Dried Flower Wreaths

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Dried flower arrangements are a great alternative for consumers who want to be surrounded by the timeless beauty of flowers without the responsibility of watering. Our dry floral arrangements come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes to complement any living or commercial space. From wreaths to tabletop baskets, we have the arrangements that are sure to add a bit of nostalgic flair to any area. Buy our dry arrangements as a gift or incorporate them into your home as part of your decor. Let Kremp Florist guide you to the perfect cluster of dried flowers reminiscent of a meadow in fall.

Consumers opt to buy dried flowers over fresh flowers for many reasons. Low maintenance remains one of the main advantages of investing in dried floral arrangements. While fresh flowers require active care, like watering, dry flowers can be placed in an area for show immediately after receipt. Individuals also buy dried flowers because of their association with bygone eras. These flowers were widely popular during previous centuries, and their presence in homes often lends an air of tradition and vintage sensibility to a house’s interior. They can also provide a bit of floral pop and color to a home through every season, even when fresh flowers would otherwise be unavailable. Flowers that have been dried give consumers a way to access the beauty of exotic flowers native to other parts of the world.

Generally, dry flowers can remain vibrant and beautiful for as long as a year. Some types of flowers may even retain their color and look for several years after purchase if they’ve been properly maintained and stored. Given their durability, dried flower arrangements rank as one of the most cost-effective and smartest solutions when shopping for flowers.

Support the longevity of your dried floral arrangements by carefully considering your display and storage areas. Optimal spaces to store dry flowers include those that are free from heat and moisture. Additionally, the room where you intend to keep your flowers should be thoroughly cleaned and protected against the intrusion of pests before the flower arrangement is set as part of your decor.

To ensure that your dried flowers look as beautiful as the day they were bought, limit their exposure to the elements. Direct sunlight can quickly fade the colors off of the petals of some species of flowers. Moisture, humidity, and heat can compromise the structure of the flowers and the stability of dry floral arrangements. Opt to display your flowers in well-ventilated rooms with cool temperatures. Giving your dried flowers room to breathe often results in better and longer display potential.

At Kremp Florist, we have dry floral arrangements to suit every occasion. Browse our online inventory to find the perfect dried flower wreath, bouquet, or tabletop arrangement as a gift or for your home. Order online or call us at 1-800-34-KREMP for the fastest service possible.

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Dried Flower Wreaths

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