The Most Romantic Flowers To Celebrate The New Year

romantic flowers

New Year’s Eve is always an exciting holiday to celebrate, filled with fun parties, bubbly champagne, and a sense of excitement for the year to come. Whether you’re celebrating by doing something fancy with a group of friends or if you’re spending an intimate night with your significant other, one thing to enhance your celebration is a vibrant arrangement of romantic flowers.

In honor of the upcoming new year, we’re dedicating today’s post to deciphering which flowers make the best romantic bouquets to gift to a loved one as you ring in the new year and which to highlight in a special centerpiece to liven up any party.

Romantic New Year’s Bouquets

Celebrating a great year behind you and an exciting year full of promise ahead of you with a loved one is no small feat, and it should be done with style and a sense of adoration! The first flower that, of course, is highly romantic is a simple yet elegant rose. You can never go wrong with this floral staple, and for this holiday, we recommend pairing a mix of white and red roses (great colors for the season!) with lush greenery for something your significant other will truly treasure. Red roses are known to be a symbol of a lover’s flower as white roses signify humility and innocence - which is a perfect way to go into a new calendar year.

Another romantic flower to feature in a NYE bouquet is the white chrysanthemum, which have a meaning particularly pertinent to the start of a new year. These flowers are said to symbolize optimism and joy, their petals standing for truth and loyal love. For this holiday, though, avoid the yellow version of these flowers, as that represents slighted love.

romantic flowers

Purple Paradise Bouquet

The final recommendation we have to fill your NYE bouquet with is a white dittany. This floral variety holds the meaning of love, frequently gifted to someone as a symbol of their passion. The white color is great for the holiday, and paired with a bold color like red, purple, or yellow, this flower is sure to make a loved one smile their way into 2018.

Flowers Fit for NYE Centerpieces

Want some flowers that are perfectly suited to adorn a sparkly and seductive NYE centerpiece for your stellar party (or to bring to a friend’s party as the ultimate hostess gift!)?

A centerpiece that includes white lilacs makes for the perfect NYE arrangement. Not only is this flower fragrant and beautiful to behold, but its color represents youthful innocence and purity, which provides a great outlook for the near year to come.

romantic flowers

White Lily Centerpiece

To add a pop of color to your centerpiece, consider adding in gillyflowers. Their purplish hue will add an element of fun to your party, while their significance is a great one to incorporate into a New Year’s Eve celebration. These flowers are a symbol of a happy life as well as one that represent one being content with his or her existence. As an added bonus, this flower has a sweet and heavy scent for all of your guests to enjoy.

The final flower we recommend as part of your centerpiece is a yellow acacia. This bright, happy, and versatile flower is one that will make a statement while simultaneously symbolizing the value of friendship. This meaning makes it the perfect addition to any celebration enjoyed with loved ones.

To make your centerpieces swoon worthy and festive, adorn them with glittery accents or tie the base with a shimmery ribbon to really make a statement. Add in touches that match the season such as snow frosted pine cones or bursts of red berries. Surround your centerpieces with lit candles to create a seductive ambiance.

Celebrating the new year is an exciting time, and adding flowers to your celebration will do nothing but make it that much more alluring! Ring in the new year with style, romance, and flair by creating the perfect bouquet or centerpiece for the occasion.

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