Rose Colors and their Meanings

Roses can come in many colors and varieties, but in the end there are many meanings attached to the flowers themselves. How does one know all the rose colors and their meanings? Whether you deal with gardening and landscaping for roses alone or you use the ones grown by professional gardening companies is up to you. The following examples will explain the differences and other smaller details:

Red Roses

Red roses are a traditional symbol of romance, love and are always a universal way to say “I love you” to the ones you care about. Red roses are also considered a reflection of perfection and beauty. Dark red or deeper red roses are said to reveal an unconscious beauty.

Red rose in the garden

Pink roses

Words like grace, joy, sweetness and admiration are one way to describe pink roses and the meaning behind them. They can convey grace, admiration and happiness above all.

Pink rose fully open



Yellow Roses

Bright and cheerful, much like joy itself is what you think about whenever you see a yellow rose in a perfectly maintained garden. Yellow roses are a source of happiness for many and they can serve as a symbol of friendship whenever you need them.

Yellow Rose opening

White Roses

White roses, the purest of colors represent exactly that – purity, innocence and charm. They are often used in weddings to represent a new beginning. It is also believed they are used to represent remembrance as well.

Orange Roses

Orange is the color of energy, enthusiasm, excitement and desire. Giving someone orange roses can signify passionate feelings and excitement for your connection to you loved one.

Lavender Roses

Love at first sight or simply another truly enchanting way of saying “I love you!”, lavender roses can be a great way to remind the ones you love of your affection and the desire to grow the relationship into something more.

Salmon Roses

Although the name may call associations of fish, the truth is they are a simple pinker shade of orange, carrying the same meaning as orange roses with a hint of enthusiasm, desire and excitement as well. You can give them as a way to share your desire to the ones you love and to show them your true feelings.

Peach Roses

These can represent gratitude to the ones you appreciate, as a bouquet of them can represent the deeper appreciation and respect you have for them. They are a great way to show that in a truly elegant and beautiful way.

Cream Roses

Cream roses are connected to thoughtfulness and charm, as a suave way of saying thank you, allowing you to show more than one shade of your emotions with a simple, yet aesthetically beautiful gift.

Green Roses

This is the color of life, growth, energy and renewal. Green roses represent the rejuvenation of nature and the spirit, and are therefore a true symbol of life and a rose of one truly unforgettable color. This is one excellent way of showing your feelings in a unique and colorful way. The greatest thing about roses is that you can not only do the gardening and landscaping part yourself, but you can also find more than simple meaning in their colors, but also their numbers.

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