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Flowers have multiple purposes at funerals; they celebrate life, give comfort to the family, and honor the deceased all at the same time. Flowers symbolize the beauty of life and can represent your loved one in ways that words cannot. They can also convey your feelings toward the deceased. Funeral casket flowers are generally chosen by immediate family members, and they include not only the traditional casket sprays but also hinge sprays, pillows, rosaries, and adornments for the inside of the casket. Little touches like inside-casket flowers go far in showing just how much the deceased was thought of.

When you buy funeral casket flowers, consider flowers that reflect the deceased’s personality. Flowers for caskets featuring your loved one’s favorite flowers or colors are a wonderful way to do this. Adornments such as pillow crosses and rosaries can reflect your loved one’s faith, and patriotic flowers can represent service to the country. Small bouquets and pillows that lay inside the casket make touching displays from grandchildren and remind others of just how much the deceased was loved. Hinge sprays, wreaths, and adornments are wonderful ways to honor a person who loved gardening or nature, since the flowers and natural elements surround your loved one.

Another approach to deciding on flowers for caskets is to choose blooms with meanings that reflect your loved one’s personality. There is an entire language based on the meanings of flowers called floriography; for example, to represent a beautiful person strong in character, you would order coffin flowers including gladiolas and calla lilies. White lilies typically symbolize purity and majesty, and they are a popular choice for funerals. Additionally, you may want to choose flowers that represent how you feel about the deceased; red flowers such as the traditional red roses and red carnations symbolize love, while sweet peas mean goodbye. Chrysanthemums say “you’re a wonderful friend,” while the less-traditional sunflower represents adoration.

If you still can’t decide on casket flowers, arrangements can be chosen with the help of Kremp’s experienced funeral design department. Kremp also offers a variety of funeral flowers besides casket adornments to meet all of your needs; stunning casket sprays and arrangements are available in a wide assortment of flowers and price ranges. Kremp knows how difficult losing a loved one is, and with the convenience of browsing and ordering online, you need not even leave your home to choose flowers.

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