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  1. Gift basket of assorted games and playing cards

    Fun and Games Gift Basket

    It's time to have some fun and play games! This fun gift basket includes a great collection of popular games along with a tasty assortment of treats and snacks to keep everyone munching while you play games together! Learn More
  2. Tail Towns friends figurines

    Tail Towns Friends


    Price: $12.99

    Special Price: $9.99

    Enter the online world of the Tail Towns Friends and get ready to have some fun!

    Learn More
  3. Lazy Teddy Bear holding remote control

    The Lazy Bear

    Do you know someone lazy? Perhaps someone who is taking the day off, home sick or just likes to lounge around? The Lazy Bear is the perfect gift for that person! Learn More
  4. Amazing world plush gift
  5. Football Time Gift Basket with snacks and games

    Football Time Gift Basket

    Ready? Set? Hike! The football fanatic will be thrilled to receive this football themed gift basket with everything from snacks and nuts to noise makers and a mini football! You will score big points by sending this fun football gift. Learn More
  6. Blingsting Pepper Spray


    From Price:$24.95
    This super-sparkly safety stuff is an essential addition to any purse. Not only is it cute and filled with blingy gems, it packs the necessary punch to keep you safe. So cute it hurts! Learn More
  7. Sending Smiles Gift Basket with games and snacks

    Sending Smiles Gift Basket

    Does someone need a smile? This gift basket is just what the doctor ordered! Snacks, candies, treats, board games, cookies, and so much more in a smiley face gift tote. Learn More
  8. Love my Cat - Willow Tree

    Love my Cat - Willow Tree

    Cats are a part of our every day lives and deserve to be recognized for their wonderful personality and constant care. This tabletop figure celebrates our love for cats. Learn More
  9. Scary Painted Pumpkins with Halloween hats

    Scary Painted Pumpkins

    From Price:$5.99
    Adorable, scary, decorative and unique- all in one! These whimsical pumpkins make a great decoration for the Fall season and Halloween. Learn More
  10. Passion Fruit Spa Tub Gift Set

    Spa Tub Gift Set


    Price: $39.95

    Special Price: $29.95

    Sometimes a little pampering can go a long way. This all-in-one gift set is perfect for a spa getaway in the comfort of your own home. Choose from 6 different soothing scents. Learn More
  11. Ugly Doll Plush Assortment

    Ugly Doll Plush

    From Price:$24.95
    Which Ugly Doll represents you the best? The hard worker? The mischievous one? Or perhaps the natural born leader? Send a soft, lovable ugly doll today! Learn More
  12. Goofy Grin Monsters

    Goofy Grin Monsters

    From Price:$24.95
    Send a Goofy Grin Monster today and make someone smile! These grinning guys have a contagious smile that will bring happiness and cheer to boys and girls of all ages. Four styles to choose from! Learn More
  13. Reggie the teddy bear

    Reggie Bear

    This dapper teddy bear is all decked out in his cute vest, bow tie and cap. Super soft and ready for snuggles, this teddy bear is a top choice for kids of all ages for any occasion. Learn More
  14. Jumbo Rice Crispy Treat Gift

    Jumbo Rice Crispy Treat Gift

    From Price:$14.99
    Ooey and gooey marshmallow rice crispy treats are everyone's favorite. These hand made treats are made with in fun flavors and toppings. Choose from 2, 4 or 6 in a pack. Which will be your favorite? Learn More
  15. Kids fun gift basket

    Kids Fun Gift

    This colorful creation is a boatload of fun and games combined in a gift basket perfect for kids. Hours of fun and games along with sweets and treats. Learn More
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Looking for a fun gift for a child to help celebrate their birthday or another special occasion? At Kremp Florist, we have a great selection of unique gifts for kids. Many parents and other gift-givers appreciate our online selection because it’s easy to find something that will bring a smile to their child’s face. Take a look at some other reasons why so many people have made Kremp Florist their go-to place to find the best gifts for kids.

Something to Please Every Child

Gift-givers are sure to find an item in our selection of cool gifts for kids that suits the interests of their child. We have gifts for children who love to add new items of decor to their bedroom. Also, shoppers can order presents for kids who like the challenge of an educational game. We sometimes offer unique children’s gifts designed to introduce a young person to an exciting new activity. It may even be something that they can share with the rest of the family. At Kremp Florist, we have a gift that will spark the interest of practically any child.

Durable Gifts

We think it’s important to give a kid a gift that is made to last. That’s why our unique gifts for children are made with durable materials. A kid who receives a plush toy or a game may toss it into their backpack to take to a friend’s house or even to school. In short, if a kid loves a gift, the item is going to get a lot of use! Customers can feel at ease about the quality of the items they buy from us. We care about our long-standing reputation as a trustworthy florist and gift shop.

A Variety of Appealing Options

Finally, customers appreciate the variety of options they encounter in our selection of unique gifts for kids. For instance, if a shopper sees a plush doll, it’s likely that we have several versions of the doll available. This makes it easy for a gift-giver to find a child’s favorite character or one that they admire. Often, we have cool gifts for kids in a variety of brilliant colors. The more options a shopper has, the more likely they are to find a gift that their child will treasure. To add a little extra fun to a child’s birthday celebration, we have a tremendous selection of colorful birthday bouquets. A bouquet of flowers, balloons, or a stuffed toy is sure to make a child’s celebration all the more memorable!

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