Let Kremp Florist Help You Celebrate Small Town Life

Life in northern New Jersey is unique. The fast pace of nearby New York City slows down to a crawl once you start down the tree shaded lanes of a town like Ridgewood, NJ. When looking for a Ridgewood, NJ florist, you want one that understands the needs of that quiet life. Family owned and operated for over 50 years, Kremp Florist understands and serves those needs. And should the pace of life suddenly increase, you can rely on same day delivery to Ridgewood. So whether you plan to spend a day at home, visiting the shores of Sandy Hook, or taking a day trip to the city, Kremp Florist will keep up with your speed.

Keeping Ridgewood, NJ Picturesque

There is no better phrase to describe Ridgewood, NJ than picturesque. The Ridgewood Village Hall looks like it was transported directly from the 1800s, the town sidewalks are lined with brick and cobblestone, and the village itself is home to a dozen historic landmarks, including the Paramus Reformed Historic Church District. Architecture alone isn't what makes these sites so lovely. The foliage that surrounds them also adds a great deal of charm. Get same day delivery to Ridgewood and add a little splendor to this foliage with seasonal plants from Kremp.com. Whether you fill the space with brilliant hues of green in the summer, spring appropriate pink and purple, or calming orange hues in autumn, these plants from Kremp Florist will add life and energy to what is already one of the loveliest areas in the state.

Date Night in Ridgewood, NJ

If you want extravagant, New York City is less than a half hour drive away. But if you are looking for something pleasant but not over the top, Ridgewood, NJ offers great options for a date with your loved one. The Bow Tie Warner Theater harkens back to a time when movies weren't just a show, but an experience. Before you pick your date up, order some flowers from this Ridgewood Florist to make the night magical. A corsage or boutonniere before the show and another after will help set the mood for the evening. Then head to Arturo's for some classic southern Italian fare and awe your date with one of our rose arrangements. There is no better way for a Ridgewood florist to help you show your significant other how much you love him or her.


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