Boutonniere and corsage combo package
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Boutonniere and Corsage Combo

We make it easy! This combo deal has everything you need to make your Prom night a beautiful one. One boutonniere and one wristlet corsage in matching colors. Your choice of colors!

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Product Questions

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Can this combo be made using orange roses
Question by: Charity ward
Yes, of course. Orange roses are not always in stock so please place your order in advance and we will get the roses ordered in for you. During the checkout process, you will get to a special instructions field. You can make the request for orange roses there.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
I need to trade the white shear ribbon with gold non-shear on both combo pieces. The colors of the combo have to white and gold. Can we do this?
Question by: Tony
Yes, of course! We custom make each of these to order so when you are in the check-out process, you will get to a special instructions field where you can enter any color choices or unique requests. We will pass that along to the designer. We look forward to filling your order!
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Around what time do you deliver ?

And if I got a day before how do I keep it from not going bad
Question by: Karina
Our deliveries arrive throughout the day. If you receive your order the day before, simply keep it in the fridge overnight. You can mist it was well to keep it moist.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Is it possible to get fake flowers? My prom date has a severe pollen allergy, and I just don't want to cause his allergies to flare up and make him miserable.
Question by: Katherine
Thanks for your message. Yes, we can definitely make these with silk flowers. I recommend giving us a call to place the order since this is a custom request.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Can you make this corsage in a smaller version for a little girl?
Question by: Shannon
Yes, of course. All of our corsages and boutonnieres are custom made. When you check out, you will see a special instructions field. Simply type in there that you would like this to made smaller for a little girl. You could even measure her wrist and let us know if you'd like. We will take care of it!
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Do you have rose gold ribbon, and do you think a peach color rose will be a good choice?
Question by: Kimberly Hathcock
Yes, we have ribbon in pretty much any color. As for recommendations, it is hard to say without seeing it and knowing the details of the dress color. Feel free to call us at 800-345-7367 and we can customize your order.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
does the corsage ribbon come in turquoise
Question by: Elvis Ambrocio
Yes, we have a turquoise ribbon we can use.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Hello, since the flowers are real... when should I have them delivered? My prom is April 29th, and I was worried that I'd get them too late or get them too early and they start to wilt. Please help!
Question by: Courtney
Great question. We make it easy. Simply click the calendar on the product page and choose the date of your event. That will ensure freshness. You could have it delivered the day before if you'd like but to ensure the highest quality, choose the date of your event. During checkout, there is a special instructions field where you can tell us the time you need it.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Do you have fancier wristlets (i.e. Rhinestones) for the corsage or are they standard?
Question by: Darlene Channell
Yes of course. Once you select your corsage and add it to your cart, the next step will show you some upgrade options for the band. We have lots of interesting, stylish upgrade options.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Will the roses be real?
Question by: Viviena
Yes, absolutely. This item is made with all real flowers.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
I was wondering if I can change the color of ribbon on the corsage?
Question by: Roberto De La Rosa
Yes, of course. During checkout, there is a special instructions field where you can specify your ribbon color request.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Is is possible to get the "Medium (Stem Wrapped)" boutonniere in this set?
Question by: Wendy Pritchard
Yes, absolutely. During checkout, you will get to a special instructions field. Simply type in there that you would like us to add the ribbon stem wrap to the boutonniere. Thanks!
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
I was wondering when will I get it the Day I ask for it to be shipped?
Question by: Arun Varghese
The date that you select on the calendar is the date your item will arrive. You can select any of the available days on the calendar and that is when we will have your item delivered to you.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Does the ribbon color you choose for the corsage, also come with the stem of the boutonniere wrapped in the same ribbon or do you have to write in the instructions?
Question by: Michelle Tuladhar
For this product, the ribbon is only on the corsage. If you would like the boutonniere stems wrapped, please let us know during checkout and we can add that to your order.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
About how big is the corsage? I don't want something way too big for my prom but I want something more than just a couple roses.
Question by: Courtney
These are a standard size. Typically one size fits most. If you would like it upgraded or downgraded, we can do that. Feel free to contact us with any special requests. We are happy to help.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)
Are the flowers real? The photo makes them look like fake flowers, and I don't want fake flowers for prom.
Question by: Amanda Winters
Not to worry. We wouldn't do that to you. All of the flowers here are real. We would only do silk if there was a request for silk. All of our artificial items are located in the artificial arrangements section in our gift shop.
Answer by: Chad Kremp (Admin)

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