Relive Summer with These Tropical Flower Arrangements

Tropical Flower Arrangements

By far, summer is one of the most beloved seasons of the year and with good reason! From sunny weather to destination vacations to the tropics, summertime remains a favorite among many. Even though Fall is here, there is no reason to let go of all of the great feelings that summer imbues.

This is certainly true when it comes to floral arrangements that can be placed around your home or office for an instant reminder of warmer weather. Here are some of our top tropical flower arrangement picks for your immediate delight.

Tropical Paradise

The Tropical Paradise arrangement features fresh cut birds of paradise, a flower that is native to South Africa, and which derives its name from its resemblance to a beautiful bird in flight. Also included are anthuriums and a mix of exotic foliage for a tropical-inspired arrangement that will surely brighten your day!

Paradise Blooms

The Paradise Blooms, another amazing arrangement choice, will give you instant summer vibes. This floral display includes a stunning array of birds of paradise, vibrant Cymbidium orchids and complementing tropical foliage that will appeal to your summertime senses.

Of the Tropics

Tropical Flower Arrangements

As a show-stopping addition for any occasion, Of the Tropics includes beautiful bursts of anthurium, protea, birds of paradise, and ginger. This plethora of exquisite flowers and foliage makes the perfect centerpiece for those who are longing for more of what the summer months entail.

Tropical Eruption

As a splendidly gorgeous bouquet of imported anthurium, bird of paradise, liatris, ginger, and orchids, this The Tropical Eruption floral arrangement will surely evoke feelings of summertime bliss. Straight from the tropics, these beautiful blooms are the perfect way to hold on to the summer months and the beautiful vibrancy of this season.

Island Blooms

Tropical Flower Arrangements

The ever-impressive Island Blooms is a spectacular arrangement that is reminiscent of a day on the beach during a tropical paradise vacation. Consisting of striking orchids and protea, this arrangement will be sure to please no matter the setting.

Make Your Tropical Flower Arrangements Last Even Longer

Once the new arrangement is in your care, give it a little TLC to preserve its life. Make your arrangement last even longer by doing the following:

·         Keep the vase or container filled with fresh water and flower food to limit the presence of bacteria and to balance the PH levels of the water.

·         Remember to trim flower stems by 1-2 inches at a 45-degree angle with scissors or a knife that will not crush the stem. This will allow for maximum hydration.

·         Keep the tropical flower assortment in a cool location away from extreme temperatures such as direct sunlight, vents, or other appliances.

These excellent floral arrangement care ideas are a great way to add life to your tropical blooms, leaving you with a fresh reminder of summer and the sheer beauty of the season.

When it comes to the summer months, you don’t have to say goodbye so soon! A tropical flower arrangement may be the exact indulgence that you need to elicit the many great feelings that summer entails. Try any of these arrangements and enjoy the feelings of summer in an instant. Many of these arrangements can even be sent with same day delivery for maximum enjoyment!

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