More Pictures from The Philadelphia Flower Show!

More Pictures from The Philadelphia Flower Show! The Largest Indoor Flower Show in the World! Check Out Pictures of the Amazing Displays and Booths. There are huge floral displays from exhibitors from around the Philadelphia region and the world. These impressive displays are created from scratch and take months and months of preparation. In addition to the huge amount of preparation it takes, it also takes an enormous amount of resources to pull these displays off. Soil and medium are brought in by the truckload. Pavers, gravel, river rocks, sod, and more help sculpt the landscapes. Millions of flowers and plants are also shipped into the convention center to create impressive exhibits that are inspired by nature. Tons of water is also required to keep the plants alive and the fresh cut flowers looking fresh thoughout the week. Displays are made from plants, fresh cut flowers, dried flowers, and other natural and artificial materials. It is truly amazing how much, time, energy, money, and preparation goes into each exhibit that only lasts for just over a week. Here are some great pictures of impressive displays and plants at the show.

More Pictures from The Philadelphia Flower Show! Here's another set of pictures taken at The Philadelphia Flower Show. Enjoy!

More Pictures from The Philadelphia Flower Show! Bunches of Pussy Willow Award Winning hydrangea at the Philadelphia Flower Show Hanging Orchid Display at the Philadelphia Flower Show Protea Tropical Flowers

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