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  1. Rose Funeral Flower Package

    Rose Funeral Package

    From Price:$899.00
    Gorgeous roses arranged in 4 flower pieces that will surround the casket with beauty. Available in your choice of red, pink, white, yellow, peach or purple, this package is absolutely gorgeous. Learn More
  2. Carnation Funeral Flower Package in pink and white

    Carnation Funeral Flower Package

    From Price:$549.00
    This funeral flower package will fill the room with beauty. Pink and white carnations are the focal point in four gorgeous pieces. Learn More
  3. Modern Elegance Funeral Flower Family Package

    Modern Elegance Funeral Package

    From Price:$1,199.00
    An elegant combination of funeral flower pieces that will add the perfect amount of elegance to any funeral service. Available as a 3 piece package or 4 piece package. Learn More
  4. Roses and Lilies Funeral Flower Package

    Roses and Lilies Funeral Flower Package

    From Price:$899.00
    Two gorgeous funeral baskets for either side of the casket and one stunning casket spray for atop the casket. All pieces are matching with roses, lilies, filler, greens and bow. Learn More
  5. Funeral flower package A

    Funeral Package A

    From Price:$540.00

    This funeral flower package includes the 3 main pieces to decorate the services, a casket spray, funeral basket and wreath. All pieces are made in shades of white and cream.

    Learn More
  6. Funeral flower package C

    Funeral Package C


    This funeral flower package combines pastel lavenders, pinks and blues to create a magnificent funeral package. One funeral flower basket and one casket spray.

    Learn More
  7. Funeral flower package E

    Funeral Package G


    One of our largest funeral package, this features the 8 top pieces for a funeral service, all in reds, whites and greens. Creates a magnificent statement.

    Learn More
  8. Funeral flower package B

    Funeral Package B


    A 2 piece funeral flower package made up of pastel pinks and purples. The casket spray and heart make a showy statement together.

    Learn More
  9. Funeral flower package of garden flowers

    Garden Floral Funeral Package

    From Price:$1,329.00
    A garden of color in four beautiful flower pieces that surround the casket. A spectacular display of orange, yellow, red, pink and purple. Learn More
  10. Funeral flower package J

    Funeral Package J

    From Price:$500.00

    Our funeral package J consists of 3 traditional funeral flower pieces in assorted yellows.

    Learn More
  11. Funeral flower package G

    Funeral Package E


    This funeral package includes 4 funeral pieces, all in bright ad vibrant Summer colors. Flowers include roses, sunflowers, lilies, gerbera daisies and more.

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  12. Funeral flower package I

    Funeral Package I

    From Price:$450.00

    Our deluxe red rose funeral flower package at a discount! Beautiful red roses in a casket spray and funeral basket.

    Learn More
  13. Funeral flower package D

    Funeral Package D


    Our funeral package D is an exotic combination of roses, glads, orchids, carnations and more in purples and greens. A beautiful pairing of a standing spray and bouquet to surround the urn.

    Learn More
  14. 3 piece funeral flower package of red roses for cremation urn

    Rose Urn 3 Piece Flower Package

    From Price:$729.00
    An abundant array of red roses to surround the urn. These 3 pieces make a showy statement for any funeral or memorial service. Learn More
  15. Funeral flower package K

    Funeral Package K


    Our patriotic funeral flower package at a discount! Gorgeous red, white and blue flowers in a standing spray and casket adornment.

    Learn More
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Selecting flowers for a funeral can be a delicate process, but finding the right sprays or bouquets for your occasion can deeply communicate emotions beyond words and can add some light during a dark time. Kremp Florist aims to provide a wide selection of casket sprays, casket adornments, wreaths, standing sprays, crosses, and floral packages to make the purchasing process as simple as possible during a difficult time.

Whether you are arranging a full funeral service or you are simply expressing your condolences to loved ones, finding the right flowers should be a simple and straightforward process. To save yourself time and hassle during a trying time, you may choose to order an arrangement or a full package of funeral sprays online. Flower arrangements for funerals may be delivered directly to any venue, so you needn’t concern yourself with arrangements beyond a few clicks online.

Kremp Florist specializes in creating flower arrangements to suit a wide breadth of tastes, making it easier for you to choose an arrangement of whatever size and style best honors your loved one. Typically, funeral flower arrangements are designed to reflect the particular tone of the occasion. Monochromatic arrangements are a popular option, often done in shades of white or cream. Many of our flower arrangements for funerals feature lilies, gladiolus, carnations, and chrysanthemums as well as roses and other regular favorites. Should you wish your memorial service to celebrate the life of a loved one, we also offer funeral flower arrangements that blend more vivid, intense colors with refined and balanced compositions.

Flowers for funeral services may include several kinds of arrangements. Traditionally, the family or closest friends of the deceased arrange for a large casket spray. Should you plan an open-casket funeral, you might opt instead for a casket adornment to line the hinge of the casket or sit on its corner. Standing sprays are another traditional way of honoring the deceased. They may be set up to each side of a casket or an urn or used on their own in the case of services without caskets.   Other popular options include rosaries which are typically hung in the casket, flower wreaths and flowers to surround the urn for cremetion services.

To save on the cost of flowers for a funeral service, you may opt for one of our funeral flower packages. These multi-piece packages typically include a casket spray and some combination of standing sprays, wreaths, or other arrangements. By ordering a full package of flower arrangements, you can spread some color throughout the venue for your service. The package deals also reduce the cost of each individual arrangement, so you can buy whichever flowers best express your condolences without worrying about price.

However you choose to pay tribute to your loved one, pledges to attend to your flower arrangement needs with the utmost care. If our selection of ready-made bouquets doesn’t quite suit your needs, we will be glad to create a custom order just for your occasion. Our expert florists and designers can also help guide you through the selection process, so you can find exactly what you need quickly and effortlessly.

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