7 Gift Basket Theme Ideas Perfect For Spring

gift basket theme ideas

Is there anything that says springtime better than a spring gift basket? The two are so intertwined that baskets are inevitably associated with Easter, flowers, candy, and gifts. Easter is also not the only springtime celebration. Mother’s Day and most school graduations take place in springtime as well. Plus, all the vibrant greenery and blooming flowers make springtime its own celebration!

Any occasion is a good time for a springtime gift basket. With lots of events to celebrate, there is a gift basket idea that is perfect for every loved one you know!

For some inspiration, check out these 7 ideas for gift basket themes:

Spring Into Business

Many businesses celebrate milestones for either their employees or clients. These include work anniversaries, exceeding sales goals, or making a major purchase, such as a house or a car--all of which can be commemorated with a gift basket.

Realtors, for example, can give a “new home” welcome basket with a welcome mat or some wine and cheese. Car dealers can hand over the keys with a basket of car fresheners and dashboard wipes. Teachers can make baskets for almost any lesson, from the ABCs to nature to disaster preparedness.

Nature’s Basket

Springtime sees the blooming of colorful and beautiful flowers, making every day a great day to give someone a gift basket. Flower baskets make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day, since flowers are a popular gift for Mom on her special day. Flowers make everyone feel good (it’s a fact!) and flower baskets are stuffed with a rainbow of beauty that can brighten anyone’s day. Take a cue from Nature and consider flowers to celebrate springtime!

gift basket theme ideas

Sports Fans

A lot of sports start their seasons in the spring, and fans all over rejoice. Gift baskets for sports fans are easy to make or even buy. Just about anything with the team’s colors or logo can go into a basket with small items of team merchandise such as a cap or towel. Even flowers or candy can fit the bill to celebrate the start of your favorite team’s season!

Play Into Fantasy

A lot of outdoor activities recommence during springtime, and zombie runs are one craze that a lot of people are participating in. Make your own zombie run for the kids and kids-at-heart in your family with a zombie-themed basket. Other role-playing games can work as well - chase down orcs with a fantasy-themed basket or prepare to encounter aliens with a sci-fi themed one. A mystery-themed basket can lead the whole family outdoors and even around town for a fun scavenger hunt. Make-believe is a lot of fun for everyone, and a gift basket can give your loved ones all the props they need to make their adventures come to life!

Make a Garden Grow

Flowers and nature are always a great way to celebrate springtime, and lots of green thumbs come out to awaken their gardens from a  long winter’s nap. You can help give them a boost with a gardening basket, complete with small tools, some seeds, or gloves. For a DIY project, these can even be assembled using a watering can as a basket, perfect for your favorite gardener!

Sweet Treats

Fun for the whole family, a basket of baking items can make an adventure in the kitchen. Assemble the ingredients for a variety of items, such as cookies, brownies, or fudge; or you can put all the focus on one item, like a cake with sprinkles and other decorations. This is a great idea for Mother’s Day or birthdays, and Easter-themed baskets can include egg candies or hot cross buns.

Arts and Crafts

While springtime is known for growth and the outdoors, a large part of all of this nurturing of nature is the replenishing rains - the same ones that keep people indoors, almost guaranteeing bored and cranky kids. Baskets with arts, crafts, and word puzzles can bring sunshine to anyone’s rainy day. Generalized games (and a few little snacks) can be the ticket to a fun day indoors. You can also assemble the materials for a special craft, such as a cross-stitch pattern with all the threads and beads, especially for older children and adults. Give inspiration to a veteran of the craft or teach it to someone new with a gift basket!


Gift baskets are good for any occasion, even if the occasion is just a way to tell someone you care about them. Springtime provides plenty of reasons to give a gift basket to a friend, loved one, or even a co-worker or client. With the above themes or some of your own, you can get a gift basket perfect for spring!

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