Happy Mother's Day! Flowers, Gift Baskets, DIY, and More

1 Did you know the very first national Mother’s day was over 100 years ago on May 9th, 1914? Woodrow Wilson established it in order to publicly thank all mothers. In those early days, most people observed Mother’s Day by writing letters or going to church (in fact, the actual first Mother’s Day was hosted by a church in West Virginia).

While most of us still continue to write cards and letters the same way as a century ago, the tradition has expanded to include special Mother’s Day flowers, gifts, and more. Plus, Mother’s Day is not strictly limited to celebrating one person. You might be getting a gift for your mother, stepmother, wife, best friend, or a family member. The list goes on.

So, with Mother’s Day is right around the corner, this is your time to show that someone special how important she is to you and we’ve got tons of ideas to get your gift-giving started!


Mother’s Day Flowers

Flowers are the classic go-to for Mother’s Day. They are simple, beautiful, and an easy way to send a gift when you can’t be there in person to celebrate.

Getting Started

Many online florists offer a host of bouquet options to quickly send a floral arrangement. For your own mom, something traditional and colorful will really make her smile, while your spouse you might surprise her with a dash of romance. If you are having trouble deciding between different bouquets, many florists are happy to work with you to customize your order. Some things to think about as you shop…

  • What are her favorite colors or flowers?
  • Does she like to nurture the plants herself, or would she prefer flowers in a decorative vase or arrangement?
  • Is she allergic to any flowers or pollen? No mom wants to spend Mother’s Day with a runny nose!

Luckily, you can still give the gift of flowers to someone who is allergic, as there are flowers that are non-allergenic, and some gorgeous artificial arrangements available, too. For moms who also love the garden, a potted plant is even better than a bouquet or arrangement. An aloe plant can nurture the whole family with its leaves or an orchid can provide an exotic accent to your mom’s life.


The Right Message

Flowers have their own language! This is called the Victorian Language of Flowers, which was a system of codes used by lovers to convey messages to one another in secret. Each flower has a different meaning and symbolized something unique in the messages each bouquet sent. Many of these symbols carry on today, such as roses representing love or lilies and carnations representing motherhood. Getting to know the meaning of the flowers will help you find or build the perfect bouquet for your loved one.

The Right Color

On top of the symbolism behind each flower, there is also meaning behind the color. Pink and red, for example, are colors of love, while white can represent purity and innocence. A bouquet with pink roses and carnations can make a great gift from a husband, while young children might opt for white flowers instead. Even without all of this, a pretty combination of gorgeous color can brighten anyone’s Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

Let’s face it, flowers are great but sometimes you might want to give a little more. Moms love gifts, and moms also love to be pampered, especially on Mother’s Day! There are so many creative gift basket ideas that the selections can be dizzying. We’ve narrowed down some favorites she is sure to love:

Pamper Her

Whether a day at the spa or the spa at home, it can be very simple for Mom to pamper herself for Mother’s Day! You can create a DIY basket with bath salts, soaps, lotions, and aromatic candles so Mom can relax in the bath while the family handles the tough jobs. Treating her to a day out is as simple as putting together a few necessities for a day of pampering, crowned with gift certificates or cards covering the basics. You can also find all-inclusive bath and body baskets, like this one, that can be delivered.

Treat Her (Literally!)

The way to Mom’s heart can be through her taste buds. A basket of chocolates often makes an appearance for Mother’s Day, or you can get creative based on Mom’s tastes. A tea sampler basket can enhance a quiet morning, with a cute mug to drink it from.

Give Her What She Wants

An activity basket of her favorite hobbies, such as sewing samplers, recipes, or even wine is a great and simple way to show her you care. Toys and games will always have meaning, with the bonus that they can be enjoyed over again for years to come. Craft supplies, books, movie tickets--and at the end of the day the opportunity to spend time as a family is all she really wants in a gift basket.


Mother’s Day Gifts From The Kids

Every mom has macaroni necklaces, hand-outline turkeys, refrigerator art, or something similar as tokens of her children’s creativity and affection. Get the kids involved in making a handmade gift for Mother’s Day! Besides the sentiment, crafting can lead to some fun group activities, especially if there is something meaningful behind the craft - for example, upcycling old fabric from worn-out clothing into keychains or jewelry, or or using copies of family photos to make a collage celebrating her vital role in the family.

Older children and adults are not excluded from the fun; making something for Mom can include more sophisticated crafts, too. Creative expressions of affection for mom can include building her something, putting on a performance just for her, or sending her on a Mother’s Day scavenger hunt through her favorite places.

The more personal the gift for Mom, the more she will love it. Whether you get something custom or make something yourself, knowing her favorite things will help make the gift the best gift ever.

Moms nurture us like flowers, and when we bloom, it is in no small part because of them. They deserve our appreciation and love for the tremendous job they do for us, and Mother’s Day is the perfect time of year to celebrate the amazing women in our lives who do so much for us. Whether you buy her flowers and gifts or make something unique for her yourself, remember Mom this Mother’s Day and show her your love and affection.

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