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  1. Horizontal candle by the hour

    Horizontal Candle By The Hour

    A unique way of burning candles, this horizontal style candle burns for 48 hours. Made of eco-friendly all-natural beeswax with a cotton wick. Not your ordinary candle! So unique that some people even keep it for decoration and don't burn it. Learn More
  2. Lantern style candle by the hour

    Lantern Candle By The Hour

    This lantern style candle burns for approximately 40 hours in a unique way. Simply adjust the clip to the amount of wax you want to burn and the candle will auto-extinguish once it reaches the clip. Great as a centerpiece! Learn More
  3. 80 Hour Candle by the hour Candle

    80 Hour Candle By The Hour

    Provide just the right amount of ambiance for just the right amount of time with this stylish candle. Simply adjust the clip to determine how long you want the candle to burn and the candle will extinguish itself once the flame reaches the clip. Learn More
  4. Beehive Candle By The Hour

    Beehive Candle By The Hour

    How cute! This wax candle looks like a beehive but allows you to control how much wick you want to burn. 3 inches of wax burns for approximately 1 hour. It even includes the fake bees as an added decoration. Learn More
  5. Hand lotion candle gift set

    Hand Lotion Candle Gift Set

    Two gifts in one! These unique, organic, hand-poured candles have a clean burn that creates a soothing scent. At the same time, the melted wax can be dipped into and used as a nourishing hand cream. No pain at all! A creative new type of candle! Learn More
  6. Cake Candelabra on cake

    Cake Candelabra

    Top your birthday cake with one of these sparkling cake toppers. A great way to make any birthday cake extra special! Learn More
  7. Scented porcelain heart home fragrance gift

    Home Fragrance Scented Porcelain Heart

    From Price:$7.99

    Our Home Fragrance Scented Hearts are made with essential oils and provide soothing scents to any room.

    Learn More
  8. Pine Cone Tea Light Set

    Pine Cone Tea Light Set


    Dress your tablescape this winter with a set of 6 pine cone tea lights.

    Learn More
  9. Poinsettia flower vase candle

    Poinsettia Flower Vase Candle

    From Price:$24.95

    Northern Lights scented Poinsettia Flower Vase Candle.

    Learn More
  10. Milkhouse candles scented gift

    Milkhouse Candle

    From Price:$12.99

    Fill any room with the beautiful clean scent from a Milkhouse candle, an all-natural soy wax candle.

    Learn More
  11. Woodwick scented candles

    Woodwick Candles

    From Price:$19.99

    Woodwick Candles are a great line of scented candles in hourglass shaped jars with a unique wooden wick that crackles when lit. This provides a soothing ambiance and flicker.

    Learn More
  12. Paddywax scented diffuser kit

    Paddywax Diffuser

    From Price:$27.95

    4 ounce, aromatic fragrance diffusers in assorted scents.

    Learn More
  13. Bayberry scented taper candles

    Bayberry Candles


    Bring good luck your way this year with our set of 2 Bayberry candles.

    Learn More
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Candles and other scented products make amazing gifts for both women and men. At, we recognize the popularity of home fragrance products and offer our clients an assortment of unique candle gifts. Items that you’ll find here in our online store may vary from time to time but will generally include luminaries, candles of various shapes and sizes, and diffusers. By offering our clients a variety of options including scents, we are ensuring that you’ll find the perfect candles. Gifts such as our scented candles are deliverable across the U.S. In addition, candles and other scented gifts may also be shipped to some U.S. territories and APO addresses.


Candles are an important part of relaxation, which is one of the reasons that they are such popular gifts. Scented candles not only aid in relaxation, but they also are a good way to set a mood or simply add a pleasant fragrance to one’s home. Because they come in so many different scents and shapes, candles can complement almost any decor. If you are looking for gift candles in a specific brand or scent but don’t find it on our website, there’s no need to worry. Call us or contact us by filling out our online contact form and we’ll be happy to assist you as best as possible.


Diffusers are a simple way to add clean fragrance to a room. At, we have a selection of diffusers available for our customers, including reed diffusers. Diffusers consist of fragrances kept in bottles that range from plain to decorative. These fragrances are released slowly into the air with or without the use of reeds. With reed diffusers, reeds are placed within the open bottle and absorb the scent, which is then released into the air. The scent remains until the fragrance eventually evaporates, usually over a matter of weeks or months. These make popular gifts, as they do not require an open flame to release the scent into the air. As a result, diffusers may be set in areas where candles are considered unsafe.

Placing an Order

Buy any of our scented products, such as gift candles, by first reviewing the details of the currently available items that are listed on this page. To review details about products of interest, simply click on the image or its “view item” button. Once you’re ready to purchase your gift, select the desired scent and/or color if applicable, pick a delivery date, and enter the recipient’s ZIP code. Click “buy now” to send your order to the shopping cart and either continue shopping or complete the purchase. It’s that simple! Why not send someone special a gift of candles or candle accessories today?

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