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There’s nothing like a bouquet to create a connection from afar, whether you’re expressing your congratulations at a celebration or wishing someone well during difficult times. In some cases, though, cut flowers aren’t quite right. For devoted gardeners and plant-lovers, flower baskets and blooming plants offer tremendous beauty that can last for months or years.

Kremp Florist specializes in producing a wide variety of basket flower arrangements. In fact, we believe that blooming plants require the same artful attention as cut flower arrangements. Our floral arranging experts select the hardiest and most beautiful blossoms and plants to create one-of-a-kind basket flower arrangements in a range of styles. That way, our customers can easily identify the arrangement with just the right tone for their occasion. For example, our experts combine bright hues and flashy blossoms to communicate celebration as well as more reserved color palettes for professional gifts or more sober occasions.

For some florists, plants are a sideline to their main focus on cut flower arranging. However, is continuously developing our selection of flower baskets, with just the same eye to detail as for our best-selling bouquets. One key factor, we believe, is the basket itself. From rustic, woven baskets to French-style garden planters to enamel watering cans, we select containers that really set off the plants themselves. Plus, our plants are potted to ensure that they can continue thriving in the same container as long as possible. Once our plants do require re-potting, our baskets and planters are sturdy and attractive enough to be kept and re-purposed.

Customers who order blooming plants aren’t just looking for a one-day thrill. At Kremp Florist, we carefully select plants that will thrive long after they are first received. Our wide range of offerings includes easy-to-care-for foliage plants that add vivid, green color without requiring lots of upkeep. If you want to send something special to a dedicated gardener, you can also put a unique spin on the standard flowers in a basket with our range of orchids and exotic plants. While these blooms can require slightly more upkeep, they offer a touch of elegance that can far outshine a basic bouquet.

Since they’re long-lasting, giving flowers in a basket can make a more powerful statement than a bouquet. In addition to our standard blooming plants, our dish planters make a unique gift that really brings the outdoors inside. The holidays are another ideal reason to give long-lasting plants instead of cut flowers. Pick out one of our many seasonally spirited arrangements and your gift can serve as a cheerful part of the décor throughout the holidays.

Tasteful plants also make ideal gifts for ecologically-minded friends. All of Kremp’s arrangements are grown, selected, and sent to ensure a long lifetime. However, cut flowers will never compare in longevity with a living plant. If you hate the idea of throwing flowers away, a hearty blooming plant makes an ideal replacement for a bouquet. When giving flowers to an acquaintance you don’t know very well, or to a new business colleague, opting for a plant instead of a bouquet often proves to be a more conservative and thoughtful statement.

Most of all, blooming plants and basket arrangements are a convenient way to send a gift that’s somehow even “more” than a bouquet. When you buy a plant online for a loved one, you offer both the thrill of flower delivery and a long-lasting thing of beauty. Plus, as with any purchase from, you can always consult with our expert florists to figure out exactly the best option for your occasion. With all of the effort we put into creating the very best plant arrangements, you’ll be glad to give a gift that can be treasured far into the future.

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