The 10 Things Your Mother REALLY Wants for Mother's Day


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Milton Berle once said “If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?”, and I have to wonder the same thing. As one of four boys, I have to admit that no day of the year is as hard earned as Mother’s Day—even though my brothers and I never gave my mother a moment’s trouble! Your mother gave you your life plus a lot of her own so it is only fair to make this one day of the year super special for her. Are you stumped on what to buy your mom for Mother’s Day? Relax; I have ten great gift ideas for you. I guarantee there is a gift for moms of all ages, stages, and interests.

Flowers and Plants

Giving flowers and plants on Mother’s Day is tradition—after all, who doesn’t like flowers? Select from beautiful bouquets, houseplants, or even garden plants for moms that love gardening. The number of plants to choose from may seem overwhelming, but you can’t go wrong choosing her favorite flower or color. If you are still puzzled, just ask your florist’s advice; we specialize in stuff like this!


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I personally have never known a woman that didn’t like jewelry, and it is another one of the most popular gifts for Mother’s Day. For sentimental moms you might consider mother’s rings or other jewelry representing each child. For trendy moms, bold bright chunky bracelets and necklaces for summer are in. Of course, there is always the colored macaroni necklace…

Bath and Body Products

Moms seem to love things that smell good. If you know mom’s favorite perfumes or bath products, this could be a great gift. If you don’t, well, this could be a risky gift since what smells good to one person may not smell so good to someone else. Candles and scent warmers are another option—choose a variety of scents, and she is bound to like one.


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Gift certificates for massages, facials, manicures, a trip to the spa, or spa gift baskets make excellent gifts for new mothers, moms of young children, and moms of teens. These are all stressful stages of motherhood and I hear that time alone to unwind is much appreciated.

Fitness Goods and Gadgets

If you have a mom that loves fitness, consider getting her a fitness tracking gadget such as the Fitbit or Basis. These wearable devices can track exercise, sleep, and even nutrition. If mom is into yoga, consider a fancy new yoga mat or for runners, or a gift certificate for a new pair of shoes (let’s face it, most of us do not know our mother’s shoe size or preference).


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Sentimental Gifts

I’m not talking about smashed dandelions and misshapen pottery here (although some moms love those things!). Photobooks, photo mugs, and photo jewelry always make touching gifts especially for sentimental moms. Handprint plaques and fingerprint jewelry are also options, along with family tree prints. Grandmothers tend to really enjoy these gifts too! For older children that live away from mom, nothing is better to mom than taking the time to go see her or calling her on the phone.


Okay, this may seem very out of place for a Mother’s Day gift, but this is directed at the husbands and significant others of the brand new moms out there. Taking care of a new baby is all consuming and stressful. Sometimes, new moms would give anything to go out to dinner wearing something besides spit up stained sweat pants; or, take the baby to a sitter and have a romantic evening in after giving her wine and flowers.

Hobby Related Gifts

If you have a mom with a specific hobby such as cooking, gardening, or quilting, there are all kinds of gadgets to choose from. The trouble is knowing which she already has and which she wants. You may want to ask someone who knows her well for ideas, or sometimes gift certificates are a great choice. When giving a gift certificate, it’s a good idea to include something personal as well like taking her out for a picnic, or something small and personal like a poem or special card. Most people love gift cards and gift certificates, but a few crave something personal in which case you are covered.

Gourmet Food and Drink

Who doesn’t appreciate fine foods and drinks? Edible arrangements, tea gift baskets, wine of the month clubs, and other gourmet food items are great ideas for food and drink connoisseurs. There are many to choose from—hopefully after all these years, you’ve noticed what your mom likes to eat or drink.

A Day Off

I have heard many moms say that this is what they want most of all! A day where the kids and dad do all the cooking and cleaning while pampering mom with breakfast in bed and much needed rest is priceless. Throw in a bouquet of flowers and score extra brownie points!

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