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  1. Hanging Spiral Shell Tillandsia Garden

    Spiral Shell Hanging Tillandsia Plant

    Spiral shaped sea shell planted with assorted air plants and decorative moss. Learn More
  2. Hanging Sea Urchin Tillandsia Plant

    Hanging Sea Urchin Air Plant

    A real sea urchin with a live air plant growing out of it. Includes hanger! Learn More
  3. Hanging Xerographica Ming Air Plant

    Hanging Xerographica Ming Air Plant

    Easy to care for and beautiful as a decoration, this hanging xero ming air plant makes for a stunning gift! Learn More
  4. Single tillandsia plant in glass globe

    Tillandsia Glass Globe

    From Price:$19.99
    Glass ornament globe filled with tillandsia air plant and decorative accents. Great for the kitchen window! Learn More
  5. Red air plant on stone

    Air Plant on Stone

    Simple to care for and truly unique, our decorative air plants are real plants that are attached to real stones. Learn More
  6. Single tillandsia air plant holiday ornamen

    Holiday Air Plant Ornament


    Price: $24.95

    Special Price: $19.99

    Bring some exotic life to your Christmas tree with our tillandsia air plant ornaments. An actual live plant inside of a glass Christmas ornament. Learn More
  7. Single tillandsia air plant in holiday cube

    Holiday Cube Air Plant

    From Price:$12.99
    Celebrate the season with this tropical air plant in a ceramic holiday themed cube. Learn More
  8. Air Fern In Hanging Sea Urchin

    Air Fern In Hanging Sea Urchin

    There is nothing like any easy to care for plant. Air plants are exactly that. A simply mist of water once or twice a week and this plant will take care of itself. Learn More
  9. Air plants on cypress stumps

    Air Plant on Cypress Stump

    Long-lasting, easy to care for, inexpensive, unique and interesting- all things that describe our air plants. With just a spritz of water once or twice a week, these air plants will provide beauty in small spaces likes desktops, shelves, windowsills and bedside tables. Learn More
  10. Single petite air plant

    Petite Air Plant

    From Price:$12.99
    Petite container filled with a single air plant. These tillandsia plants are simple to care for and provide beauty in small spaces. Learn More
  11. Triple air plant with moss on wooden base

    Triple Air Plant on Wooden Base

    What a cool plant! And to make it even better, they are incredibly easy to take care of. These air plants can last for months! We can ship these anywhere. Learn More
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Known as the air plants of the bromeliad family, tillandsias are unique and easy to care for. They are commonly found in all types of regions from jungles to deserts. Order your air plants today and enjoy them for years and years.

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