• Passive Income Through Marketing Different Business Reviews In Amazon

    It’s a fact that every person related to digital workfield want to be an entrepreneur. Most people ignore the value of passive income chasing this dream. To start your own business it is not essential that you have a lot of money in the bank, business experience or a college degree. Any business can become the next major empire, if you are willing to work hard, have strong plan and the desire to see it through.

    Remember, we are living in the age of internet and social media. If you are trying to follow your passion by starting your own business, we know how easy it is for your situation to look like a hopeless cause. But believe us, every multi-million empire had started from scratch and your business is not so different. Maybe this is the perfect time for you to start your business today and it will become a giant one day.

    Running your own business is a great idea, there are many other ways that you can use to earn online while only investing your time and effort. This kind of income is also called passive income. In our definition, a passive income is an online business that you made, which allows you to earn and grow. This kind of business doesn’t require physical appearance. Passive income is a business that you build online, that can be set easily and you can generate income overnight.

    Now the question you may be asking yourself is that, is it really possible? The answer is simple, yes it is. With this line of work you don’t need a huge investment to get started. But you need to understand that this business is not as easy as it seems. Some people make the false impression that it is a quick and easy way to earn money online but the reality is opposite. You need some solid strategy, hard work and patience, if you want to make it a consistent source of income.

    Here are some easy and reliable ways from which you can earn from, by making reviews on Amazon products.

    Make Reviews on Amazon.com

    Amazon is one of the giants in online sellers that currently offer over 400 million products to online shoppers. So apparently Amazon is offering products in almost every aspect of life and thus by far the most popular choices for shoppers.

    There are multiple ways to earn from Amazon including selling physical products with Amazon FBA or commonly known as Amazon fulfillment services. But we are here to learn how to earn online without involving products or selling. So the best way to earn from Amazon is to write reviews for Amazon. It is obvious that a customer can easily get confused with so many choices, so obviously he/she started to look for the product with best ratings and reviews.

    That is why Amazon has introduced an extensive review system that allows them to collect feedback from the customers about the product they purchase. These feedbacks determine the quality and effectiveness of any product which significantly increase sales.

    Why Reviews are Important in Amazon

    These ratings and reviews also determine the order in which products are displayed on Amazon, when a potential customer makes a search on their database. The product with the most positive reviews and rating placed higher on the search result page. This is the reason why brands and companies are desperate to collect positive Amazon reviews.

    Some time companies asked to make an honest review for their product and you are free to say if you liked their product or you were not satisfied with its results. These kinds of reviews are generally not beneficial for the reviewer and can only get you a discount coupon or entry in a contest.

    For companies it is not easy to get a positive review from a satisfied customer. Sometimes an amateur reviewer makes a negative review about a brand when it was the fault of the seller or the shipping company for their negative experience. To counter these reviews companies are forced to buy genuine positive reviews from professional reviewers.

    The Process of Making Reviews

    Writing reviews on Amazon is a sure way to make money online. You have to find a niche something like novels and books. Then start writing reviews, you will get around $3 per review and you might get 20 reviews per month. We agree that this not much and cannot be done as a full time gig but as a passive income it really sounds good.

    Posting Reviews on Your Website

    Another way to make money from Amazon reviews is to post them on your own website. In this method, you make a website in which you add positive reviews of the products available on Amazon. This method is more useful in building a long term business, where people buy products after reading your review. This method is also called affiliate marketing.

    In this method you will get compensated for each purchase, rather than each review. This can become a steady source of income for you because when you write a long review of a product and posted it on your website, it stays online forever, until you decided to put it down yourself or shutdown the website. You can simply increase the traffic on your website so more potential customers read your reviews and make purchase with the affiliate link that you shared with each review. This way you will start earning steady revenue on regular basis.

  • Best Gifts You Can Give to a New Graduate

    Graduating is one of the most important milestones in someone's life, and sometimes, finding the perfect gift for the event can be challenging. To help you, we put together a list of graduation gift ideas that will get you a nice thank you note:

    A Bouquet of Flowers

    Go classic by giving a bouquet of a flowers. Remind them of how proud you are of them, and today, you can now send it through delivery so it’s pretty convenient. You can send it directly to their door, so you both get all the sweetness without any hassle.


    Go big or go home! Giving  a car can really take your generosity to the next level. Think about this as the best gift you can ever give to any graduate going to places.

    And don't worry, you don't have to break the bank to make a grand gesture. Auto loans are common these days. For one, Auto Credit Express is a car loan lender that you can easily apply to, regardless of your credit score situation. No matter the state of your credit report, they can get you connected with a dealership that will give you the best deals. Read this review of Auto Credit Express to get you started.


    Yes, giving appliances today is not for marriage occasion anymore. New graduates love receiving things that will work in their new apartment, so grab your wallet and head on to the nearby IKEA or Home Depot, or shop online. Just make sure to pick something that will be really useful like an instant pot, the Amazon Echo or even a nice blankets.

    Classy Pen

    Timeless and stylish, an engraved pen is perfect for anyone that is starting their careers. This symbolizes new responsibility and big commitment. .

    A Nice Work Bag

    You can never go wrong with giving a really nice work bag. Get something that has flawless construction, high-quality materials, and next-level organization structure. Also, make sure to buy a bag with durable fabric that will protect valuables from rain-soaked commutes. Today’s generation needs laptop comparable and the likes.


    A luxurious watch? A Smartwatch? Take your pick. All working adults know that is important to be always on time for important interviews and meetings. Now, help them have this work habit ingrained without a hitch.

    Plus, a watch is a classic, work-appropriate accessory that makes outfits all sophisticated.

    An Instant Coffee Maker

    Help your new graduate to find the bliss of having their coffee ready in the morning. Instead of going to coffee shops, they can now grab theirs in the comfort of their apartment.


    For all people starting their careers, setting goals is crucial for achieving success. Give them a new journal to help them find and reach their goals for their new adventures.

    Work Clothes

    Blazers, slacks, suits, neckties — the list goes on. Work clothes add assurance and confidence, and help them create their new wardrobes by giving one. To get the measurements right, make sure to ask them or just take a great guess.

    Good ol’ Cash

    Yes, you read that right. Its ongoing bad rap as a gift is definitely not justified. Not when it comes to people that need funds to jumpstart their career.  Plus, it’s not only easy for the giver but also valued by the lucky person on the receiving end. You can give it as cold cash or even via Paypal.

    If you’re hesitating to give cold cash, you can also opt to shell out for a gift voucher or cash card.

  • SEO Strategies for Digital Brand Marketing for Online Referrals

    We are living in an era where advertising is everything. To prove that let’s look at some hard facts.

    Referral program help companies close deals faster.

    The conversion rate is 16% higher of a new referral customer than a non referral customer.

    92% of the e shoppers trust recommendations from the people they know.

    That is why every enterprise and organization keeps searching new ways of online seo referrals to snag more customers. For most brands, the problem is making strong referral marketing strategy. Referral marketing is the key to take full advantage of word of mouth marketing. The following guide will help you make a solid referral marketing strategy to leverage your loyal customers and boost your profits.

    What is Referral Marketing

    Let’s take a look at some of the basics of referral marketing:

    Targeted Sales: Referral marketing is the key to get the right audience for your landing page. In a study, it reveals that 14% of the referred customer will actually convert into sales.

    Elevate Trust: Customer these days are more conscious when it comes to online shopping, so they are always on a lookout for the reviews and feedbacks to determine which brand to trust.

    Brand Recognition: In this digital age, referrals have become more valuable. Now there are more ways to spread the word, like people do on Instagram, Twitter or many other social media platforms.

    Tips for the Perfect Referral Marketing Strategy

    Now you know why referral marketing is important. So naturally, the next step is to figure out how to make the best referral marketing strategy for your brand. You can transform your existing clients into a prefect brand ambassadors by giving them the right nudge. Here is how you can make it happen.

    Make Strong Relations: The first step is to make strong business relationship with your clients. You have to get closer to your clients so that they will not hesitate to put their reputation on the line while referring you to a friend or family.

    Introduce Rewards: Brand loyalty reward is the perfect referral strategy. You will notice how offering few rewards can boost the morale of your brand among your customers and compulse them to refer you further.

    Affinity & Transparency: Good relationships with each provider is another good referral marketing strategy. You can take advantage of the affinity between a company and its customers.

    How to Engage Your Referral Marketing Ambassadors

    Right online presence to support your clients is another strong referral marketing strategy. Here are some tips that will nudge your customers to refer you to their peers, friends and family members.

    Active Customer Support

    Customer support is the backbone of your brand’s performance and reputation. Your customer love to be heard and want you to solve their problems related to your product or services. To create a lasting impression, your customer support services needs to be responsive and authentic. Create an environment where all the customers are getting the same attention from your brand. This will help your customers feel more familiar with your company and satisfied with your products and services.

    Make Referring Easy

    World is moving fast and customers have no time or patience to fill lengthy forms just to refer you to their friends. So make the process easy so that they can join your referral marketing plan easily. Offer some reward on each referral. You will get more in return from your referral marketing strategy if you make it easier and more exciting for your customers.

    Use Influencers

    It is not always necessary for you to engage a celebrity as an influencer who refer your product to people. There are many other influencers available out there with specific audience radius, that can make a positive impact on your referral marketing campaign. Keep in mind that your customers like to see you connected with respected and celebrated people.

    Make it Fun

    Life has become too busy.  We all work long hours, putting more effort in our carrier and struggle to find fun in our lives.  So have a little fun with your ambassadors by arranging a referral contest for them. You can offer a special prize to the one with most referrals before a deadline or you can add points system with your referral marketing program to encourage your ambassadors to submit new referrals.

    Finally, referral marketing is the best SEO strategy in digital brand marketing. The most successful aspect of referral marketing is inbound sales. No one can encourage someone to purchase from a specific brand. To make the right impact, your online seo referral marketing strategy needs to be systematic. A study by the University of Chicago reveals that gift incentives are 24% more effective when you want to improve your advocacy.

  • Advantages of Playing Video Games

    A recent research indicates that playing video games has long lasting positive effects on human brain. These effects includes boost in memory, attention, perception and decision making. This research mainly involves playing action video games. The reason behind these positive effects is that in these games you have to make quick decisions, move rapidly, keep track of many items and complete different tasks while holding complex information in mind. These actions help boost your reflexes and intelligence.

    This research is based on two strategies correlational and experimental.

    In the first correlational research, regular gamers are compared with people who don’t play video games. In this cognitive test, the gamers outperform the non-gamers in every task that were assigned to them. These results suggest that playing video games was the cause of gamer’s better performance but the proof was not concrete. It is possible that the people who choose to play video games may already have superior abilities and intellect.

    These doubts were removed with the proof that video gaming improves these abilities. In an experiment non gamers were asked to play a certain game for a couple of hours per day, for some days. The result came as after playing this game for some days these people’s basic abilities and reaction time improved dramatically. While the people who didn’t played remain the same.

    Playing video games with the right equipment is essential if you want to enjoy them as well as learn from them. Not all of us can afford the expensive video gaming gear available out there but that doesn’t mean that you stop playing your favorite video games. You can easily find budget gaming monitors and other equipments online that can easily run the latest games for you.

    Let us discuss more result of this research to determine how much playing games can affect us and how.

    Improvement in Visual Processing

    The study indicates that by playing an action video game fifty hours per week, you can improve your visual contrast sensitivity. It means that you can easily distinguish subtle differences in shades of gray.

    Treatment of Amblyopia

    Amblyopia also known as “Lazy Eye” is a visual disorder that is mostly found in children’s and if not treated it can result in the loss of eyesight. In 2011 an experiment was conducted that involves some adults with this disorder to play action video games with only the eye that has this disorder. A group with same disorder did other things with the good eye covered like watching television or knitting.

    The result shows that those who played video games made remarkable recovery compared to the others. Some of the people made 20/20 recovery that were in the gaming group. Their ability to coordinate input from two eyes to see depth was restored to normal.

     Improvements in Reflexes

    • These tests reveal that playing action video games can improve your ability to locate. You will be able to quickly identify any object in a field of distracters. This ability is directly related to your driving ability.

    • Children and adults who play action games can keep track of moving objects that are visually identical to other moving things far better than non-gaming persons.

    • In this study they learned that the persons who occasionally played action video games are less impulsive than non-gaming peoples. Action gaming people can refrain from acting irrationally and make decisions more accurately after studying the situation in real life.

    • One study showed that people suffering from dyslexia had improved their reading and writing scores considerably by playing video games for few hours. These improvements were greater than the ones achieved by other training programs explicitly designed to treat dyslexia.

    • Video games also improve our executive functioning. This ability allows us to distribute or mental resources like attention, memory and perception in a way that we efficiently assess situation and solve any problem. Successful experiments were made by playing video games to improve executive functioning of many individuals.

    • Another study showed that by playing video games one can improve his multi task attribute battery, which helps him perform multiple tasks at the same time. This ability is highly useful in performing complex tasks like piloting an aircraft.

    • In this research we also found that by playing action video games you boost your ability to switch rapidly between different tasks even if they have conflicting demands.

    • Our mental flexibility like memory, reasoning and attention decrease as we grew older. An experiment with elderly participants shows that by playing action video games they improved these abilities.

    Improvements in Skills Related to Jobs

    It is been proved many times with different studies that by playing video games, you can improve your job performance. It is highly beneficial in jobs which require good eye-hand coordination, excellent memory, attention and quick decision making. For example a study indicates that people with playing video game experience can fly and land aerial drones much easier than non-gaming professionals.


    There are two sides of every story. While increased screen time can harm your eyesight, a sensible use of video games can also be beneficial in many ways. So if you are a parent who wants to keep your children away from video games because of the claims of their harmful effects, you must also take these facts in account that we have mentioned above.

    All these research indicates that negative effects of video games are mostly myths and positive effects are real. You can help develop your child’s brain and boost their mental skills by letting them play video games for a couple of hours each day and we all know how important these skills are in today’s world.

  • Tying the Knot: The Big Guide to Types of Wedding Flowers

    types of wedding flowers One of the hardest parts of planning a wedding is choosing the flowers. There are thousands of varieties of flowers to choose from, so it can be incredibly challenging to decide which ones are right for your big day. To narrow down your options, take a look at this guide to the different types of wedding flowers:

    Types of Wedding Flowers:

    types of wedding flowers


    Roses are one of the most popular types of wedding flowers, which may be because they symbolize love, passion, and romance. Another reason why so many brides love roses is that they come in a variety of colors and can therefore complement many different types of weddings. Dark red and white roses are great choices for winter weddings, while yellow, pink, and coral roses are perfect for the spring and summer.


    Hydrangeas come in white, green, blue, and various shades of pink. These flowers are large, so they are often used to create fullness in the table centerpieces. By placing a few of these flowers in your centerpiece, you can fill up a significant amount of space without breaking the bank.

    types of wedding flowers


    The peony is another large flower that is often used in centerpieces and bouquets. These flowers are brightly colored and have a strong scent, so they will definitely make an impression on wedding guests. However, the peony is a seasonal flower that is only available in the spring and summer. If your wedding doesn’t fall within these seasons, you will have to pay more to have these flowers imported. Since the peony is expensive even when it is in season, having them imported may put these flowers outside of your budget.

    Calla Lilies

    The calla lily is a uniquely shaped flower that is often associated with elegance and luxury. Many people use calla lilies in art deco inspired weddings because of the clean, simple lines of this flower. Although most brides choose creamy white calla lilies, these flowers can also be found in yellow, orange, and even a deep purple.

    types of wedding flowers


    Nothing screams summer quite like the sunflower, which is why many brides incorporate these flowers into their summer weddings. Sunflowers also symbolize happiness, so they’re perfect for your wedding day. Large sunflowers can be used in bouquets or table centerpieces, while smaller sunflowers can be used as boutonnieres. Sunflowers are typically less expensive than many other flowers, so brides on a budget may want to consider incorporating this flower into their big day.

    types of wedding flowers


    Having a spring wedding? Tulips are the unofficial flowers of spring, so they are often used in weddings that take place during this season. If you’re not getting married in the spring, you can still use tulips since they are typically available year-round. Tulips come in many different colors, including pink, white, magenta, red, and purple, so they will complement almost any theme. In addition, they are very affordable, which makes tulips a big hit with brides who don’t want to spend a fortune on flowers.


    Many brides love the look of roses or peonies, but simply can’t afford to include these flowers in their wedding plans. Fortunately, brides can achieve the same look at a much lower cost with ranunculus flowers. These brightly colored flowers have the same fullness and sweet scent as roses and peonies, but they are far less expensive. Add these flowers into your centerpieces or bouquets and it’s very likely that your guests won’t even notice that they’re not roses or peonies.


    Chrysanthemums are full flowers that can add a pop of color to floral arrangements. Orange, yellow, or white chrysanthemums are ideal for spring and summer weddings, while deep pink chrysanthemums complement winter weddings. The unique layout of the petals gives this flower a textured look, which will give your bouquets and centerpieces an extra special touch.

    types of wedding flowers


    If you’re having a tropical wedding, it’s wise to pick exotic flowers that fit the theme. One flower that works perfectly for tropical weddings is the orchid, which come in a variety of colors, including green, white, and purple. Orchids can be used in bouquets and centerpieces. Some brides even carry a single orchid with them down the aisle instead of carrying an entire bouquet of flowers.


    The carnation is an inexpensive flower that can be used to add fullness to centerpieces without going over budget. These flowers come in countless different colors, so it’s fairly simple to choose a carnation that will complement your wedding theme. Although the carnation works well for all different types of weddings, it has become increasingly popular among couples who are planning vintage-inspired weddings.

    types of wedding flowers


    Rustic and country-inspired weddings are a major trend right now, especially in the south. If you’re planning a wedding with this theme, talk to your florist about incorporating daisies into your floral arrangements. The daisy is simple, charming, and gives off a woodsy, country vibe, making it perfect for this theme. Use this flower in bouquets, centerpieces, or even as boutonnieres for the groom and his groomsmen.

    types of wedding flowers

    Baby’s Breath

    Baby’s breath used to be thought of as a filler flower, but it’s now taking the wedding industry by storm. Many couples love the tiny, delicate look of baby’s breath flowers, so they have started to pop up in centerpieces, bouquets, and on boutonnieres. Couples also appreciate the quantity of baby’s breath they can use in their wedding because it is so inexpensive. It’s also available year-round, so you don’t have to worry about having a hard time finding it for your big day.


    Do you want to make a statement with your flowers? Anemones are breathtaking and edgy, so they’re perfect for brides who want to turn heads with their floral choices. The contrast between the blue-black centers and the pure white petals of anemones is eye-catching, and will definitely make your floral arrangements stand out. These are a great choice for formal weddings, especially those that take place in the winter.

    Before meeting with your florist, reference this guide to the different types of wedding flowers. This guide will help you create a short list of flowers that you’re interested in so you know exactly what to tell your florist.

  • The History of Mother's Day Flowers

    Did you ever wonder about the history of Mother's Day’s flowers?

    Spring is usually associated with the revival of nature – beautiful flourishing gardens and green landscapes come to most people’s minds when they hear the name of this season. But besides the adorable gardens, people often think about one of the most popular spring holydays – Mother’s Day. The founder of Mother’s Day is Anna Jarvis who was born in West Virginia and remained childless her whole life. This lady organized the first Mother’s Day celebration and used carnations which were the favorite flowers of her mother to honor everything mothers do for their children and for the society.

    mini carnations Lightly fragrant long lasting miniature carnations

    Anna Jarvis’s mother – Mrs. Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis inspired her to celebrate Mothers Day as she had often expressed her wish to honor all mothers’ contributions. So when Anna’s mother died in 1905, she decided to fulfill her desire and put an end to most American’s bad attitude to their moms. Carnations’ role in Mother’s Day begun when Anna sent 500 carnations to the church in West Virginia in honor of her mother. Mrs. Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis found carnations as darling garden care flowers so her daughter used them to symbolize her love and sorrow of her mother. People were so impressed that they supported Anna and start lobbying with her for Mother’s Day to be announced as an official holiday. After the holiday was declared in 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson florists and gardeners saw a great business opportunity and started selling excessive amounts of carnations a few days before the celebration. Anna Jarvis stood up against this practice and were really hurt by the commercialization of her mother’s favorite spring garden flowers. In 1923 she even tried to stop the celebration of Mother's Day by disturbing white carnations sellers, but eventually got arrested for her public order violation.


    standard carnation - mother's day flowers Carnations were the original symbol of Mother's Day

    Anna Jarvis undertook a campaign against the U.S. Postal Service’s stamp depicting white carnations that was published in the 1930s for Mother's Day. She wanted the words “Mother's Day” to be removed from the stamp, but did not have an objection about the carnations. Nowadays giving flowers for Mother's Day have become a traditional way for people to express gratitude for their mothers’ care, love and kindness. Carnations are still the most sought flowers for this holiday and have turned into its emblem. Their endurance and purity made them even more popular on Mother's Day. Gardeners cultivate new colors of carnations almost every year, but red, white and pink remain the most common ones. For instance, wearing a white carnation is to honor a deceased mother, wearing a pink carnation is to honor a living mother. The colored flowers are gifted to a living mother, while deceased mothers are most often honored with white carnations that people bring to their grave sites. In Japan, for example, red carnations are the typical Mother's Day flowers. In addition to the beautiful flowers, contemporary celebrations of Mother's Day including children serving breakfast in their mothers’ beds and giving them different types of gifts. This special day is very profitable not only for the gardening industry, but also for plenty of restaurants as families do not allow mom to cook the dinner.

  • The 5 personality traits for the perfect arrangement

    Did you ever wonder why some people love one flower arrangement, while others prefer a different one? Here are the 5 personality traits that can help you pick or design the perfect arrangement--

    Many years ago, the floral industry did research to determine the different personality traits that define consumers style purchases.  It was determined that we all fall into one of these categories-

    • Exotic
    • Dramatic
    • Natural/Outdoorsy
    • Romantic
    • Traditional

    We here at Kremp’s feel it is important to have selections to meet each of these desires.  None are exclusive of age, gender, geographic local or economic status.  In fact floral gifts can be made in each category for any price, any color and any size for any occasion.  Some examples of how these differ are the following:

    exotic personality trait Choose this arrangement for someone with exotic tastes!

    1. Exotic Most times these are bold colors, reds, yellows, oranges, purples and blues, with tropical flowers.  Anthurium, Birds of Paradise, Dendrobium orchids, Protea and “jungle like” foliage

    Dramatic arrangement of orchids for dramatic personality Arrangement of orchids for the person who loves the dramatic.

    2. Dramatic These arrangements are the ones that would conjure up feelings of a high style elegant party; bold lines, monochromatic colors such as all white, arrangements that focus your eye on individual “Dramatic” flowers such as Gardenias or Cymbidium orchids

    Sunflowers and daisies are perfect for the outdoor personality Casual and fun-- daisies and sunflowers!





    3. Natural/Outdoorsy This is somewhat self-explanatory; grasses, Sunflowers, Daisies, Snapdragons all arranged in an informal design

    romantic arrangement personality trait Nothing says romance like red roses!



    4. Romantic

    Although the most obvious choice here is Roses and there are so many great colors that can be used in addition to red, tulips convey this same feeling as will assorted flowers in soft shades of pink and lavender.

    Traditional personality Arrangement for Traditional mixed seasonal flowers in vase







    5. Traditional

    Here we have the category that covers most occasions and most people.  These are the arrangements that are designed with an assortment of seasonal flowers, usually in a round bouquet; red and white at Christmas time, yellow and orange for the fall and Thanksgiving, bright daffodils, iris and tulips in the spring and any number of varieties in the summer.

    As you scroll through our website you will see many options in each category.  Different occasions can warrant different designs.  If you are not certain as to the style preference of the recipient of your gift, feel certain that anything you select will make anyone “feel special”

  • Goodbye Easter, Hello Spring!

    Goodbye Easter, Hello Spring! The Easter bunny has hopped on by yet we are still stuck in 40 degree temperatures. The bright side of it is that we are expecting 78 degree weather on Friday! Secretaries Week is just a few weeks away and Mother's Day will be here before we know it. A lot of exciting things are happening at Kremp.com. New products galore! We are ready for the Spring holidays and you can be sure to find the right product for your special occasion at Kremp.com! While our Easter blub plants are now on their way out, our homegrown annuals should be here in a few weeks. We can look forward to lots of geraniums, petunias, impatiens, verbena, lobelia, marigolds, sweet potato vines, vinca vines, assorted garden herbs and veggies and much, much more from our own greenhouse. We will be getting in patio pots, hanging baskets, and flats for sale. We love this time of year at the flowers shop, as there is just so much to look forward to!

    Do you have any comments for future blog posts?  Ask the Experts?  Looking for plant or flower care?  Post your comment on the blog here and we will see what we an do!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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