7 of Our Favorite Fall Birthday Flowers

birthday flowers

As we say goodbye to the waning days of summer and begin to welcome the joys of fall (pumpkin spice lattes, plaid and flannel, football season, hot cocoa), it’s time to start thinking about switching up your floral arrangements to match the changing seasons.

We love fall birthdays -- and flowers are the perfect way to say Happy Birthday! So here are 7 perfectly festive fall birthday flowers ideal for telling all the fall babies in your life just how much you love them.

Flowers The Color of Autumn

The first step to selecting the perfect fall birthday flowers bouquet is to choose an arrangement filled with shades of autumn.  We tend to associate dark, rich, warm tones with autumn -- colors you might associate with the harvest or find on a hearth on warm night. So, be sure to select flowers in shades of orange, yellow, red, and even brown and black to craft your perfect fall arrangement. Evoke the fields of fall with a beautiful basket overflowing with appropriately colored blooms.


Because of their sunny disposition and name, we probably tend to think of sunflowers as a summer bloom. But actually, they are a fall blooming perennial. Even more importantly though, they’re a perfect shade of rich autumn yellow to create the perfect fall birthday arrangement.

Calla Lilies

birthday flowers

We often associate lilies with Easter or funerals, but that’s primarily white or lighter-colored lilies. You can create a beautiful birthday offering with autumn callas lilies  or beautiful orange lilies that provide the perfect fall shades for your bouquet in deep, rich Halloween and Thanksgiving oranges. There’s also asiatic lilies, which are a fall bloom, so they’re a natural seasonal choice.


There’s a lot of orange and yellow flowers out there, but sometimes it can be harder to find an appropriate rusty red that screams fall and not Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Heleniums are the perfect choice, available in a wide range of colors including rich reds and oranges.

Fall Blooms

Opt for an arrangement that privileges fall blooms. Though spring and summer are more traditional periods for blooming flowers, the fall has plenty of gorgeous flora and fauna to offer as well.


birthday flowers

Mums and Marigolds are hearty, similar looking flowers that are perfect for the more inclement and unpredictable fall temperatures. What’s more -- they naturally bloom in beautiful fall shades of gold, red, yellow, and orange.Don’t feel beholden to rustic fall tones though -- purple and pink accents, especially in deeper, richer tones, are a beautiful addition and quite common in the diverse range of mums.


Asters and goldenrods are not only hearty fall flowers, but they tend to bloom in beloved fall colors like golden yellow and cardinal. Picking a fall bloom is a great way to ensure longevity in that extra special birthday arrangement and that it will reach your loved one in its full glory, regardless of fall temperatures.

Fall Accents

Another great choice for fall flowers is to make sure you pick distinctly fall accents for your blooms. This could be something that ties directly to fall such as an autumnal ribbon, an orange vase, or fall holiday themed decorations. But there’s plenty of fall floral accents as well -- chinese lanterns suggest the harvest and rich, warm fall colors with their brown, orange, and red blooms.

Ornamental peppers are another beautiful option, especially if you find them in yellow, orange, and red. Or, consider getting some cotton to mix into your arrangement -- it evokes the fall harvest beautifully. Lastly, you can go with something a bit more non-traditional -- mexican sage and witch hazel are two great autumn blooms that are unique and unusual looking, as well as evocative of the season in which they flower.

Year-Round Favorites

Whether you want a distinctly fall bouquet in either color or bloom selection or prefer a bouquet that says “Happy Birthday” in your special someone’s favorite colors, there are plenty of year-round flowers that will make a perfect choice.


birthday flowers

Carnations are a sturdy year-round bloom that come in virtually every color imaginable due to their porous blooms that allow florists to dye them any color they’d like. So that means you can choose fall colored carnations or you can give your loved one a bouquet of blooms in their all-time favorite color, whether it’s green, blue, or hot pink.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies are a year-round favorite because they also come in a wide range of colors and are one of the longest-lasting flowers. They naturally bloom in many fall colors like red, yellow, and orange, but you can also find them in pink, purple, and more. You can go with anything from to a bright yellow and orange spray of roses and daisies to  a cornucopia bursting with flowers to a basket with a distinctly autumnal touch.

No matter what you choose, there’s a perfect fall flower arrangement to wish all the Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius birthdays in your life a very special day.

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