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Indoor Plants: Green for the Office

Does your office need a little bit of green? Our lush foliage plants can create a warm, comforting environment. Studies show that living plants at the workplace can enhance productivity, lower stress, and improve air quality for employees. Office planters provided by Kremp Florist are great for creating a calm work environment. They can be placed on a desk, in an entryway, in a sunny office, or on top of filing cabinets. Managers can give indoor plant gifts to both reward employees and create a “green” work environment, fostering a warmer company culture. For low-light or even underground work environments, we also have artificial and silk options that can help create that friendlier environment as well. If you’d like to order office planters in bulk, feel free to call us at 1-800-34-KREMP for more details.

Foliage for a Small Business

A new small business such as a salon, restaurant, or shop could also benefit from the warmth of an indoor plant. Delivery is available across the U.S., and we can also ship to U.S. territories like Puerto Rico and Guam. Enhance an outdoor dining space with a tree or large bush, or brighten customers’ day with indoor green plants. Find a plant that will match your business’s style. Feel free to ask for help and advice by calling or using the online live help feature at the top of the page: There’s no pressure to buy! Indoor plant delivery is easy and reliable. Our plants are grown in our greenhouses until they’re ready to be delivered, so you know that they will be full, verdant, and fresh.

Plants for the Home

Perhaps you’re looking at indoor plants to give to a new homeowner. There are a lot of options for this kind of gift; consider getting a lovely wreath for their front door as well. Someone moving into a new home can choose from a wide array of foliage plants and find something great for a porch, a sunlight hallway, a kitchen, or a living room. With many different color and vase options, you can also match something to your particular sense of style. These long-lasting plants can, with the proper care, continue to bring warmth to a new home. Ferns, ivy, and palm are also great sympathy gifts as well, considering that they can continue to remind people of their loved ones after they’ve passed away. Brighten someone’s home with an indoor plant! Gifts like this could be appreciated for months or even years with these easy-to-care for plants. Please feel free to call us with any questions about your gift!

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