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Help your loved one unwind with the relaxing scent of Sonoma Lavender. The aroma of lavender can help with stress, insomnia, headaches, circulation issues, anxiety, and even depression. It’s one of the most important scents in aromatherapy. The beautiful smell can also create a warm, welcoming environment in any room. You can find lavender gifts in the form of sachets, pillows, candles, lotions, bath salts, and even stuffed animals.

These lavender gifts are great for someone who really deserves to treat themselves. Order our lavender gift sets for a spa-like treatment in the bathroom, or find specific items to enhance sleep and relaxation. These items make excellent gifts for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or any time you’d like to say thank you. These lavender gift baskets will really let them know that you care and let them have frequent spa treatments at home.

Of course, you could always bring that soothing, calming smell to your own home! Place one of the sachets on your couch, light a candle in your bathroom, or just offer spa masks, lavender lotions, or lavender baths to guests. Sachets are also great for giving your clothes a pleasant perfume; put one in your closet or dresser for great results. Sooth the nerves, enhance any bath, or simply make a room smell wonderful with these great items scented with beautiful lavender. Home décor items like these can be enjoyed by guests for years to come.

Many adults can enjoy the healing and cleansing effects of lavender, but they can also be appreciated by kids. Children can cuddle with stuffed animals infused with these scents. Heat these scented stuffed animals for one minute or less in the microwave to enhance the scent and create a warm, comforting hugging session!

High-quality gifts from the family-owned and -operated Sonoma Lavender company come from the lavender fields of northern California’s Sonoma Valley region, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Mayacamas mountain range. Owned by Rebecca and Mark Rosenberg, the company cultivates approximately 7,000 lavender plants, and local artisans work on the decorative accessories.

Buy the gift of lavender for a new homeowner, a parent, an aromatherapy enthusiast, a child, or anyone who can be energized by this great scent. Kremp Florist can send these gifts anywhere in the country, including some U.S territories like Puerto Rico and Guam. Browse online and call us today at 1-800-34-KREMP if you want to send a lavender gift to someone you love!

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