From Spring to Winter: Wedding Flowers by Seasons


No matter what time of year you choose for your wedding date, there are perfect blooms for your special day. From your wedding bouquet to arrangements lining the aisle to beautiful centerpieces, you’ll want to find the perfect flowers for your wedding day.

Here are the best weddings flowers by season:

Wedding Flowers for Spring


Spring is one of the most popular seasons for weddings, since the weather is neither too hot nor too cold for an outdoor ceremony. An added bonus to a spring ceremony is the array of flowers in bloom.

  • Peonies are at their best in the springtime. Their softness, texture, and wide array of pastel shades make them an ideal choice for a romantic spring affair.

  • Roses are available in so many colors, it’d be a challenge to not find a flower to match your color scheme.

  • If you want a flower with texture and oomph, consider the purple climbing sweet pea as a beautiful accent bloom.

  • Lilacs are historically associated with childhood, first love, and romance so they will thematically suit your special day to a tee.

  • If you’re looking for something a bit brighter and edgier, ranunculus are perfect a pop of color.

  • Tulips practically scream spring, and they’re available in everything from pale pink to bright yellow and orange.

  • Then there are gerbera daisies—one of the cheeriest and sunniest flowers of all. Like tulips and roses, they also come in a wide variety of colors—not to mention, they evoke sunshine and happiness.

  • On a budget or want something simple? Hydrangeas and calla lilies are elegant, affordable options. Both are stalwarts in spring gardens so they’ll fit your seasonal choices perfectly.

  • If you want to kick up the simple elegance a notch, magnolias, one of the most famous spring blooms; look gorgeous as stand-alone pieces in a bridal bouquet or lining an aisle.

For the spring, popular flower shades include pink, purple, and white. Pastels are the best (and most available) choice for a spring wedding, reflecting the softer hues and temperatures of the season.

Many spring weddings are often outdoor affairs, but depending on average temperatures where you live, you might want to opt for the heartier blooms like roses, tulips, and daisies as opposed to more fragile flowers such as peonies and magnolias. Capture the spring-like sensation of blooming wildflowers, romance, and more with the light hues and romantic tones of seasonal spring flowers.

Wedding Flowers for Summer


Summer is all about long days and warm nights. Celebrate the season of your nuptials with blooms that are vibrant. Summer is the perfect time to opt for hand-picked blooms or wildflowers, since they are in such abundance at this time of year. In fact, more flowers are in bloom on the summer solstice than at any other point in the year, so the sky's the limit!

  • Wildflowers are the perfect way to opt for lighter hues if you’re not into the brighter blooms in season—choose peaches and cream garden roses, honeysuckle, and hyacinth for a wildly alluring summer bouquet.

  • Oriental lilies bloom in late summer and make for a contemporary, modern look for your bouquet..

  • Agapanthus are a beautiful blue choice for your bouquet—what’s more their name means “love flower” so they’re a perfect wedding pick.

  • If you need a scented accent that evokes the romance of your pairing, consider adding some lavender to your bouquet. The summer herb will add a splash of purple to any arrangement and the aroma is sure to be pleasing to all. You can even go a step further and have dried lavender surrounding your centerpieces or sprinkled down the aisle.

  • For a striking centerpiece consider delphiniums with their long floral spikes. They come in every conceivable shade of blue, as well as varying shades of white and pink.

  • Hydrangeas are still in season, but they are more fragile so be wary of using them in particularly hot climates or at a heavily outdoorsy wedding in the woods or at the beach.

  • Want something both striking and utterly eye-catching in color? Gladiolus or snapdragons are a favorite summer choice for their long, dramatic stems and their wide array of bright colors including magentas, purples, pinks, hot oranges and more.

  • Sunflowers are the epitome of the summer season, with their direct correlation to the sun. They suggest long, warm afternoons and happy, carefree days.

Flowers can also be used to connect to your wedding theme, not just the season. Many summer weddings are tropical or have a beach theme. If you have a beautiful ocean view, make an archway of flowers, palm branches, and more to evoke a sunny, sandy feeling that compliments your breathtaking vista. If you want a heavy seashore vibe in your decorating scheme, adorn your bouquet and centerpieces with seashells and blue-green accents to pick up the hints of the waves. For a truly tropical feel, consider lush island leaves like areca palm, elephant ear, papyrus, and winding passion flower vine.

Wedding Flowers for Fall


Many might worry that the fall is not an ideal time for wedding flowers—after all, we associate fall with the death of plants and the changing of the leaves. But never fear there are plenty of autumnal blooms to make for a perfect seasonal wedding. First off, you may want to consider selecting the colors of the season in your arrangements. Opt for browns, oranges, yellows, deep reds and more, colors we associate with fall leaves and the harvest.

  • Dahlias are a stunning fall bloom and commonly occur in shades of red, yellow, burgundy, and orange.

  • Chrysanthemums come in nearly every shade if you’re hoping to find a color scheme outside of golds, reds, and browns.

  • If you want more of a purple feel than the rustic shades of autumn, purple alstroemeria are a gorgeous fall bloom to shake up your arrangements with.

  • Thistle is a perfect accent bloom with its deep shades of purple. Similarly, eucalyptus leaves and branches are a perfect accent piece.

  • Don’t forget that roses are a perfect option year-round, so whether you want shades of pink and white or more on-point options of orange and yellow, you can’t go wrong with roses in your wedding flowers. Plus, they are a sturdier flower and will withstand any sudden drops in temperature should your wedding be outdoors.

Fall weddings often have a rustic feel, and it’s easy to find blooms that reflect that. If you really want to double down on the fall theme, you can take it a step further and accent your arrangements with large colorful leaves, acorns, wheat, dried greenery, crab apples and more.

Wedding Flowers for Winter


Finally, there is the winter wedding. Whether you’re having a cozy indoor fete or an outdoor wedding in a snowy landscape, there are still plenty of beautiful options available to you in the dead of winter. Whether you’re having a holiday wedding and want the greenery of the season mixed with red blooms, such as roses, or you want a more wintry affair, studded with silvers, blues, and whites, you can find the ideal flower for your winter celebration. Don’t feel you have to opt for a stark white feel either -- even if you want a wintry white color scheme, there are blooms in shades of antique white, ivory, and cream that will provide a lusher array of color.

  • If you want the look of peonies, which are not in season in the winter, try garden roses. They’re available year-round in a wide array of colors and they have a similar ruffled look as a peony.

  • You might think it’s difficult to find blooms that are in season in winter, but there are many flowers that bloom during these months, including anemones, ranunculus, and early blooming tulips.

  • Calla lilies begin to bloom in late winter so if you want something more streamlined and elegant, they are a lovely option.

  • Gardenias, with their lush scent and white blooms, are a beautiful and sensual winter choice.

  • Amaryllis is a lovely red bloom that suggests the festive holidays of the winter season.

  • Carnations are available in nearly any color, so don’t feel compelled to stick to white, blue, red, and silver color schemes.

Of course there are typical seasonal accents like pine branches, white tipped pine cones, mistletoe, and holly leaves, but if you want something less on the nose consider silver dollar eucalyptus, seeded eucalyptus, sage green lamb’s ear, blue-gray juniper boughs and silvery dusty miller. There are also pussy willow branches, with their soft, furry buds, they look like kitten pawprints. All of these add a frosty effect that reflects the winter season.

No matter the season, there’s a perfect wedding flower for you! From the bouquets, to the boutennairs, to the centerpieces, every element of your wedding flowers should reflect how you envision your special day.

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