• The History of Mother's Day Flowers

    Did you ever wonder about the history of Mother's Day’s flowers?

    Spring is usually associated with the revival of nature – beautiful flourishing gardens and green landscapes come to most people’s minds when they hear the name of this season. But besides the adorable gardens, people often think about one of the most popular spring holydays – Mother’s Day. The founder of Mother’s Day is Anna Jarvis who was born in West Virginia and remained childless her whole life. This lady organized the first Mother’s Day celebration and used carnations which were the favorite flowers of her mother to honor everything mothers do for their children and for the society.

    mini carnations Lightly fragrant long lasting miniature carnations

    Anna Jarvis’s mother – Mrs. Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis inspired her to celebrate Mothers Day as she had often expressed her wish to honor all mothers’ contributions. So when Anna’s mother died in 1905, she decided to fulfill her desire and put an end to most American’s bad attitude to their moms. Carnations’ role in Mother’s Day begun when Anna sent 500 carnations to the church in West Virginia in honor of her mother. Mrs. Anna Marie Reeves Jarvis found carnations as darling garden care flowers so her daughter used them to symbolize her love and sorrow of her mother. People were so impressed that they supported Anna and start lobbying with her for Mother’s Day to be announced as an official holiday. After the holiday was declared in 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson florists and gardeners saw a great business opportunity and started selling excessive amounts of carnations a few days before the celebration. Anna Jarvis stood up against this practice and were really hurt by the commercialization of her mother’s favorite spring garden flowers. In 1923 she even tried to stop the celebration of Mother's Day by disturbing white carnations sellers, but eventually got arrested for her public order violation.


    standard carnation - mother's day flowers Carnations were the original symbol of Mother's Day

    Anna Jarvis undertook a campaign against the U.S. Postal Service’s stamp depicting white carnations that was published in the 1930s for Mother's Day. She wanted the words “Mother's Day” to be removed from the stamp, but did not have an objection about the carnations. Nowadays giving flowers for Mother's Day have become a traditional way for people to express gratitude for their mothers’ care, love and kindness. Carnations are still the most sought flowers for this holiday and have turned into its emblem. Their endurance and purity made them even more popular on Mother's Day. Gardeners cultivate new colors of carnations almost every year, but red, white and pink remain the most common ones. For instance, wearing a white carnation is to honor a deceased mother, wearing a pink carnation is to honor a living mother. The colored flowers are gifted to a living mother, while deceased mothers are most often honored with white carnations that people bring to their grave sites. In Japan, for example, red carnations are the typical Mother's Day flowers. In addition to the beautiful flowers, contemporary celebrations of Mother's Day including children serving breakfast in their mothers’ beds and giving them different types of gifts. This special day is very profitable not only for the gardening industry, but also for plenty of restaurants as families do not allow mom to cook the dinner.

  • Last Minute Lazy Christmas Presents

    Well it is finally that time of the year again, when landscaping and gardening take a back seat to the holiday cheer and winter time that bring about one of the most fun and exciting times around. The holidays are finally here. The clock is ticking down toward Christmas morning and that eventual gathering or party that you will need to attend; getting presents for all your friends, family and loved ones can be a real challenge. Purchasing a gift can take time and you may not have it right at this time, so you will need to find new solutions. For the most part this can be done in many ways and the good news is you can still come out as a great gift giver, but the truth is you will need to look carefully into specific presents for specific people you know as the situation usually warrants.

    Red Holly Berries Holly Berries

    Here are some ideas you can use in terms of presents that could make a difference in the long run, allowing you to make Christmas a time when you still enjoy yourself without worrying about that perfect present that needs to be given to your friends and family. You won’t have to do any great planting and gardening for the following examples, since you can find most of what you need without pulling it off with landscaping efforts. Just look for the closest florist for a great time. Despite this ticking clock you can still make this work with a few smart touches:

    Don’t forget the flowers!

    A pretty simple solution that is often overlooked, but holiday flowers are a major part of the celebration and cheer, as well as setting the mood for the days ahead. They bring out that very special festive air around the house and the office, bringing joy to the faces of most people regardless of whether we are men or women. Flowers are still one absolutely unforgettable part of the Christmas spirit, so you won’t make a mistake counting on them:

    • Mistletoe

    One thing we can be certain about is that mistletoe is still in style and chances are it will never go out of style at all. The tradition of hanging this plant that grows on apple trees and willow trees is dating back to the days of the ancient Druids. The plant is supped to possess magical powers bringing good luck to any home and to keep evil entities at bay. It was often used as a sign of friendship and love in Norse myths where the kiss under the mistletoe originates.

    • Decorating the table

    Decorating the table with some nice festive Christmas flowers and a centerpiece using white, green and red will make for a very nice present that doesn’t go too far in terms of preparation. As the day gets closer you will have a chance to make the perfect centerpiece in any way you want.

    Christmas table centerpiece Candle and greens centerpiece
    • Entertaining kids

    If you need to do this, then you can make use of plushies with a Christmas theme in your arrangements, such as the usual suspect – the red-nosed reindeer. Combine that with some flowers and card messages and you will have a nice set of quick gifts that don’t really require too much work to pull off.

    Last Minute Lazy Christmas Flower Presents2 Winter themed mug with candy canes
  • The Different Colors of Poinsettias


    Christmas is almost around the corner and you better have all your decorations set straight. You can get on with the holiday décor and keep up the holiday spirit up with plenty of colors strewn around the house. And if you want to combine those colors with the natural beauty of plants and make use of all the reliable gardening you did this past year, then put in use some of the poinsettias from your garden. The poinsettia is actually one of the best Christmas decors you can get and even give as a present, as is often the case, especially if you are aware of the traditional relation between the plant and the holiday. And the best about them beside the easy planting and growing? All the wonderful colors of poinsettias you can get.

    Two toned poinsettia Unique Poinsettia Colors

    The red poinsettia is the most common one. The red bracts (yes, they are bracts and not leaves or petals) can grow in any shade of the red spectrum, from crimson to scarlet to burgundy to bright red and so on. It is the color of passion and one much needed and preferred during the holidays to match the high spirits of the family and the celebratory mood. And surrounded by red poinsettias is probably the best place to stumble under a mistletoe.

    You can also have a blue poinsettia. Those are a rarer variety and hardly kept within the house, but with some care and a subtle knowledge of garden maintenance tricks, you can keep them away from the winter frost – yes, contrary to popular belief, poinsettias can actually live in the open cold air of the cold seasons, even if it does require a certain amount of work. And the blue bracts don’t necessarily have to signify glumness and sadness, it can merely reflect the outside season you are keeping away from the warm atmosphere inside.

    White Poinsettia Beautiful White Poinsettias

    And what a joy cream and white poinsettias are! Christmas is often associated with angels and cherubs and the white bracts can be bright enough to symbolize the winged creatures watching over the house while giving the home the brilliant aesthetics your Christmas mood requires.

    Then there are also the bright yellow to dark golden colors. They are also colors of Christmas, in a way. It is a sign of the wealth you have in terms of family and joy, and the one that awaits you come next year. The yellow poinsettia is a promise and therefore a symbol for hope – and just as Bob Cratchit would tell you, what better time to have hope than in the holiest of holidays?

    Poinsettias can also be orange, pink, pale green, and even purple. Those might not be associated with the holiday, but all of them are brilliant images that can occupy your home’s main décor in any other part of the year.

    Hot Pink Poinsettia Bright Pink Poinsettia Plant

    There you have it, a flower, as legend has it, practically made for the Christmas days up ahead. They barely need a lot of attention, with no need of weed control, nor wasting time in trimming and hedging. Give it some sun to shine upon the colorful bracts and water it occasionally, and your perfect decoration piece will flourish to gift you with its own holiday cheer.

  • The Best House Plant Gifts for Christmas

    As exciting as the holiday season can be, finding the right gift for your friends and loved ones can be a daunting task. If you’re looking for a house warming present, then a beautiful potted plant is a great idea, not only for those with a green thumb. A flower or a mini shrub is both a simple and unique gift that can last for years.  Looking for inspiration? Keep reading to find out the best house plant gifts for Christmas.

    Close-up of poinsettia flower Poinsettia Bloom


    Potted Plant Gifts

    Not all indoor plants are created the same. Unless you’re buying present for someone you know has an experience with gardening, you should to keep things simple. The best greenery to give as a gift should be both beautiful and easy to maintain. So what types of plants make a good present?

    Here’s a list of some of the most popular Christmas house plants that look great and require minimal care.

    Amaryllis– The amaryllis blooms in the winter and produces beautiful bell-shaped flowers in red and scarlet, as well as in pink, salmon, rose, white and bicolor.

    Succulents– Succulents are not only a huge trend right now, but also demand very little care. These plants are ideal for people who tend to forget about watering or have time for indoor gardening. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be collected into an attractive and personalized arrangement.

    Aloe– Speaking of succulents, aloe deserves a special place in this list. This popular plant can survive with little amount of water and has amazing hydrating and soothing properties.  You can use it to treat burns and bruises or to moisturise your skin.

    Cyclamen– This is another great option for the cold weather choice. With its unique and attractive look, cyclamen can be a stunning gift for someone special.

    Orchid– This elegant and sophisticated plant can please anyone, but only if the recipient is familiar with orchid’s specific care.

    Lucky Bamboo– Bring luck and joy to your loved ones by giving them this plant as a gift. Not exactly a bamboo so much as dracaena, the lucky bamboo plant can grow in a vase full of water or a decorative pot near a sunny window. It is believed that the greenery brings happiness and prosperity.

    Air Plants– Do you want to make a really unique gift? Air plants are the best choice for lazy gardeners because they require neither dirt nor watering. A regular misting will keep them healthy and happy wherever you place them.  Be sure to click this link of you are looking to buy Christmas air plants.

    Christmas Poinsettia Plant Christmas poinsettia in pot

    Poinsettia– An all time Christmas classic, the poinsettia will bring cheer and holiday spirit in every home.

    Lavender– Who wouldn’t love to have this beautifully fragrant plant at their place? The lavender blooms will add gorgeous purple accent indoors or in the garden.

    Potted Herbs– Combine functionality and aesthetics in one gift with a set of versatile potted herbs. Oregano, rosemary or peppermint can add some plant life into the setting and will provide fresh cooking ingredients.

    This Christmas, make a really meaningful and special gift with one of these beautiful house plants.

    Festive Christmas Garland Christmas Garland
  • 8 Festive Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Your Table Display

    Create a real feast for the senses by setting up rich, colourful and versatile Thanksgiving table this season.  These 8 festive Thanksgiving centerpieces for your table display will give you inspiration for the upcoming holiday. Provoke your perception with visually pleasing and delicious treats. If you don’t believe long-held wisdom that “you eat with your eyes” it’s time to put into test by incorporating these elegant and easy to make Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas. You will need a couple of natural elements, candle holders and some imagination.


    Festive Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Boots
    1. Fall Charm

    In the spirit of the season, decorate your table with typical for the season accessories like white pumpkins, pine-cones and gourds. If you don’t want to spend money on decorations, you can even use the remaining of your garden clean up. The pops of orange and gold will give a festive look to your Thanksgiving dinner.

    1. Pumpkin Vase

    If you are one of those passionate and expert gardeners, who have wide range fruits and veggies in their backyard, then you are lucky. You can use them not only as an addition to your festive meals, but also as amazing decorations. Here is a simple, inexpensive and eye-catching idea that will turn into the highlight of your holiday table. Take a medium pumpkin, carve the innards and put a vase in it. Fill it with gorgeous seasonal flowers like roses, mums and broom cob.

    1. Casual Set Up

    Who said that the festivities must be formal?  Give your Thanksgiving table a laid-back look with a diverse cheese platter, fruits and some Mason Jars filled with fall foliage and chestnuts. Then when you are done with the snacks you can swap the cheese plate with the turkey.

    Baskets of Goodies for Thanksgiving


    1. Bold and Dramatic

    If you don’t want to stick with the traditional autumnal palette, you can experiment with brighter and more intense tones. Create vibrant and beautiful table by incorporating unexpected colour combinations such as reds and pink. Add a bouquet of purple, orange, deep green and light pink. Spread around the table various fruits and veggies to evoke the feeling of opulence.

    1. Neutral Beauty

    Nothing screams class like an unobtrusive and elegant look like the muted and neutral shades. To create a classy fall table-scape pick tones like golden, white, silver, brown and beige. Don’t be too fast to throw everything after the garden clearance. Create a glorious centerpiece out of a golden mercury candleholder, stems and flowers that you like, fall pumpkin, gourds and other natural elements from your garden. Use floral cutters and stick everything to half round foam. This centerpiece will add class and style to every Thanksgiving dinner.

    Autumn Gourds in Centerpiece
    1. A Cosy Glow

    You don’t need expensive or over – ornamented holiday table, to create a cosy, intimate and festive atmosphere. A couple of scented cinnamon candles paired with season themed ornaments like pine-cones can set up the right mood. If you are going for more sophisticated look, pick glimmer mercury-glass tea lights.

    1. A Glassware of Seasonal Mementos

    Run out of ideas for details? Need to craft something effective without investing a lot of efforts and time? Here is the perfect solution for you.  Get glass containers that vary in shape and size and tuck nuts and pine-cones in them.

    1. Show Your Gratitude in a Centerpiece

    Remind your family about the true meaning of the holiday with this clever table centerpiece.  Have each member of your family to write down something about they are grateful on a leaf shape. You can cut them out of a construction paper in autumnal colors. Then make a hole in a each of it and tie on a string. Then hang each leaf on a branch that you can either paint white or leave natural. Place the branch in a tall vase filled with small rocks, nuts and acorns.

  • Red, White, And Blue! Flowers For Your Fourth of July

    Red, White, and Blue!

    Photo by Jo Naylor (Flickr)

    Why not include the garden this year when decorating for your Fourth of July festivities? There is no shortage of red, white, and even blue flowers; however, finding combinations of flowers that bloom at the same time during the Fourth of July can be a chore. Not to worry: I have compiled a list of red, white, and blue flowers for planting as well as cutting that are as striking as fireworks and longer-lasting. The only problem you will have is deciding which flowers to choose!

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  • The 10 Things Your Dad REALLY Wants for Father's Day

    Shine Health Tracker

    Photo by: Bjorn Ognibeni (Flickr)

    Is it just me, or does it seem harder to buy gifts for dads than moms? Many fathers work very hard for their families and they deserve the perfect gift. How many times have you given Dad a tie that you never saw him wear? If you are ready to try something new, here are ten fresh ideas – there is sure to be one that suits your dear old dad!

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  • The 10 Things Your Mother REALLY Wants for Mother's Day


    Photo by: Oveja (Flickr)

    Milton Berle once said “If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?”, and I have to wonder the same thing. As one of four boys, I have to admit that no day of the year is as hard earned as Mother’s Day—even though my brothers and I never gave my mother a moment’s trouble! Your mother gave you your life plus a lot of her own so it is only fair to make this one day of the year super special for her. Are you stumped on what to buy your mom for Mother’s Day? Relax; I have ten great gift ideas for you. I guarantee there is a gift for moms of all ages, stages, and interests.

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  • Flowers Are The Perfect "Thank You" for Your Staff on Administrative Professionals Day

    In my opinion, few people are more deserving of a day dedicated to them than administrative professionals. They are responsible for keeping businesses running and organized, and they often are the face of a business as well. American businessman Harry F. Klemfuss recognized the importance of this position in 1952, and along with the National Secretaries Association, he created Secretaries Day, which today is known as Administrative Professionals Day. This day is the perfect time to show your appreciation with a gift, and flowers are the perfect choice for many reasons. Secretaries Day is always the Wednesday of the last week of April; this year, it is on April 23rd, which is right around the corner.

    Spring Appreciation Bouquet

    Photo from:

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  • Easter Week at Kremp Florist

    It's Easter week at Kremp Florist and the shop smells like spring with all the hyacinths, tulips and Easter lilies! I just love this incredible time of year and I wanted to capture it all on camera. I've posted a few pictures I took around the shop this morning for you to enjoy!

    Assorted Easter Plants in the flower shop


    Easter Lilies and Hydrangea plants


    Easter Ilies, tulips and hyacinth plants

    Easter has always been my favorite time of year at the flower shop. Just the smell of all the wonderful bulb plants brings back memories of growing up in the shop. There's nothing like the sweet smell of nostalgia from all the Easter lilies, hyacinths, tulips, and other blooming plants we have. It really does get me in the spirit of the season and remind me that Spring is right around the corner. All the other pretty accents like pussy willow, butterflies, eaggs, and bunnies help get me in the Easter spirit too. There's nothing like walking in in the morning to a showroom full of blooming plants and lovely fresh cut flowers to remind me that Easter inly comes once a year and we should savor the season and enjoy eevery moment.

    Have a Happy Easter, everyone. Leave a comment below telling me your favorite Easter flower!

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