Personalized Online Flowers Ordering Experience

It is no secret that corporate businesses have crippling limitations on what type of customer service they can provide. There are strict policies and problem-solving restrictions, plus the general customer experience is rarely personalized. It is impossible to provide anything special as the culture and personality of the company become diluted as it grows. In contrast, a local or small business marches to the beat of a different drum. A family-owned and operated business like Kremp Florist, who offers the best online flowers has even more freedom with which to craft an unforgettable experience that corporations can’t match.


Instead of the customer needing to follow a “one size fits all” process as seen in larger businesses, Kremp will bend over backward in order to ensure that each experience is as unique and high-quality as every rose they sell, when someone is looking to order flowers online for delivery. This takes into account special delivery requests, time limitations, floral preferences, and the overall tailored experience. This highly customer-oriented approach revolves around a philosophy of constant refinement. With each passing holiday, the Kremp family makes targeted refinements so the next year sees fewer hiccups and more happiness from the online order to the seamless delivery. After all, their ultimate goal is to provide the best experience possible to accompany expertly crafted floral arrangements.


Kremp realizes, however, that they may not hit a homerun every time. When it comes to handling customer problems, the approach is completely different than what a person would experience with a large, national corporation. You will be speaking to a real person on the phone or via email. This individual is likely a member of the family, and they treat each misstep as if it were the only issue in the world that needed to be addressed. A corporation whose main objective is to make a profit does not spend the time or effort to respond this way.


Ultimately, this is a company who understands that an occasion that calls to order beautiful flowers cannot be solved with a cookie cutter solution, nor will every problem be resolved with this type of mentality. With the freedom to work outside of corporate standards, Kremp Florist can provide a family-style, personalized experience in to buy flowers online by keeping a strong grasp on the core values.