Mini rose corsage with ribbon
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W6-2851 True Happiness Corsage

SKU: C24

Brilliant red spray roses combined with a fancy gold ribbon create the True Happiness Corsage.

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I am about to purchase the True Happiness boutonniere and my date was going to purchase the True Happiness corsage for me. I was wondering if the pink here would best match the light pink or the dark pink listed for the boutonniere? I would hate for them to be two different color pinks. Let me know as soon as possible, thank you!
Question by: Bella Garritano
Great question. If you are ordering both at the same time, you can simply make a request in special instructions to match the pink color in both pieces. That way you know there won't be any issue. If you are ordering them separately, just go ahead and place the orders and email us. We will make sure the design makes them both to match.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
How long is does delivery take
Question by: Kelsey Merriman
We make deliveries every day. When you place your order, you select the delivery date from the calendar and your item will arrive on that day. Please let us know if you have any other questions. We are happy to help!
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)

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