Luvs the white teddy bear with red bow and heart on the foot
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Luvs the Teddy Bear

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Luvs the Teddy Bear is looking for a great home. Send him to a loved one to adopt today!

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Product Questions

How soft is the bear and would he be good for an adult to cuddle with while watching tv and possibly sleep with?
Is it really tall
How stuffed is it? Is it thick with fluff or pretty empty?
when you say Approximately 20" tall sitting how tall is that.?
will I get what I am seeing on the picture. I am asking because I have been ordering things online and I keep getting junks so please tell me , i will get this one right.
Question by: Awaoma
Thanks for your message. This is definitely a higher quality bear than what you were describing so no worries about this being empty or not lovable! He is approximately 26" tall standing(little over 2 feet tall). Definitely suitable for all ages. Yes, you get the exact bear in the picture. We currently have 8 in stock. Email us directly and we can send you another picture. if you'd like.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)

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