Rustic Cheese Board Gift with Cheeses,Knife Set and Salami
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Rustic Cheese Board empty Rustic Cheese Board with cheese and chalk Rustic Cheese Board Gift with Cheese and Knife Rustic Cheese Board Gift Set Rustic Cheese Board Gift with Cheeses,Knife Set and Salami

Rustic Cheese Board Gift

This rustic cheese board makes a great gift along with the tasty assortment of cheese and knife. Upgrade to include a gift set of 4 cheese knives and gourmet sausage.

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Product Questions

Is this item able to be shipped to and APO address in Japan?
Question by: Shani
Yes, definitely. We make these ourselves and can ship directly to recipients at any APO address including Japan. If this is for Christmas, I would recommend sending ASAP as it can take over a week to arrive. Please let us know if you have any other questions about this item or any delivery question for APO addresses.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)

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