Why buy a special arrangement from a florist when cheap flowers are available everywhere?

This question could be answered by other questions-

  • Why should anyone buy designer clothes when off-the-rack ones are available?
  • Why should anyone spend the money for original art when mass produced decorative accessories are available.
  • Why should anyone buy fine wine when low priced ones are available?
  • Why should anyone stay in a four star hotel when a lesser one is available?

The answer to all these is the same, some people appreciate the finer things in life.  It is easy to save money by not buying luxury.  The difference to the answers to the three above from the one about flowers is that everyone can afford the luxury of the artwork expressed in a well-designed flower arrangement.  The purpose behind a florist’s activity is to create a very special feeling in the minds of those who will enjoy the fleeting experience of having an arrangement in their lives.  There is a bonus when the floral arrangement has been given as a gift and that is that it also creates joy for the giver.  Passing along good wishes is a wonderful thing.  Nothing can do that better than a piece of unique artwork created by a talented designer.

This is the magic of design and it is carried through the beautiful creations of nature.  There is still value in bringing home a bunch of flowers whether from the super market, a street vendor or your local florists.  However, for those very important events in our lives nothing creates the emotional experience that is delivered by a unique, professionally designed artistic floral arrangement.

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