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    It’s almost time for Mother’s Day. Unlike Valentine’s Day, which is often reserved for those in romantic relationships, we all can celebrate Mother’s Day, whether we’re celebrating a mom still with us, honoring her memory, or showering an honorary mom with love.

    Mother’s Day is the perfect time to surprise her with a special gift that shows her just how much you care. One of the most beautiful and versatile gifts you can choose is a gift basket -- with a basket full of hand-selected items to fit your mom’s interests and hobbies, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Here are some great options for the perfect gift basket for any type of mom.


    Spa Baskets

    Odds are your mom needs to relax and deserves a day of pampering. If you can’t take her to a spa, take the spa to her with a relaxation themed gift basket. Arrange or purchase a basket full of soothing lotions, bubble bath, face masks, bath salts, candles, and more.

    You can choose her favorite scent and build a basket around that, whether it be rose-scented products, a refreshing Cucumber Melon gift set, or a Lavender themed basket. If you’re unsure what scent is the best option, lavender is always a safe bet as it’s scientifically proven to aid in relaxation and calming, as well as improve sleep. You can also opt for an even more general theme and pick a wide range of complementary scents with a miscellaneous basket like the So Serene Spa or Bath and Body baskets. No matter what scent or amalgamation of products you choose, a spa basket is sure to be a hit with a busy mom who longs for some quiet time.


    Wine Baskets

    Let’s face it -- every mom could use a drink once and awhile. And many moms are connoisseurs of wine or beer, belonging to a wine club or having a favorite brewery. Or maybe your mom has a favorite cocktail of choice. Build her a gift basket that lets her imbibe with her favorite liquid treat.

    If she’s a wine lover, give her a basket featuring her favorite wines, some delicious cheeses, and perhaps some perfect wine accessories, such as a bottle opener, cork, aerator, and more. Perhaps she prefers beer to wine? It’s just as easy to put together a basket of her favorite brews, complementary peanuts/snacks, and other fun beer-themed items. Or maybe she prefers the hard stuff? Martinis, Margaritas, or any range of cocktails? Build her a basket with her favorite cocktails, including a beautiful glass, a fine label of her favorite liquor, and all the fixings to make several cocktails that use it as a base. We all need to pick our poison sometimes -- make it a luxurious treat for your mom.


    Tea and Coffee Baskets

    If your mom prefers the comfort of a warm beverage to alcohol, make her a basket with her favorite teas and coffees. The basket could range from anything to a selection of teas with a delicate teacup and matching saucer and other tea related items (accompanying cookies, a tea timer, etc.) to a sampling of new and exotic coffee and teas.

    You could choose one of our tea baskets or samplers, or you can build your own depending on what your mom likes. If she’s an Anglophile, build her a basket with a London themed tea cozy, a cute tea towel, and some classic black teas. Maybe she loves South American coffees? Build a fun gift set that includes delectable coffee beans, a unique mug, and some delicious biscotti to pair with the coffee. No matter what she likes, there’s a warm beverage basket that’s perfect for her.


    Food Baskets

    One of the most straightforward form of gift baskets is a more traditional fruit or snack basket. Companies from the likes of Edible Arrangements to Harry and David offer a wide range of gift baskets in this category. You can opt for something simple like an assortment of delicious fruit or a sampling of cheeses, crackers, and dips, or you can find something really unique that fits your mom’s interests.

    If she’s really into cooking or baking, make her a gift baskets that features a cookbook, recipe cards, and some of the crucial ingredients. If she’s a baker, you can include cookie cutters, spatulas, or more. Throw in an apron or other fun accessories for good measure.


    Movie Lovers Baskets

    Is your mother a cinephile? Or maybe going to the movies is her favorite way to relax? Give her a movie-going gift basket. The sky is the limit here -- you could opt for an at-home movie night and include a DVD or Blu-Ray, a box of popcorn, some movie candy selections, and maybe even a special blanket or something fun she can use to snuggle while she’s watching the film. Or if she prefers to do out to the multiplex, take a different approach.

    Give her a movie gift card, a certificate for the concessions stand, and consider something unique like a special frame in which she can keep her favorite ticket stubs. For good measure, throw in Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide or another film-themed book that will help her learn more about the movies she loves and decide what to see next.


    Book Lovers Baskets

    If you mom prefers the library to the movie theater, consider getting her a book themed gift basket. This is another one that you can be very creative with and tailor specifically to her interests. Build a basket around her favorite author or genre -- include gift certificates to a local independent bookstore (maybe promise to go with her as a special outing), a new book (or two or three), bookmarks, a reading light, and more.

    You can find fun items to throw in like a candle that smells like the pages of an old book or library card themed socks. Every time she uses one of the items or reads the book, she’ll think of you.


    Hobby Baskets

    If none of these sound like a good option, consider making a super special basket tailored to your mother’s interests and hobbies. Does she love going to the beach? Make her a supersized gift basket with a beach towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, and more. Perhaps she loves to garden? Voila -- a flowering gift basket of seed packets, gardening gloves, a new shovel, and more. Maybe she’s more a crafty person and likes to sew or do mosaics or something of that ilk? Fill a basket with trinkets and treats that she needs to update her supplies. You can create a gift basket around any theme or hobby!

    If you think about it, a gift basket is really just a fancy way of gathering together a bunch of presents around a theme -- but it’s a thoughtful, beautiful gift. It shows you’ve taken the time to think about your mom and select something that’s totally her. What’s more -- the arrangement of a gift basket makes for a really stunning and special present. It’s much more exciting (and lovely) than a series of individually wrapped presents. Plus, if you’re giving something like food or beverage items or a spa package, it ties everything together naturally. It’s like putting a bow on it without actually doing it! So, surprise your mom with a special gift basket this Mother’s Day!

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