Tying the Knot: The Big Guide to Types of Wedding Flowers

types of wedding flowers One of the hardest parts of planning a wedding is choosing the flowers. There are thousands of varieties of flowers to choose from, so it can be incredibly challenging to decide which ones are right for your big day. To narrow down your options, take a look at this guide to the different types of wedding flowers:

Types of Wedding Flowers:

types of wedding flowers


Roses are one of the most popular types of wedding flowers, which may be because they symbolize love, passion, and romance. Another reason why so many brides love roses is that they come in a variety of colors and can therefore complement many different types of weddings. Dark red and white roses are great choices for winter weddings, while yellow, pink, and coral roses are perfect for the spring and summer.


Hydrangeas come in white, green, blue, and various shades of pink. These flowers are large, so they are often used to create fullness in the table centerpieces. By placing a few of these flowers in your centerpiece, you can fill up a significant amount of space without breaking the bank.

types of wedding flowers


The peony is another large flower that is often used in centerpieces and bouquets. These flowers are brightly colored and have a strong scent, so they will definitely make an impression on wedding guests. However, the peony is a seasonal flower that is only available in the spring and summer. If your wedding doesn’t fall within these seasons, you will have to pay more to have these flowers imported. Since the peony is expensive even when it is in season, having them imported may put these flowers outside of your budget.

Calla Lilies

The calla lily is a uniquely shaped flower that is often associated with elegance and luxury. Many people use calla lilies in art deco inspired weddings because of the clean, simple lines of this flower. Although most brides choose creamy white calla lilies, these flowers can also be found in yellow, orange, and even a deep purple.

types of wedding flowers


Nothing screams summer quite like the sunflower, which is why many brides incorporate these flowers into their summer weddings. Sunflowers also symbolize happiness, so they’re perfect for your wedding day. Large sunflowers can be used in bouquets or table centerpieces, while smaller sunflowers can be used as boutonnieres. Sunflowers are typically less expensive than many other flowers, so brides on a budget may want to consider incorporating this flower into their big day.

types of wedding flowers


Having a spring wedding? Tulips are the unofficial flowers of spring, so they are often used in weddings that take place during this season. If you’re not getting married in the spring, you can still use tulips since they are typically available year-round. Tulips come in many different colors, including pink, white, magenta, red, and purple, so they will complement almost any theme. In addition, they are very affordable, which makes tulips a big hit with brides who don’t want to spend a fortune on flowers.


Many brides love the look of roses or peonies, but simply can’t afford to include these flowers in their wedding plans. Fortunately, brides can achieve the same look at a much lower cost with ranunculus flowers. These brightly colored flowers have the same fullness and sweet scent as roses and peonies, but they are far less expensive. Add these flowers into your centerpieces or bouquets and it’s very likely that your guests won’t even notice that they’re not roses or peonies.


Chrysanthemums are full flowers that can add a pop of color to floral arrangements. Orange, yellow, or white chrysanthemums are ideal for spring and summer weddings, while deep pink chrysanthemums complement winter weddings. The unique layout of the petals gives this flower a textured look, which will give your bouquets and centerpieces an extra special touch.

types of wedding flowers


If you’re having a tropical wedding, it’s wise to pick exotic flowers that fit the theme. One flower that works perfectly for tropical weddings is the orchid, which come in a variety of colors, including green, white, and purple. Orchids can be used in bouquets and centerpieces. Some brides even carry a single orchid with them down the aisle instead of carrying an entire bouquet of flowers.


The carnation is an inexpensive flower that can be used to add fullness to centerpieces without going over budget. These flowers come in countless different colors, so it’s fairly simple to choose a carnation that will complement your wedding theme. Although the carnation works well for all different types of weddings, it has become increasingly popular among couples who are planning vintage-inspired weddings.

types of wedding flowers


Rustic and country-inspired weddings are a major trend right now, especially in the south. If you’re planning a wedding with this theme, talk to your florist about incorporating daisies into your floral arrangements. The daisy is simple, charming, and gives off a woodsy, country vibe, making it perfect for this theme. Use this flower in bouquets, centerpieces, or even as boutonnieres for the groom and his groomsmen.

types of wedding flowers

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath used to be thought of as a filler flower, but it’s now taking the wedding industry by storm. Many couples love the tiny, delicate look of baby’s breath flowers, so they have started to pop up in centerpieces, bouquets, and on boutonnieres. Couples also appreciate the quantity of baby’s breath they can use in their wedding because it is so inexpensive. It’s also available year-round, so you don’t have to worry about having a hard time finding it for your big day.


Do you want to make a statement with your flowers? Anemones are breathtaking and edgy, so they’re perfect for brides who want to turn heads with their floral choices. The contrast between the blue-black centers and the pure white petals of anemones is eye-catching, and will definitely make your floral arrangements stand out. These are a great choice for formal weddings, especially those that take place in the winter.

Before meeting with your florist, reference this guide to the different types of wedding flowers. This guide will help you create a short list of flowers that you’re interested in so you know exactly what to tell your florist.

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