionally, white and not red roses were a sign of true love.


A yellow rose is a symbol of joy, friendship, freedom, and forgiveness. They also are a good gift when welcoming someone home. This color of rose is not meant to express romance or romantic feelings, however. In Victorian times, the yellow rose meant there was jealousy.


Orange roses are given as a way to say "I'm proud of you." Their meaning is a combination of the meaning associated with yellow and red. They represent the love of red and the friendship of yellow. Give orange flowers as a gift as a way of showing desire or portraying a sense of gratitude.


Death is the meaning that is associated with the black rose. It is a flower that is frequently interpreted as a bad sign and is generally not a flower that is given as a gift. The meaning of death in relation to the black rose may be the death of ideas, creativity, or thought. It may even signify a rebirth or that rejuvenation is ahead. In addition to death, a black rose also means tragedy, farewell, and sorrow.


When a person falls in love at first sight, they can give the object of affection a purple rose. It says that the giver is enchanted. The purple or lavender-colored rose is a good choice when trying to make a good first impression.

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