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Are you looking for a gift to give to your co-worker, boss, friend, or loved one who is passionate about what they do for a living? Why not give them something that will serve as a reminder of how much they love their occupation? Gifts from the Warren Stratford Collection are available today from Kremp Florist. These humorous figurines capture the essence of many different occupations and can be used as funny office decorations. Some of the occupations featured in our online gift shop include chef, dentist, construction worker, lawyer, mechanic, nurse, doctor, fireman, policeman, and pilot. Each is as charming as the next, and they are a great way to brighten someone’s day, reward a job well done, celebrate an accomplishment, or thank someone for their dedication and years of service. Our occupational gifts are perfect for Bosses Day or Administrative Professionals Day and also make a great retirement gift.

Liven Up the Workplace with Funny Office Décor

Occupation gifts from the Warren Stratford collection look great on a desk, on a shelf, or in a cubicle. Funny office decorations can create a lighthearted and encouraging environment and even boost morale in the workplace. The person who receives the gift will be continually reminded of the work they do and the difference they make in people’s lives every day. Do you know someone who has just passed the bar exam or received their nursing or medical degree? Congratulate them on this special achievement with a matching figurine that lets them know that their years of hard work and effort have paid off. Whether they are given as a novelty gift or used as funny office décor, these figurines are sure to bring a smile to someone’s face.

About Warren Stratford and the Collection

Canadian artist and designer Warren Stratford is known for his comical and unique figurines. Each original piece is hand-crafted by Stratford himself with meticulous attention to detail and later hand-cast in high-quality polystone. Stratford then checks each piece personally to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards. Each sculpture in the collection is a limited-edition item, so act quickly and order yours while you can! In addition to his sculpture work, Stratford has worked as a character designer, animator, and storyboard artist for production houses throughout Canada, Taiwan, Japan, and China. His art has been showcased in galleries worldwide.

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