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From an intricate centerpiece at a wedding to a romantic Valentine’s Day bouquet, flowers are more than just a household decoration. Flowers are essential to celebrating special moments and bringing joy into a loved one’s life.

At Kremp, there’s nothing we know better than flowers. The passion behind our business revolves around building a strong community that allows us to play a very personal role in your lives and relationships. Here’s a little bit more about the story of Kremp and how we came to be the passionate online florist business you see today.

The History of Kremp

Online Florist

The history of Kremp goes back over 60 years and spans across three generations. Our company began with the goal of helping those in our Philadelphia community express their inner-most feelings and thoughts to their loved ones, and that guiding mission continues to remain at the heart of our business. Service, quality, and a commitment to satisfaction has allowed us to thrive over the years. You can even see Kremp Florists featured on ABC’s The Goldbergs! Yes, we were neighbors of the Goldbergs in the 1980s and it was just as hilarious as you saw on television.

While floral arrangement trends may have changed many times throughout the years, a few things remain constant: our yearn to make a floral arrangement a meaningful exchange, our ability to take a client’s vision and bring it to life, and our commitment to helping our clients to express their feelings where words fall short!

The Vision Behind A Successful Online Florist

Online Florist

The mission of Kremp centers around the idea of making each and every customer feel special. Our departments offer an extensive line of gifts and seasonal flowers, but you can always find exactly what you need with our custom arrangements.

When you explore our Seasonal Arrangements, you’ll find the most popular seasonal blooms to match the time of year. With Fall upon us, all of our arrangements include fun details like this Country Pumpkin bouquet in a ceramic pumpkin base or this Deluxe Cornucopia filled with bright sunflowers and roses, perfect for Thanksgiving dinner!

We also thrive with finding new ways to innovate our designs even in non-floral and edible gift baskets. Our edible gift baskets, for example, include a Sweet Smiles candy bouquet for the sweet tooth in your life or even a Fresh Cheese Making kit for a chef friend!

With so many options, we know that whatever you choose to give is going to be a personal and thoughtful gift. That’s why we do love what we do. The secret to our unwavering passion? Seeing our community thrive each and every day.

Kremp and the Community

Online Florist

Today, we’re passionate about who we serve, and without our client base, we wouldn’t have the strong presence that we boast today. We value the fact that we are continuously trusted to take part in our clients’ most precious moments of life: celebrating the union of love, honoring a loved one’s legacy, welcoming a newborn child, and everything in between!

Kremp truly goes above and beyond to provide every customer with a not only a great experience, but with unforgettable products. Besides offering breathtaking floral arrangements, we also offer items such as greeting cards, bath and body products, gourmet teas, candles, and specialized sweets--making it easier than ever for customers to express themselves and to give meaningful and customized gifts.

Sharing in Your Special Moments

Online Florist

One of the most important ingredients in Kremp’s “recipe” to success as an online florist is our ability and yearn to share in the special moments of the lives of our clients. Whether it’s an elegant centerpiece at a wedding reception, the bouquet a bride holds as she walks down the aisle towards her groom, or the sympathy bouquet or funeral flowers that signifies love, life, and legacy--each professional at Kremp shares more than family ties and the same last name. We also share in a deep-rooted love for bringing the vision of a client to life in order to create a magical moment and an unforgettable memory.

Flowers are fun to buy and heartwarming to receive. Gorgeous arrangements are the details that can serve to set the tone of a special event or to bring a smile to the face of someone who needs to know that they are loved on a hard day. To put it simply, what our professionals are doing at Kremp day after day is important work!

When it comes to working with an online florist company, it’s refreshing to work with one that is as dedicated and excited about what they do as Kremp is, never ceasing to make each customer feel special. Life is all about experiences and memories, and the arrangements provided by Kremp are more than just a centerpiece or flowers that sit in a vase. These creations signify the passion we have for our community, allowing each customer to enjoy an unforgettable experience as well as a memory they will forever cherish!

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